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International Student Checklist:

Applying to Cambridge

Review the following links to understand what the collegiate
University, means to you
How the University and Colleges work
Cambridge explained for undergraduates
Colleges and graduate study
The following prompts might help you understand what we offer, what we
expect (from applicants and students)
Courses we offer
Our teaching/learning style
Course entry requirements
English language requirements
Tuition and living costs
Term/course dates
Modes of study
Use the following prompts to ensure you understand what you must do
to apply and the deadlines that exist
How to apply
Supporting documentation
Application fees
Application deadlines
Assessment process
Decision timeframes
Declaring a disability
Does Cambridge offer other opportunities that you wish to follow, for
Student societies, Students Unions
Sport, drama, music, faith, diversity
Support networks

The UK has a points based immigration system and if you are a non-EEA
national then you are likely to need a visa. You need to understand what
this means for you, and your family, even before you apply
Do I need a visa
Can I bring my family
Governments time limit to study
Working restrictions
Part-time studies, can I get a visa
What opportunities exist after your study, for example, you may wish to
Opportunities for further study