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1 . what do yourbestbudscallyou? is 2. When yourbirthday? ?'X-Y.lqq, youcouldgo anywhere the world,where would in 3. lf 4. Whois yourdream date? whatwouldyoube" 5. lf youwerean animal, D" youralFtime movie? 4hisf-a€#lsl favorite 6. Whatis what instrument, wouldit be? 7. If youcouldplayanymusical T\ r..r/n^s I who it artisvperformer, would be? meet recording any 8. lf you to? 9. Whatcandyareyouaddicted you be:Superman, or Spiderman, Batman? lO.Whowould 0h ri r\ sru,s holiday? 11.Whatis yourfavorite gaveyoutlowers. whatwouldtheylookli!e? 12.lf someone .'-rr.'" eqn cotorr O"qttc en.* !\"L) 13.Whats yourfavorite !. youplayanysports? what arethey? 14.Do game? favorite 15.Whatis youralFtime 16.lf youhadto watchoneTVshowfoi the restof yourlife,whatwouldit be? 17.lf youcou who na athlete, wouldit be? I


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18.Whatdo youget whenyou go to...

ColdStone: Unr./h + ?.?os r ,!t,i, HIH't In-N-Out lql---Cl-9!i!gChipotle: k &,,.,h"! D,', Ouickly's:-_.where yougo? A,r,'ritt do spree, a $IOOO shopping 19. You've won you woulddescribe as... 20. Yourfriends L quote? ..la^h qz' "- E;ngkin whatt your favorite 21. yourfdvorite book? 22. What's yourfavorite mdgazine? what's you knows best? 24. who at SMHS pets? Whatarethey?Names? 25. Do vouhaveanv " A Ct ."on rl Ba,ro., Cupcakes Rice Krispies yourFAVE: Cake 26. Circle 27.Doyouworka characteLwho uldyoube? 28. lf youwerea Disney 29.Whatareyourhobbies? in restaurant the BayArea? 30.what is yourfavorite genre? movie 5t . what is yourfavorite (-l " 6L.lof.t) true,whatwouldhappen? wishcame 32. lf yourBirthday 33. who do youlookup to? Fctd smellin the world? 34. Whatis yourfavorite lo ftn s 35. Whatisyourbeststress-reliever? S kA.! cereal? 36. what! yourfavorite toy? childhood 37. what! yourfavofite wORLD? lN 38. what'sthe bestschool THE


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