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Parables of Jesus in Chronological Order

Parable Matthew Mark Luke
1 New cloth on an old coat 9:16 2:21 5:36
2 New wine in old wineskins 9:17 2:22 5:37-38
3 Lamp on a stand (also see #6) 5:1-15
!ise and "oolish #$ilde%s 7:2-27 6:7-9
5 &one'lende% "o%(i)es $ne*$al de#ts 7:1-3
6 Lamp on a stand (2
time+ see #3) :21-22 8:16+ 11:33
7 ,ich man "oolishl' #$ilds #i((e% #a%ns 12:16-21
8 -e%)ants m$st %emain watch"$l (also see #) 12:35-.
9 !ise and "oolish se%)ants (also see #2) 12:2-8
1. /n"%$it"$l "i( t%ee 13:6-9
11 -owe% and "o$% t'pes o" soil 13:3-8+ 18-23 :3-8+ 1-2. 8:5-8+ 11-15
12 !eeds amon( (ood plants (0in(dom o" 1ea)en) 13:2-3.+ 36-3
13 2%owin( seed (0in(dom o" 1ea)en) :26-29
1 &$sta%d seed (0in(dom o" 1ea)en) 13:31-32 :3.-32 13:18-19
15 3east (0in(dom o" 1ea)en) 13:33 13:2.-21
16 1idden t%eas$%e (0in(dom o" 1ea)en) 13:
17 4al$a#le pea%l (0in(dom o" 1ea)en) 13:5-6
18 5ishin( net (0in(dom o" 1ea)en) 13:7-5.
19 6wne% o" a ho$se (0in(dom o" 1ea)en) 13:52
2. Lost sheep (sheep as child%en+ also see #29) 18:12-1
21 7he sheep+ (ate+ and shephe%d ( 8ohn 1.:1-5+ 7-18 )
22 &aste% and his se%)ant 17:7-1.
23 /nme%ci"$l se%)ant (0in(dom o" 1ea)en) 18:23-3
2 2ood -ama%itan 1.:3.-37
25 5%iend in need 11:5-8
26 Lowest seat at the "east 1:7-1
27 9n)itation to a (%eat #an*$et 1:16-2
28 :ost o" discipleship 1:28-33
29 Lost sheep (sheep as sinne%s+ also see #2.) 15:-7
3. Lost coin 15:8-1.
31 Lost (p%odi(al) son 15:11-32
32 -h%ewd mana(e% 16:1-8
33 ,ich man and La;a%$s 16:19-31
3 !o%ke%s in the )ine'a%d+ ea%l' and late 2.:1-16
35 <e%sistent widow and c%ooked =$d(e 18:2-8
36 <ha%isee and ta> collecto% 18:1.-1
37 0in(?s ten se%)ants (i)en minas (also see #5) 19:12-27
38 7wo sons+ one o#e's one does not 21:28-32
39 !icked tenants 21:33- 12:1-11 2.:9-18
. 9n)itation to a weddin( #an*$et 22:2-1
1 -i(ns o" the "$t$%e "%om a "i( t%ee 2:32-35 13:28-29 21:29-31
2 !ise and "oolish se%)ants (2
time+ see #9) 2:5-51
3 !ise and "oolish )i%(ins 25:1-13
-e%)ants m$st %emain watch"$l (2
time+ see #8) 13:35-37
5 7h%ee se%)ants (i)en talents (also see #37) 25:1-3.
6 -heep and (oats will #e sepa%ated 25:31-6
"I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter what has been hidden since the
foundation of the world." (Matthew 13:35)
e be!an to teach them many thin!s in parables." (Mar" #:$)
- The word parable comes from the Greek παραβολή (parabolē), mea!" #compar!so,
!ll$strat!o, aalo"%&#
- 't appealed to the %o$" ad old, poor ad r!ch, ad to the leared ad $leared as
- (es$s ta$"ht b% $se of compar!sos& )To what shall we compare the k!"dom of God,
or what parable ca we $se for !t* 't !s l!ke a m$stard seed&&&+ (Mark 4:30-31)
- (es$s, parables ha-e a do$ble mea!"& .!rst, there !s the l!teral mea!", apparet to
a%oe who has e/per!ece w!th the s$b0ect matter& 1$t be%od the l!teral mea!" l!es
a deeper mea!"2 a beeath-the-s$rface lesso abo$t God,s tr$th ad h!s k!"dom
- (es$s, parables ofte !-ol-e a elemet of s$rpr!se or a $e/pected tw!st&
- The compar!sos ad e/amples eed to be $derstood ! the h!stor!cal perspect!-e as
well &
- Mathew 13:10-16 It was ot that the% co$ld ot !tellect$all% $derstad them, b$t
rather, the!r hearts were closed to what (es$s was sa%!"& The% had alread% made $p
the!r m!ds to ot bel!e-e& God ca ol% re-eal the secrets of h!s k!"dom to the h$mble
ad tr$st!" perso who ackowled"es the eed for God ad for h!s tr$th& The parables
of (es$s w!ll el!"hte $s !f we approach them w!th a ope m!d ad heart, read% to let
them challe"e $s& 'f we approach them w!th the co-!ct!o that we alread% kow the
aswer, the we, too, ma% look b$t ot see, l!ste b$t ot hear or $derstad&
-3he read!" the parables !t !s !mportat to ot "et bo""ed dow ! the deta!ls of the
stor%& 4ach parable w!ll t%p!call% preset a s!"le po!t& 5ook for the ma! po!t ad do,t
"et bo""ed dow ! the deta!ls& ' add!t!o, (es$s ofte throws ! a s$rpr!se or
$e/pected tw!st& These challe"e the hearer ad !-!te $s to reflect& (es$s meat for
h!s parables to pro-oke a respose& 'f we l!ste w!th fa!th ad h$m!l!t% the each w!ll
$derstad as he or she !s able to rece!-e what (es$s w!shes to speak to each of o$r
Luke 5: 36-39
New patch on the o! "ar#ent6
 Tr%!" to f!t ! a comprom!sed l!fe st%le or a m!ddle path&
 7estro% the sact!t% of the trasformed l!fe 8 the sa!t% of the worldl% l!fe&
9omas :;6;
 :<=
t$r eeded& ; >or!th!as ?6:@
New w$ne $n o! w$ne%k$n%
 9eferral to f!rst cet$r% ($da!sm& Allow >hr!st to mo$ld the w!esk! as the w!e
 Btr$""le betwee the e/plos!-e power of the ew w!e (teach!"s of (es$s) ad
the r!"!d old w!esk!s (Char!sees2 teachers of the law)&
 Da!ta!!" the sweetess of w!e ad pre-et the old %east of the w!esk!s
from fermet!" the ew w!e&