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Final mini project – Treatment

The tragic story of a young girl who cannot take the abuse from her family any longer.
Character biographies:
Emmie: Emmie is the troubled and misunderstood teenage girl who feels neglected by her
mother who has now remarried unbeknownst to Emmie’s dismay. Emmie is 17 with long
dark hair and wears dark clothes. She rarely smiles but when she does it’s only with her
friends or boyfriend, Dex .She is seen as quiet and mysterious others and enjoys her own
company. Her best friend is, Cassie. They are usually seen partying together and doing illegal
drugs and drinking. When doing these such things, Emmie is usually happier as drugs make
her feel and understand the world not only better but also in a different way. She is not
religious and believes that if God truly existed he would have helped her more. Emmie’s
relationship is very distant with her family, however two years prior to the narrative, Emmie
was very close with her family, but since her father passed away and her mother now
remarrying, Emmie feels shut off, alone and isolated and cannot connect with anyone
including her boyfriend and her friends. Emmie enjoys smoking and drinking high
percentage alcohols such as vodka and Jaegermeister. Emmie is an only child, however she
was brought up with a protective, sheltered upbringing. Emmie does love Steve really but is
afraid to admit this as she feels like she is betraying him.
Steve: Steve is the middle aged stepfather of Emmie and the husband of Karen. He is
strongly disliked by Emmie and is highly aware of this. Nonetheless, Steve tries to be the
respected father figure of Emmie. However, this only resorts to Emmie seeing him as an
overprotective man who likes to control her. In reality and most likely to the audience, Steve
is a loving and caring man who only wants to help and care for the people he loves including
Emmie. Steve is bald and tall and occasionally wears glasses. He enjoys reading the daily
newspapers and drinking tea. He enjoys watching football and soaps with Karen. Steve was
brought up as a Christian but it appears Steve has abandoned his religion as he got older.
Steve feels like he understands the pain and depression Emmie feels and hides but he wants
her to trust him as well as help Emmie.
Karen: Karen is the mother of Emmie and also the wife of Steve. Karen is a typical mother
figure who pushes Emmie to her best in education as well as trying to keep up to date with
the youth. Karen works full time and doesn’t make enough effort with Emmie compared to
Steve. Two years prior to the narrative, Karen’s husband (Emmie’s father) died in a tragic
accident and it took Karen a while to grieve over the loss of her husband. Karen now feels
better with her new found happiness with Steve and she feels like she can finally continue
her life with her family. Karen doesn’t understand her daughter as well as Steve does and
neglects her and lets her carry on with what she does, having no idea what illegal activities
Emmie gets up to unbeknownst to Karen. Karen was brought up in a very liberal family
which is why she is a lot more carefree compared to Steve. Nonetheless, Karen is very happy
with her marriage to Steve and just wants to enjoy her life.
Cassie: Cassie is Emmie’s best friend. She is seen is the typical ditzy airhead but is also quite
vain and self-centred. She enjoys partying and hooking up with lots of men. She may appear
dumb but she is actually quite promiscuous. Cassie is also 17 and is quite skinny with tanned
skin and long blonde hair. She wears lots of grunge/ indie / hipster clothes and enjoys taking
illegal drugs, consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes. She is seen as a bad influence on
Emmie by Emmie’s parents and boyfriend. Despite this, Emmie continues their friendship.
Although they describe their relationship as being best friends, to others their friendship is
seen as distant and perhaps one sided. This is because Cassie knows what Emmie is going
through but doesn’t appear to be there for her or comfort her.

Dex: Dexter ‘Dex’, is Emmie’s boyfriend. He is a quiet 18 year old and is also Emmie and
Cassie’s drug dealer. He is quiet like Emmie but when he takes illegal substances he is quite
the opposite. He loves Emmie and does try to comfort her but not as much as Emmie’s
parents. Dex dresses in a hipster – lad style and is usually seen smoking cigarettes. He is
normally quite calm and relaxed due to smoking cannabis for a long period of time. He can
sometimes appear tired and “monged out” as his friends call it but he is a caring boyfriend
to Emmie.
Statement of Intent
I am the best person to produce this short film as I’m not only a teenager myself but I
understand how the media can influence some teenagers to do bad and some illegal things.
I can bring experience and influence to the production of this film and I am good at coming
up with solutions to problems within the making of this film. I can tackle this production by
bringing a mix of personal experiences and inspirations to it. Such inspirations include TV
shows from the likes of “Skins”, “Glue” as well as films like “The Perks of Being a
Wallflower”, “Kidulthood” and “Adulthood”. Furthermore, the music industry has also given
me inspiration into the narrative and ideas of this film. This not only from the typical
controversial lyrics of dance/ house and the hip-hop/rap genre. But the main inspiration was
from the song “You’re Too Young” by Lucy Spraggan. The lyrics within the song describe the
story of a young girl who ignores her mother’s advice which ultimately resorts to her own
demise. Furthermore, the music video as well as the song itself, Tove lo ‘Stay high’ features
the misuse of drugs and alcohol. This is also the case for the song, ‘The A Team’ by Ed
Sheeran. I want my audience to know that they can talk to people if they feel alone and if
they feel like they are with the wrong crowd of friends then they shouldn’t continue being
with them. This film should also show what the effects of drugs can do to you and the risks
of them.
Storyline: Emmie starts the narrative with a monologue about being young and what the
youth of today do. It features the places she’s being and what she gets up too. She recites
some quotations from TV programmes and famous philosophers. Emmie is then seen
looking at the mirror and asks herself why she does the things she does. She then begins to
put on makeup and puts on a party dress. She then looks at the mirror and smiles. She then
gets ready to leave when her step dad knocks on the door and comes into her bedroom. He
tells her he doesn’t think her mother would approve of her leaving the house with her
current appearance and suggests that she should wear something different. Emmie,
offended by this shouts at Steve, bringing up the fact that he isn’t her real dad thus
indicating that she can do whatever she wants. Steve, hurt by this leaves Emmie’s bedroom.
Emmie sits down on her bed and pulls out a photo album/ scrapbook, she tells the audience
how much she misses her dad and says she’s sorry for the things she’s done as well as asking
for forgiveness that he will understand one day. Emmie’s texts her friends and boyfriend
and heads onto the location of the party. Emmie talks about her mother and step dad’s new
marriage and how she despises Steve. Emmie finally arrives at the party, Dex (Emmie’s
boyfriend) asks if Emmie is ok in which she replies, “I’m fine”. She then asks if he has any
drugs to which Dex gives Emmie MDMA. Cassie and Emmie then have a talk in which the
audience can see their distant relationship and understand why Emmie has no one she can
really go to. Cassie takes MDMA before Emmie does and when the effects arrive, Cassie
goes to have fun. Emmie then takes the MDMA, accidently taking too much. She explains
how much she misses her father and how she does love Steve but feels like she is betraying
her Dad by seeing Steve as another dad. Whilst reciting this monologue, Emmie is walking
around Cassie’s house which appears to be abandoned when Emmie finally reaches the
bedroom again, she sees herself unconscious with people around her. Emmie then says
she’s sorry and walks away, through the garden into the darkness.

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