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Miss Lewiss Class News

Week of October 6

What Were Learning
Reading: We are still reading our new chapter book called
PIE. We will review asking and answering questions during

Writing: We will write our final narratives that will be
scored using a rubric. I will have these for you at your
Language Arts: We will continue to learn about collective
nouns and how they name groups of things (herd,
bouquet, pod).

Math: We will review place value and addition and
subtraction strategies.

Social Studies: We will continue unit on the Creek and
Cherokee. We will compare our lives to theirs and
understand the resources they had available to use. We
will also learn about Sequoyah.
Classroom News & Reminders
*Dont forget to send in a set of headphones for
your child to use in the classroom.
*Sign the behavior log and planner nightly.

Dates to
Sept 25
Oct 17

Foundation Drive
Oct 10
Fall Carnival
Oct 13
- Conferences

Graphics Ashley Magee

Check your time and date for conferences next week!
Let me know if anything has changed. Cant wait to
see you all!
Words of the Week
about breath
from leash
than been
away after
came who