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5001 - Debt Elimination without Bankruptcy

Expose Bank Fraud, Get Your Loans Forgiven, Says Expert
By T. Robinson
Did you know that all banks and commercial lending institutions withhold a
critical piece of information, from you the borrower, when you sign a loan
agreement with them? This secret that they keep from you is of such grave
consequence that when they are confronted about it, and they know that
you know the truth, and there is no denying it, they are inclined to quietly
forgive the loan, thereby releasing you from your obligation to them. And to
make matters even better for you, the bank is also inclined to report to the
credit reporting bureaus that the terms of the loan have been satisfied.
You may be asking yourself why! What could be so serious after all to cause
a bank to just walk away from a loan? Well, it involves a fraudulent practice
that every banking institution commits every time they make a new loan. If
the bank simply admitted this little secret when you borrowed the money
then everything would be fine. Except, there is one problem, and this is the
clincher. If the bank admitted this secret to you, there is a pretty good
chance you would probably never repay the loan. So, you see, in order for a
bank to substantiate its very existence it must operate in this deceitful way.
The root of this issue originates not with your local banker but with the
creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913. With the creation of the Fed
came a monetary system known as fractional reserve banking. In this kind
of system, banks no longer loan out their own assets. Instead, they must
draw "value" from the borrower. In other words, you fund the loan, not the
bank. So, here we have a major quandary. If you go to your local
neighborhood bank to take out a loan to buy that new car, how can the
source of that loan come from you? I mean after all, you are the one that is
borrowing the money, not lending it. Right?
When you borrow money, what you are really doing is providing that lending
institution with a signed promissory note, or a signed cardholder's
agreement, if it is a credit card. This signed agreement is in reality a
negotiable instrument under the terms of the Uniform Commercial Code.
This negotiable instrument has a cash value that is equivalent to the
approximate amount of the loan. This is the actual source that funds your
loan, not the lender's assets. So, it is your signed agreement with the bank
that magically springs that money into existence you are borrowing.
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Does that make sense? I mean I don't make this stuff up. I am just
reporting it as it is. You walk into a bank and ask to borrow their money. As
soon as you sign the promissory note, or similar instrument with the lender,
it is converted into a cash asset that has value on the open market. They
deposit that instrument but don't bother telling you. The bank leads you to
believe that it is loaning you a portion of its own assets, when in reality it is
simply exchanging the value of the promissory note you provided them for
the amount of the loan. So, there really is no loan, just an equal exchange.
The fact that they don't reveal this constitutes fraud on their part. This is
why banks are forgiving loans of credit when they are confronted about this
issue. There is no denying it because what they are doing is absolute fact.
To prove this to you, I will illustrate how this identical mechanism also exists
at the governmental level.
When Congress needs money to fund government operations, say a $100
billion, they go over to the treasury and say, we need a $100 billion. The
U.S. Treasury prints up $100 billion in government bonds (similar to the
signed promissory note you give to the bank). They take those bonds over
to the Fed, and say we need to borrow $100 billion. The chairman of the Fed
takes the bonds and exchanges them for $100 billion and loans them to the
U.S. Treasury at the current interest rate. Now, the government has another
$100 billion to spend as it wishes and is in debt to the Fed for another $100
billion, plus interest. As you can see, there really isn't anything being loaned,
but merely exchanged. If the U.S. Treasury gave the bonds to the Fed and
the bonds have value, why does it now owe the Fed that much money, plus
interest on top of that?
Well, the answer is simple. The Federal Reserve System was created by an
act of Congress. So, therefore this kind of money mechanics has been
legalized. But in spite of its legality, does not excuse the individual banks
from misrepresenting the facts about how the loan is actually funded. You
are lead to believe that things are one way, when in fact they are another.
Once you understand the deception, it is quite easy to begin to take your
power back and not feel the least bit guilty about doing it. It is your right
and even your duty. For many, debt has become an incredible burden.
Credit card debt is the worst because of high interest rates and low payment
obligations. This is a potent mix that undermines many family budgets. By
making only the minimum payment each month, you'll never get ahead.
Credit cards were designed to benefit the financial institutions that issue
them, not the end user.
If you are one of the many people who have been negatively impacted by
credit schemes, then the prospect of being able to have your unsecured
debts forgiven by the banks and financial institutions themselves may seem
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appealing. This can all happen without having to stoop to bankruptcy or debt
consolidation programs. Bankruptcy damages your credit for 7 to 10 years.
Debt consolidation does lower your monthly outlay by combining all of your
payments into one. However, consolidation creates a false sense of relief.
With income freed up every month, the majority of people who consolidate
fall even deeper into debt within 2 years or less, only compounding their
problems. On the other hand, debt forgiveness totally eliminates the
problem at the source and does not damage your credit. In fact, in some
cases it can actually help to improve your credit by purging your credit
reports of derogatory remarks connected with the loans that are forgiven.
So, now that I probably have your interest, I must issue a warning! This is
not something you should try to do on your own. Banks have kept this
scheme going for a long time and they are very good at what they do.
Confronting a bank directly about these issues will get nothing accomplished.
If you are interested in pursuing this further, I recommend that you seek out
a professional who has experience in dealing with these matters. Banks will
often use intimidation tactics once they realize what they are faced with.
After all, they are not going to give up their position so easily. They are in
the business to make money and they will use every trick in the book before
they are going to forgive a loan. But, once an expert confronts them in the
proper way, and the bank knows whom they are dealing with, they buckle
every time.
And, the beauty of all this is the last thing a bank or financial institution
wants to do is bring this kind of thing into court. Because, in a court setting
where all the facts are laid out, they have not a single leg to stand on. The
reason why is no one is denying that they are part of a fractional reserve
banking system. The bank can never deny the existence of the promissory
note that you signed and its true value in the commercial world. The bottom
line is quite simple. During the loan process, the bank did not disclose to you
that it converted "your promise to pay", into an asset that it then deposited
behind your back. And this is why they buckle every time. This little secret
means instant death to their position, and release of the obligation that you
have to them.
With knowledge of these facts, I believe that you and many others now have
the power to reverse a growing trend of debt dependence. Excessive debt is
debilitating and undermines the very fabric of the creative spirit. With debt
freedom, life can become less burdensome. Debt is a weight, and when it is
gone it frees the spirit to open up to greater possibilities.
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America is Drowning in
We read about it every day.
More people than ever before in
history are filing bankruptcy.
Their attorney has advised them
that, “You have to file
bankruptcy, there’s no other
That simply is not true. The
options abound. The truth is
that bankruptcy is a product
that attorneys sell. That’s a fact.
The reality is that bankruptcy
may be your very worst option.

