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Agudas AchimSynagogue

1244 N. Main St.
West Hartford, CT 06117
(860) 233-6241
Oct 3 - 8 2014
9 -14 Tishrei 5775
Shabbat/Yom Kippur
Times of Services
Fri Eve 10/03/Shabbat/Yom Kippur
Mincha 3:30pm
Candle Lighting 6:11pm
Kol nidrei 6:15pm
Fast Begins 6:29pm
Shabbat /Yom Kippur morning 10/04
Shacharit 8:30am
Final time for Shma 9:45am
Yizkor 11:45am
Mincha 4:30pm
Neilah 5:45pm
Fast Ends 7:10pm
Sunday Oct.5
Shachrit 8:30am
Mon-Wed. Oct6-8
Shacharit 6:45am
Mon/Oct 6
Parsha of the week 8:30pm
See “Announcer”For Succot Times &
This week’s joint
Agudas Achim – Young Israel
Mincha/Maariv service will
be held 6:10pm
Sun-Tues. at Young Israel
Agudas Achim Weekly
News and Calendar
Sponsor Kiddush, Shalosh
Seudot or Breakfast
We provide food and treats every day for
the congregation, with or without
sponsors. Help support us by contributing
to our kiddush fund.
No donation is too small.
Break the fast is sponsored by
Marshall Soltz
in honor and in memory of
the students and faculty of the
Agudas Achim Confirmation Class of 1964
on the 50
anniversary of graduation
Dedicate an Artscroll Chumash
Honor a loved one having a simcha or
memorialize a dearly departed!
Call the office for more information about
Kiddush sponsorship and Chumash
Be Alert!
If you see cars or strangers loitering near
the shul please inform someone in the
Agudas office. If it is “after hours” please
call the police. Last one out please verify
the doors are locked.
Eruv Update
The status of the eruv can (and should) be
checked on line every week on Friday
afternoon on Twitter by accessing
or by calling the Eruv hotline at
Be Active!
The synagogue needs you.
Do you have a talent, a skill, an idea or an
hour or two each week?
We have ways for you to get involved.
Call the office to volunteer.
What have you done for the
Agudas this week??
Rabbi’s Corner
Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is the anniversary of
the day Moshe brought down from Mount Sinai the
second set of Ten Commandments. This signified that the
Almighty forgave the Jewish people for the transgression
of the Golden Calf. For all times this day was decreed to
be a day of forgiveness for our mistakes. However, this
refers to transgressions against the
Almighty. Transgressions against our fellow human being
require us to correct our mistakes and seek forgiveness. If
one took from another person, it is not enough to regret
and ask the Almighty for forgiveness; first, one must
return what was taken and ask for forgiveness from the
person and then ask for forgiveness from the Almighty.
In the prayer service we say the Viduy, a confession, and
the Al Chet, a list of transgressions between man and God
and between man and man. It is interesting to note two
things. First, the transgressions are listed in alphabetical
order (in Hebrew). This not only makes a comprehensive
list, but gives a framework to include whatever
transgression you wish to include under the proper letter.
Secondly, the Viduy and Al Chet are stated in the
plural. This teaches us that we are one people and that
we are responsible for each other. Even if we did not
commit a particular offense, we carry a certain measure
of responsibility for those who transgressed --especially if
we could have prevented the transgression.
The Rambam, Maimonides, teaches that each individual's
life is always on a balance -- like the old-time scales where
the weights were put on one side and the produce on the
other side -- and that each of us should think before doing
an action that this transgression or that this mitzvah
(commandment) could tip the scales.
Likewise, Rambamteaches that each community, each
country and ultimately the world is judged in the same
manner. Thus, an individual should not only think that
his transgression or fulfillment of a mitzvah tips the scale
for him alone, but may very well tip the scale for all of
On Yom Kippur we read the Book of Jonah. The lesson
from the story is that God readily accepts the repentance
of anyone who sincerely desires to do Teshuva, to return
to the Almighty and to the path of the Torah -- just as He
did with the people of
9 Tishrei Bessie Manekofsky
Irene Bernstein
10Tishrei Frank B. Helman
Hyat Family
Jacob Weiiner and Family
Simon Weiner and Family
11 Tishrei Mary Kleinman
Bessie Levitz
Lena Landerman
13Tishrei Anna Sadie Bland
Pauline Fish
14 Tishrei Chaia Sarah Weinstein
Jenny Epstein
Alfred E. Rowe
Rebecca Hershman
15 Tishrei Isadore Rosenthal
Doris Sockut Levine
16 Tishrei Herbert Dickstein
Rose Fox
Refuah Shlema
Get Well Soon
Sylvia Francus, Susan Mandel,
Israel Markowitz, Albert Reichin,
Linda Reichin, Rhonda Sembrano,
Gary Sigal,
Leo Silberman, Frances Soltz,
Bernice Veroff
May G-d restore them to health and vigor and grant
them physical and spiritual health and well-being
together with all others who are ill.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
October 4 Albert Engel
October 7 Sarh Katz
October 10 The Zinkermans
13 October Gary Sigal
Rafi Feigenbaum
15 October Stephen Katz
On Yom Kippur,
may all your prayers
be heard
may G-d bless you
with all that is good…..