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During the Interval Mince Pies Will Be Available for A

During the Interval Mince Pies Will Be Available for A

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During the interval mince pies will be available for a voluntary contribution.

All donations are in aid of the PTA funds and our partner school in Tanzania.. The Friends are currently raising money for new playground equipment and our new woodland area

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped to make this production so special!

The children for all their hard work in delivering fine acting and wonderful singing and dancing Mrs Stockton - For creating our wonderful backdrop Year Six Artists - For creating lots of the artwork and props Staff - For giving up their time to help with the production Mrs Jessop, Mrs Dean and Mrs Valente- Make up Miss Bowness - Acting, Backdrop Mrs Cadman - Costumes Mrs Collett - Clarinet Mrs Walley - Year 4 dances, photographs Mrs Edwards - Year 4 dances Mrs Culshaw - Year 4 dances Miss Collier - Year 5 dances Mrs Smith - Year 5 dances and costumes Miss Capper - Percussion, costumes, props and special effects Mr Bancroft - Technics, programme, props, acting Mr Prince - Director
Thank you to parents for their help with learning lines, practising songs, rehearsing dances, arranging costumes and supporting the children as their prepared for Peace Child

Thank you for attending this year’s Christmas concert which we hope you have thoroughly enjoyed. Once again this year we will be producing a DVD of the show. Watch out for an order from which will be sent home with your child soon!
Peace Child © Out Of The Ark Music 2002 By Mark & Helen Johnson & Sue Langwade

Peace Child Have you ever wondered why God send his child to Earth, when it must have hurt so much to let him go? You are invited to join us on a journey to the mythical land of Mambica, to hear a story which might help reveal the answer to this mystery... Two rival tribes, the Wannapeepees and the Sopongis, live on opposite sides of a mighty river. Their lifestyles and values differ greatly. Constantly trying to outdo each other by exhibiting their differing strengths, their fierce rivalry is only prevented from escalating by their separation of the river. The unexpected arrival of a Western TV crew, who see the tribal lifestyle as a perfect subject for a stunning, ground-breaking documentary, is at first seen as a pleasant break from the usual routine and they are welcomed. However, when they hit on the idea of building a bridge across the river to unite the two communities, the threat of war becomes a grave reality. As the bridge building proceeds, tension mounts and fear hangs over both tribes, but in the midst of this comes a joyful event - the arrival of the Wannapeepee Chief’s first born son. But the celebrations cannot last long as the prospect of war draws even closer. There seems to be no way out, until the Wannapeepee Chief receives an unnerving message in his dreams. In order to save his people from suffering, the Chief must sacrifice his son to the Sopongi tribe as a ‘Peace Child’. With the threat of war finally abated and the hope of peace rekindled, the tribes gather slowly together across the bridge to give thanks for this Peace Child and what his life will mean to them. Our journey now complete, we are reminded of the gift of the baby Jesus given to bring life and peace.

DVDs and photographs are available to order. Letters will be sent home later this week. Check out our school website: www.churchlaneschool.co.uk

Year 5 Dancers
Joseph Backs Lloyd Bayley Minnie Beale Alice Bradley Lauren Burgess Georgina Chenery Thaddaeus Chenery Luca Chesworth Isobel Ford Felicity Gater Max Gidman Amy Hassall Jonathon Haley Anna Lambiase Bethany Lawrie George Lyall-Brookes Morgan Marquis-Jones Lewis Palin Samuel Reece James Robertson Finley Smith Sam Stanley Eve Stockton Abigail Strickland-Buckle Katie Tomkinson Harry Valentine Paul Whittingham Paige Wild Kieran Woolrich Lara Wycherley Alexander Barrow Ellie Boffey Brianny Byrne Cameron Campbell Joshua Campbell Amy Claridge Victoria Clark Kieran Cohoon Samuel Cotton Libby Edwards Dylan Germanis George Hancock Emily Hewitt Max Heywood Jack Ibbotson Abigail Joinson Holly Jones Rebekah Heath Eva McCallum Dominique Nobrega Benjamin Pickering Daniel Preece Amy Shenstone India Sloan Joseph Smith Lucy Smith Joshua Stubbs Sophia Thomas Aimee Wakeham Sian Wood