Get Started Today on your
Financial Freedom
So what are the others?

A bad option. In consolidation
you will probably need a second
mortgage which will spread
your payments out over many
years. While it lowers the
monthly amount, do the math.
It is a horribly expensive way to
go. And, god forbid, what if you
find yourself in the same
position you are in today five
years down the road? You
cannot meet your new credit
card payments, house
payment, car payment, and
second mortgage payment.
What happen to your home? It
is at risk. You could lose it
because you wanted to lower
your credit card payments. A
bad option.

Another bad option. Thinking
that you can cut your debt in
half with a settlement company
can surely seem appealing.But
can it really be done? They’ll tell
you so. So let’s look at the
math. First , add in their fee.

What is it?
10%? 15%? OK, so that’s part
of what you will be paying.
Now that 50% becomes at least
60%, right? Are their monthly
service charges as well? Add
those in.

Now here comes the kicker –
the company which gave you
the 50% reduction is going to
send you an IRS Form 1099.
You are responsible for paying
taxes on the amount of debt
relief. They didn’t tell you about
that, did they?

So, assuming a 20% tax
bracket, then 20% times 50%
is 10%. Add that to the
amount you will have to pay…
we’re now up to 70%, right.
(And they said there wouldn’t
be any math…) What if the
original debt was $40,000?
That means you will have to pay
70% of $40,000, which is

But wait!!! What if you miss a
payment? What happens then?
Here’s the sad truth: you will
lose everything you put into the
program and be right back at
square one. That’s another item
they may overlook telling you.

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For too many years we have been pushed around and bullied by the big banks and credit
card companies. They can charge us as much as 34% interest on our purchases and only
pay us 3% or 4% on our savings. They recently doubled many minimum payments and
caught us in the crunch.

Now we have an answer – and it’s not an internet scam like so many so-called “debt
elimination” schemes. We don’t go after the banks; we don’t try to convince a local
judge that the entire banking system is a fraud. That’s a waste of time, effort, and
money. It might be true but it’s a futile effort.

Instead, we use the existing laws of the land to provide
absolute legal protection against anyone taking our paychecks,
touching our bank accounts, or attaching our properties –

You want and need lifelong protection against them. You need
something that will put the power in your pocket and take the bankers’ hands out of
them. How about using a method designed and supported by an attorney with over 25
years experience in debt solutions, trusts, foundations, and tax law?

Benefits of the’s Premier Program®
Once you’ve entered our Protection, you’ll have better protection than you would have
under bankruptcy, plus no court appointed trustee or other individual will be in control of
your funds – only you.

Your income, wages or salary, are never at risk from garnishment or levy. The court
protects your income totally. Bank accounts are protected from banks, lenders, third
party debt collectors, credit card accounts, doctor and hospital bills, new or future
lawsuits and judgment creditors. They can all sue and win – and can never collect a
dime. The benefits last your entire lifetime unless you voluntarily decide otherwise.
There are no tax consequences; and as usual, we suggest you consult with a tax
professional to confirm this. These benefits are achieved without ever having to appear in
court. No other attorney is required. You are in control of your money. You make the
decisions who to pay, when to pay, how much to pay, or whether it is best for you NOT
to pay.

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ABOUT IT. If you are current with your payments and see the handwriting on the wall
that you won’t be before long, if you are getting collection calls, if you have a local
attorney hounding you, even if you’ve already received a summons to appear in a local
court, we can still help you. Our legal team is in place and standing by to assist you. Our
system is streamlined to allow you to have protection from your creditors – and from all
civil lawsuits – in place within a matter of days, not weeks, months or years as in some
so-called debt elimination programs.

Don’t be fooled by programs offering protection through back dated documents, by hiding
assets off-shore, or by the myriad of other devices which won’t stand up in court. Out
APG Premier Program is totally auditable and based on solidly founded paper trails of
facts, not some fictitious scheme. Within days your protection will prevent anyone from
being able to collect a dime from you – while putting the power in your hands to dictate
your own terms and conditions.

Many of us worry about our credit rating. This program will teach you how to restore it,
not through some wild method of dispute which has consistently proven to be a
temporary fix, but a proven method of power negotiation.

Within a year – if you choose to do so – your credit can be restored and all negative
remarks corrected by the creditors. You’ll learn how to use the power given to you by this
program. It’s incredible.


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