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Paper B 1

Paper B
Mrs. Batson
AP English 11.4
10 September 2014

ISIS Recruitment and Security Measures
Once deemed too extreme for Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq, also known as
ISIS, has a mission to force-create Islamic states throughout Sunni areas of Iraq and
Syria. They are notorious for their recent executions of two American journalists,
innocent civilians, and recruiting a diverse range of international followers. The reason
why ISIS is so successful towards gaining recruitments is their use of social media and
propaganda to promote their extremist beliefs. The terrorist group brings about a barbaric
lifestyle of savagery and a significant amount of carnage. These unprecedented actions of
the group are far more terrifying than any prior terrorist organization, and inhumane
violations by the Islamic State are forcing several national leaders to take any means
necessary to protect their country.
The Islamic State has become a major threat to many countries and with their
level of lawless disturbance; they have targeted and successfully recruited even western
citizens. As a method to promote their war and extremist beliefs, ISIS have developed a
sophisticated social media strategy by providing the public with high resolution execution
videos and hashtag campaigns in order to be taken seriously about ransom demands and
to expand the publics knowledge of their intentions (Andrews). Taking advantage of
social media has been an effective method used by ISIS in order to advertise their ideas.
Paper B 2
Given the freedom social networks often provides for its users, it is easier for terror
groups to utilize images and videos in order to influence the public. Jacob Siegel proves
this with an explanation that, Unlike the cloistered online forums where jihadist groups
once did most of their communicating, Twitter and Facebook are both open and public by
nature. As ISIS took to these platforms, it became easier for any fighter on the battlefield
to pose next to mutilated bodies and post images that could easily be seen by anyone
following the fighting (Siegel). The method of luring anti-government and rebellious
western citizens in order to unite and strengthen extremists beliefs has been used in the
past, but now it is easier to do so with advanced modern technologys social networking.
Along with social media, ISIS also utilizes traditional propaganda to demonstrate
their credibility in conquered parts of Iraq, leading to be a factor of why more people
have been joining the terrorist group. One propagandist painting depicts an ISIS militant
standing heroically against a romantic background, as if he has previously committed
some kind of courageous feat (Nelson). Based on this poster, the terror-based
organization has turned to old-fashioned propaganda with positive undertones in order to

Paper B 3
convince citizens to join. The Islamic State has also upgraded their campaign by
showcasing military skills and high-end artillery on hour-long videos published to certain
social media sites. Thomas Neff uses plenty of examples to demonstrate ISIS extremist
methods, In a number of clips, ISIS fighters use support-by-fire positions, in which
heavy weapons like machine guns are used The video features ISIS fighters firing what
appears to be an SA-7 Man Portable Air-Defense System, commonly known as a
MANPADS, as well as some kind of wire-guided anti-tank guided missile (Neff).
Propaganda shown through videos are aimed to potential members and citizens in
attempts to increase recruitment.
Given the level of fatality the Islamic State has proven to be capable of, western
officials have stepped up efforts to discontinue ISIS recruits. After reports of human
rights officials detail atrocities caused by ISIS, the U.N. has decided to send a team to
Iraq for investigation on possible war crimes (Cumming). These alleged war crime
accusations such as mass killings and kidnapping non-Sunnis, have tempted other
countries to make any protective means necessary to protect their nation. According to
the article by the ABC News Network, the British government has established
emergency phone hotlines and a double take on passports in order to ensure their nations
safety. Issuing police the ability to seize passports at airports three days after the British
government increased their national terror threat level from substantial to severe
(Keneally). Americans are also taking protective measurements against ISIS. In a recent
speech by President Obama, he states that a coalition between nations will happen against
Iraq and U.S. troops will not be on Iraq soil, leading to more airstrikes (Cohen). Western
governments have strengthened security and formed an alliance to deliberately destroy
Paper B 4
ISIS. This is the first time since World War II this many countries have aligned against a
common enemy.
Aside from threatening western countries and attempts to recruit their people, The
Islamic State have also gained notoriety for its exaggerated extremist ideas and heavily
antagonized lifestyle. In spite of that, ISIS has gained massive followers by using social
media and propaganda to assert and advertise their ideas. Rising numbers in membership
classifies ISIS as lethal and as a result, several countries have enhanced their protective