Year 4 Dancers
Olivia Amson-Orth Caitlin Barber Luca Briggs Ryan Cox Emily Croshaw Sam Davison Sophie Day Katie-Louise Farrington Panayiota Galanis Benjamin Hacking Katrina Handford Scott Maden-Nevitt Jasmin Mannning Hannah Moore Duncan Mottershead Emma Need Lucy Ollier Lily Rickard Katie Rogers Bradley Stockton Herbie Thompson Ethan Tomkinson-Forrester Laura Venables Canstance Vickers Charlotte Ward Joseph Ward George Bakewell Molly’Jo Bakewell Kiara Bateman Laura Bellairs Polly Clarkson Rebecca Collier Thomas Cooper-Abbs Anaya Crisp Daniel Fox Skye Goodier Daniel Gray Jade Mellor Elizabeth Moss Richard Palmer Oliver Prestwich George Raiswell Kyra Rogers Charley Scott Sasha Slight Joshua Stephens Luke Vickers Emily Wingfield Natasha Xiourouppa

Act One Prologue

Come To The River Years Four, Five and Six
“On the East Side of the River... On the West Side of the River...” Meet the tribes

Haiy-a! U-Tombya! 5SC Dancers
“And so the tribes fill the hours of the day in their own way, each failing to appreciate the other...” The tribes share their talents.

Rival Tribal Song Matty, Danny 5SC Dancers
“I can see it now - my name will be up in lights!” TV Crew arrive

We’ll All Be Famous Ella, Alex, Sally, Lucy, Dylan 5PS Dancers
“Yoo hoo!” Sopongi Chief welcomes the TV crew

Sopongi Strut 5PS Dancers

Act Two “Yes, Mr Brown.” Meet the Bears

Don’t Mess With The Bears Sophie, Sam, Tom Year 4 Dancers
“They don’t seem to get on all that well.” The Reporter’s idea isn’t popular...

Building A Bridge Year 4 Dancers
“They’re coming to get us!” The looming war is forgotten for a moment after some good news.

A Light Has Come Year 4 Dancers
“A child must be given.” The Wannapeepee Chief receives an important message in a dream.

My Life, My Love Kerry
“The Bridge which had become a symbol of fear, becomes a symbol of hope.” War is averted and the tribes unite.

Peace Child Finale: Peace Child Whole Cast

The Cast
Narrators: Henry Lockett, Georgia Salmon and Kayti Hacking Wannapeepees: Chief: Matty Smyth Chief’s Wife: Kerry Jones The Tribe: Henry Darlington, Kelvin White, Imogen Nurton, Sophie Preece, Sophie Moore, Alice Backs, Olivia Ross, Paige Nowell, Staci Richardson, Molly Brownrigg and Liam Abbotts Mary: Imogen Nurton Joseph: Henry Darlington Wisdom: Beth Bate Warrior: Willem Clarke Props Louis Rogerson-Evans, Jake Young and Josh Mitchell Percussion Daisy Wybrow, Hayden Glover, Chynna Godfrey, Sophie Dean, Megan Manning, Dominic Frew, Lewis Garratt and Joe Gregory Sopongis: Chief: Danny Woodburn The Tribe: Frankie Wild, Haydn Ledwards, Lucy Venables, Charlotte Prestwich, Nat Owen, Mia Rogerson-Evans, Abby Marsh, Laura Hargreaves-Butler, May Smith, Ben Pearson, James Morris and Oscar Beale TV Crew Reporter: Ella Alton Sound: Alex Chenery Camera: Dylan Sayers Translator: Sally Thompson Make Up: Lucy Woodbridge Builders Fred: Ben Hall Bert: Jordan Carabine Bears Mr Brown: Sophie Tomkinson BJ: Tom Briscoe Bruno: Sam Jones Backstreet Bears: Joe Gregory, Jack Strickland-Buckle and James Morris Lights: Josh Howard Sound: Harry Dykes Special Effects: Calum Williams

Celebrate the Peace Child, Everyone join in now, With a song of freedom, For the gift of love that’s given. Peace Child, Everyone join in now, With a song of freedom, For the gift of love that’s given.

He is the Peace Child, Given to us, Hope for the future, Healing the past. No more hostility, He’s changing history! We have a chance to be united together. Sing out for liberty, Sing out in harmony! A song of unity we shout aloud!

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