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By Alex and Jackson G

On April 1865, President Abraham Lincoln
got killed.
On December 1865 the 13
Amendment ends slavery.
On March 1867 Congress passes the first
Reconstruction act.

After being shot, President Abraham Lincoln died in the early in the morning
of April 15
1865. After he died a funeral train carried president Abraham
Lincolns body and was buried in his hometown. The Vice president Andrew
Johnson became the new president. The former senator from Tennessee
intended to carry out a plan for Abraham Lincoln for reconstruction.
In 1867 Congress passed the first reconstruction act .The past confederate
states were split in two 5 military districts. Their were about 20,000 troops
that were sent to the south. The troops, led by military governors, were
responsible for maintaining order, supervising elections, and preventing
against African Americans.
The Reconstruction Acts required Southern states to write new state
constitutions giving African American men the right to vote. The Acts also
stopped former Confederate leaders and military officers from voting or
holding elected office.
The Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery in the United States,
took effect on December 18, 1865.
The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in July 1868, gave African Americans
citizenship and said that no state could deny the equal protection of the law to
all citizens.
The Fifteenth Amendment, ratified in February 1870, gave all male citizens
the right to vote.
Impeachment- Is the bringing of charges of wrongdoing against an elected official by
the House of Representatives.
Black codes-These laws denied African American men the right to vote or act as
jurors in a trial.
Reconstruction- the rebuilding and healing of the country after the war.
Assassination- is the murder of a political or government leader.
Freedom’s Bureau- was established to help the 4 million freedom, or former slaves,
after the war.
Sharecropping- a farmer who was given a cabin, mules, tolls, and a seed by the owner
of the plantation or farm who in will return took a percentage of the crop or profit.
Scalawag- A southerner who slogged with the carpetbaggers.
Abolish- to put and end to something officially.
Ku Klux Klan- An organization of whites that used violence and terror to keep blacks
from gaining political control in the South.

Abraham Lincoln went to school for less than a year.
Abraham Lincolns mom died from drinking spoiled milk.