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To work hard with full determination and dedication to achieve company expectation as well as personal


Highest Achievement (1):
econd !est
 !ahasa #elayu ($ery %ood)
 !ahasa &nggeris(%ood)
 !ahasa #elayu ($ery %ood)
 !ahasa &nggeris (%ood)
"areer ()*ective
!ackground +rofile
,ducation &nformation
-anguage A)ility
+ersonal trength
 An active. dedicated. am)itious and disciplined person
 A)le to manage time effectively
 Hardworking and committed to reach targeted goals
 #otivated and a)le to shoulder responsi)ilities with degree of initiative and aspiration to
 'illing and keen to develop new skills
 A)le to work in shift and in a group