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Data Gathering Procedures

The researchers had allotted vigorous time, effort and cooperation in

developing their questionnaire so as to serve its intended respondents. The
survey was created using suitable questions modified from related research and
individual questions formed by the researchers. The survey was comprised of 6
main parts subdivided into different subparts which were related to the
participants perception regarding profit maximizing techniques. In the
questionnaire, Likert scale was used to determine if the respondent agreed or
disagreed in a statement. After the professor approved the questionnaire, copies
were distributed to the 30 respondents of WebCast Technology Incorporation.
Participants were given time to respond and then the researchers collected the
survey questionnaires the next working day.
The data gathered from this research instrument were tallied and
computed for interpretation according to the frequency of items checked by the
participants. Along with primary data, the researchers also made use of
secondary resources in the form of published articles and literatures to support
the survey results.