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We provide dedicated, community-centered healthcare which was founded in Indiana, operates in

Indiana, for people who live in Indiana.
Hiring Now
Are you a certified nursing assistant !"A)# Meadowbrooke Rehabilitation Centre &
Suites is currently hiring !"As for all shifts. $here are %oth full and part-time positions
availa%le. At &eadow%roo'e, the staff wor's hard to create an atmosphere where healing
and wholeness ta'e place and where the happiness and comfort of residents are our primary
concern. $he facility features a loving, caring staff and many special amenities to ma'e this
mission a reality. &eadow%roo'e is a licensed, comprehensive healthcare facility.
Among many of the services offered are(
)espite * +ong-$erm ,ealthcare !ertified &edicare * &edicaid -rograms
./-,our -rofessional "ursing !are -rivate * 0emi--rivate )eha%ilitation 0uites
-hysicians on call ./-,ours a 1ay )egistered -hysical * 2ccupation $herapists
!3A )eha%ilitation !ardiovascular4-ulmonary !are
2rthopedic )eha%ilitation Wound !are
)espiratory $herapist 5 1ays4Wee' $racheotomy !are
I3 $herapy 0peech $herapy
,ospice !are "utritious &eals -repared to 0pecific 1iets
./-,our -harmaceutical !are 2n-0ite -odiatry, Audiology, 2ptometry, * 1ental !are
6ar%er46eauty 0hop +aundry 0ervices
!omplete Activity -rogram
To apply .Applicants may learn more and apply at IndianaCAREERconnectco! "#ob
order $%&$'%%) Applicants may also contact (ason )riest, administrator, at *%+,%-.,/+0/
or complete an application at '$/' 1indberg Road2 Anderson.
3orkOne Anderson
... 7. 89
0treet, 0uite 6
Anderson, I" /:98:
*%+,%-/,-.$'2 e4t /-'
Certi5ied Nursing Assistants "CNAs)
)eha%ilitation !entre * 0uites
8;.8 +ind%erg )oad
Anderson, I" /:98.
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