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I AM by Ian Joseph V.

Bragancia IV Tau 7/21/2014

I am the boy
Walking on the street
Wishing theyll appreciate me
I am a boy
A boy that grows up
The boy that lives
I am the son
Who thinks they love me
Wishing theyll show it to me
I am a son
A son that respects
The son of God
I am the brother
With a loving heart inside my chest
Wishing theyll take care of me
I am a brother
A brother that cares
The brother of Jesus
I am the friend
With a hand always ready to lend
Wishing theyll help me
I am a friend
A friend that helps
The friend of all
I am the enemy
Full of fury
Wishing theyll understand me
I am an enemy
An enemy that hates
The enemy of Hades
I am the lover
With all the intelligence
Wishing a real love to experience
I am a lover
A lover that loves
The lover of only one heart
I am
The boy
The son
The brother
The friend
The enemy
The lover
To be treated fairly
And to be set free