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Jimmy E. Jones, M.D.

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March 16, 2011

Mr. Dave Hemphill
449 W. Main St.
Pensacola, FL 32502

Dear Mr. Hemphill:

This is a good time to review our efforts in developing the Community
Maritime Park to make it inviting to all the people. One of the major
considerations in use of the park is to attract festivals. The Fiesta of Five
Flags puts on two festivals - Crawfish Festival and Seafood Festival,
attracting over 100,00 visitors. The Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival
attracts over 140,000 visitors. The Jazz Society of Pensacola
attracts over 14,000 visitors. All want to expand!. These visitors are
tourist as well as local people and have a definite impact on our economy

Members of the Design Development Committee of the CMPA have met
with you and the representatives of each of these festivals to learn of
their needs. Each depend on food vendors and exhibitors for their
operating funds. Through several meetings with each festival producer
you and the committee have worked out a plan that is satisfactory with
each of them.

You have done exactly what we asked you to do and I personally
appreciate it.

Design of the public areas have both an aesthetic side and a business
side. We must assure that the business side is addressed by
accommodating these large festivals.

Jimmy E. Jones, MD,
Chairman, Design Development Committee
Tel: 850 505-4741
Cell: 850 554-7223