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October 1, 20 14

ChicfCierk Rahamim Asher
Tel-Aviv Magistrate Court
I Weizmann Street, Tel-Aviv
By hand delive1:y
UE: State Israel v Rafi Roten1 (1 074-02-13) in the Tel-Aviv Magistrate Court- repeat request for
certification of the May 26, 2014 .Judge Pradelsky Protocol and Decision, "True Copy of the
Your l-lonor's response is overdue. Immediate response is kindly requested!
Dear Chief Clerk Asher:
On September I 0, 2014, request for certification, in reference, was first received in your office. It I
To this date, no response in this matter has been received from your office.
Refusal of the Chief Clerk to certify the court record in reference must raise serious concerns regarding its
validity and effect.
I herein request your immediate response in this matter.
Rafi Rotem
PO Box 33407, Tel-Aviv
2014 ,lJ.)\JjJ)NJ 1
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n\J,nn' ''i''"'io (1074-02 ... 13) ern; 'Oil ru-.·ttl :1'''Plrt
."ilj?)l' D'Nntl pnlJil" ,2014 , 26·il Dl')l  
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N"n ,33407 1"n
[1] 2014-09-09 State of Israel v Rafi Rotem (1 074-02-13) in the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court- Request for certification
of May 26, 2014 Protocol and Decision by Judge Yael Pradelsky "True Copy of the Original"
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