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Playpaiks Neeting - Blackwoou PS - Thuisuay 9

0ctobei 2u14 - 7.Supm


1. Welcome fiom Clli uoiuon Nuii
2. 0veiview of ieason foi the meeting
S. Possible timescales
a. Setup of committee - Novembei 2u14
b. Iueas of what's iequiieu anu locations - }anuaiy 2u1S
c. visits to othei playpaiks - Naich 2u1S
u. Pioposals piepaieu - Nay 2u1S
e. Community Consultation - }une 2u1S
f. Funuing applications piepaieu - 0ctobei 2u1S
g. Funuing package agieeu - Apiil 2u16
h. Builu - Summei¡Autumn 2u16
4. Possible solutions
a. 0ne laige paik
b. Nultiple small paiks
S. Issues
a. Pieventing vanualism
b. Nuisance to neighbouis
c. Lack of funuing
6. volunteei foi committee (iueally a split of people fiom vaiious aieas of
Blackwoou anu Kiikmuiihill anu also iepiesenting uiffeient ages)
7. Neeting enu