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Unit 2 Journey to Identity Text Analysis

Title: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Author: John Boyne Publication Date:
September 2006
I chose this book because (respond in at least 2 sentences): I chose to read The Boy in the Striped
Pajamas because it was the most interesting book I could pick to me. The reason why I was so
interested in it was because it was set during World War II, and WWII is one of my most favorite
wars to read and learn about. Especially learning about how it affected Non-American people such
as Anne Frank.

Connecting with Character: Protagonist
__________________________Bruno (last name unknown)________________________
How do you relate to this character?
Similarities Differences

Likes adventure
Usually curious about most things
Knows boundaries (meaning when Bruno argued
with his mother)
Knows who I should and shouldnt talk to

Identity Development. Identify the protagonists stage of identity development throughout the
Stage of
Text Support
At the
beginning of the
book, Bruno
shows to be
mostly curious
and a bit
I love adventures!
Some summer plans included things Im not allowed to
Half way
through the
book, Bruno
seems more
curious than
Mother and Father told me to never go to the back of the
house, but I want to know what is there.
At the end of
The Boy in the
Bruno is way
than curious.
Schmuel lifted the bottom of the fence off the ground and
handed Bruno some striped clothes.
Bruno and Schmuel started to walk around the camp.

Conflict. Identify three conflicts and how the protagonist responds throughout the story.
Conflict Protagonists Response What does this reveal about the
Bruno and his family
have to move out of
their mansion to a
town named Out-With.
Bruno argues with his mother,
but fails to convince her to
cancel or find out why.
This reveals that Bruno hates change.
Brunos new friend,
Schmuel, has gotten
into trouble with Kurt
by eating.
Bruno convinces Kurt that
Schmuel didnt eat, but he did.
This shows that Bruno will do
anything for a friend.
Brunos friend asks
him to help him find
his papa.
Bruno decides to help.
Although, what happens next is
unknown, I expect that he was
not able to get out of the camp.
This proves that Bruno is indeed
extremely curious at most times.
Plot. What narrative structure does the author use to tell the story?
Briefly summarize the story using the elements of plot.
Bruno is told that they are moving away. They move away to Out-With.
Rising Action
Bruno wanders around the back of the house and meets Schmuel.
Schmuel asks Bruno if he can help him find his papa.
Bruno helps and sneaks into the camp.
Falling Action
After searching through-out the camp, Bruno decides to stay with Schmuel
until he finds his papa.
It becomes unknown what happens to Bruno, but the family worries over his
disappearance, the mother and daughter leaves the father, and they all
become depressed and moan for Brunos disappearance.

Theme. What is the message the author is communicating through key events in the story?
Key Events - What happens? Why is it included? What is the authors
Bruno and his family have to
move out of their mansion to a
town named Out-With.
This event was put into the
story so you can learn the
main characters and side
characters characteristics.
I think the message is that,
Change is difficult..
Bruno helps Schmuel out, but is
then trapped at the camp.
This is in the book to build up
a sad ending.
I think the message is,
Curiosity killed the cat..

Discussion Questions. Use the text and your analysis to prepare three interpretive or evaluative
discussion questions.
Question Interpretive or Evaluative?

Exploring the Text. Select three interesting passages from the text and analyze the authors
word choice and sentence structurehow does it affect tone, mood, and pace?
Excerpt from Passage/Page Number Analysis
Am I being sent away? No, not just you. She
said, looking like she might smile for a moment
but thinking better of it. We all are. Your father
and I, Gretel and you.
Mood: The mood of this part seems a bit
suspenseful as you dont know whats going
on or what theyre talking about.
Tone: The tone of Brunos voice seems a bit
sad and shocked.
And Ill introduce you to..Oh what were their
names again? he asked himself, frustrated
because they were supposed to be his three best
friends for life but they had all vanished from his
memory now. He couldnt remember any of their
names or any of their faces. Actually, he said,
looking down at Schmuel, It doesnt matter
whether I do or dont. Theyre not my best friends
any more anyway. He looked down and did
something quite out of character for him: he took
hold of Schmuels tiny hand in his and squeezed
it tightly. Youre my best friend Schmuel.
Mood: The mood of this part of the story is
sad. Its sad because Bruno decided to stay
with Schmuel instead of heading back home.
Tone: The tone of his voice is first angry that
he cant remember his old friends names, but
then happy because he realized that Schmuel
is his best friend now, and that he never wants
to part from him.