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Crystal Rios
Professor Boze
September 21, 2014
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

1. Article on Mobile Technology

2. This article is about the Android coming out with a phone called Android One for India.
It is supposed to be coming to other countries as well, but it is now available to India. The
US is one of the well-known countries to have smartphones and most people that live in
the US, own a smart phone; there are still billions of people in the world that do not own
smart phones, and that is why they are making them available for people in other
countries. The Android One is going to be a low cost smart phone (they already have low
cost smart phones in the US) to make it easier for people to buy them in other countries.
This article describes the features of the Android One, and there is a video that introduces
the Android One.

3. Two additional Internet article on the same topic

Key words I will be using to search are:
 Android One in India
The search engines I used were Google and Yahoo
Google and Yahoo were both great search engines. When I searched the key words into
the search engines, they automatically gave me “News” on the Android One in India
which gave me direct articles. I prefer to use Google since it one of the fast search engine
to find what you are looki8ng for, but Yahoo gave me similar results as Google. So, one
search engine was not better than the other.
Internet Article from Google:
Internet Article from Yahoo:
4. I will be evaluating the article from Google.
 Time: It was September 15, 2014, and it has not been updated.
 Relevance: It does relate to my topic about the Android One in India. It also discusses
how this smartphone will be developing in other countries as well.
 The author is Natasha Lomas. She is qualified to write about this topic because I
looked up her autobiography, and she is a “reporter for TechCrunch” and she would
do reports on “business technology.” This topic is in the business technology field.

 The information is trustworthy because this similar information was on other articles I
have also searched. The information is supported by evidence. The information is
accurate because it one of the websites you had recommended to search for articles.
 This article is not biased or objective. The purpose of this article was to inform people
in the world what this smart phone will be available to other countries.
5. Scholarly journal articles:
63PQ/1?accountid=3784 and
I used the same keywords as in step 3.
The database I used was ProQuest.

I used ProQuest database because that is one of the best search engines in CCBC’s library

6. It was definitely easy to find articles for internet and journal articles. My assumption was
the internet article would be easier to find than the journal articles, but it was easy for
both. It did not take much time to find article from the internet and journals. They both
had valuable and similar information which most likely means the information is
accurate. One of the sources of information that was similar in both was that these
Android One mobile phones will be available in many other countries other than India.
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