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Parklands Proposed Curriculum September 2014

Science and Foundation Subjects

Year Group
utumn Sprin! Summer
"orkin! Scienti#icall$ and usin! t%e local en&ironment
nimals includin! *umans '(&olution and in%eritance
')i&in! t%in!s and t%eir %abitats
*istor$ stud$ o# an aspect or t%eme in
+ritis% %istor$ be$ond 1066
'Si!ni#icant people ,%o %a&e
contributed to national and
international ac%ie&ements-
Geo!rap%$ . compass points
4 / 6 !rid re#erences
Climate 0ones1 biomes and
&e!etation belts
Position and si!ni#icance o#
(2uator tropics1
3 / S *emisp%eres
45 Mechanisms Structures Food
rt Painting Printing Textiles