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Mobile Technology: Apple iWatch

Zachary Roach

Todays technology is becoming more and more advanced by the minute. The well-
known and worldwide company apple has just unveiled details on their newest product the apple
Watch. The watch could be as small as 38 mm or goes up to 42 mm. The watch has a stainless
steel exterior and has a unique part attached to it known as the digital crown. The digital crown
acts as the control button for the whole watch since apple felt having the touch of all apps on
such a small a little difficult. Going hand in hand with your iPhone, the watch has many apps just
as that same as a phone would. From this, you are allowed easy access to manage all your apps
whether it be checking your Facebook all the way up to answering calls on your easily accessible
apple watch. One great feature they made was when once the watch is taken off it locks
preventing any kind of theft from occurring keeping personal data private. Although the actual
price and release date has not yet been confirmed apple expects the watch to be in great supply
and demand.
Google and Bing are extremely reliable search engines when trying to find information.
For me personally I feel that goggle is more helpful when trying to gather information on a
subject rather than Bing mainly because google has more world known websites that they direct
you to rather than Bing but that may just be from my experience.
One article I found to be helpful was an article written by a man who works for cnn
David Goldman. He wrote an article on September 9 explaining how apple was explaining
details on the release of their newest products to the public hoping to inform and persuade them
into possibly owning such great devices.
The articles I found using the ccbc database were very similar in the way that I found
articles on the internet I just searched the main word of the product I am researching which in
this case was iwatch.
Mobile Technology: Apple iWatch
Zachary Roach

The articles that I found on the ccbc database were helpful they just were not as
informative or didnt go into details as specific as the articles on the internet did they were pretty
much straight to the point articles explaining the main points of the product. They were both easy
articles to find and get some information it really wasnt hard at all to find an article.

Mobile Technology: Apple iWatch
Zachary Roach


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Mobile Technology: Apple iWatch
Zachary Roach