callyou? t. What yourbest do buds you.birthday? 2. whenis in 3, lf you couldgo anywhere dream date: 4. Whois yqur you whatwould be? 5. Ifyouwere animal, an youralFtime favorite 6. Whatis playanymusical instrument, would be? what it 7. lf youcould youcould whowould meet ; L lf
to? candyareyd addicted 9. yoube:superman, Sp 10.Whowould your 11. Whatis favorite holiday?

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13.Whatt yourfavorite Whatarethey? 14.Do yo! playanysports?

gaveyouflowers. lf someone ry

would they


game? favorite What yourall-time is lf vouhadlo watchoneTVshowfor the restof

life, It whatwould be?


you to.. 18. what.do s$.Uh&flJou&o
slaroucxs rlarb4 K?{ l.4 |artue

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ln-N-outf h€{ati-mzr f\o o,ft]i}r\ cold stol Chipotle: OuicklYs: -_*..=-where you do 19. You've a $1000 won shopping spre€, you woulddescribe as... 20. Your friends yourfavoriteq 21. What's yourfavorite 22. Whdt's yourfavoritemagazine? 23. What's you knows best? 24. Whoat SMHS you havedny pets?What a.e they? 25. Do
Circleyour FAVE:CookieJ 27. Do you work anywlrere? Cake Cupcakes RiceKrispies

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24. 29. what areyourhobbies? BayArea? is 30. What yourfavorite gettre? what is yourfavo,itemovie happen? wish ttue,whatwould 32. lf yourBirthday came you lookup to? 33. Whodo smellin the wotld? 34. what is yourfavorite 35. Whatis yourbeststress-reliever? yourfavorite cereal? 36. What's
What'syour favorite childhoodtoy?


38. Whafs the best school lN THE

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