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COMP30211 – Security Technologies

Lab Session 7
GNU Privacy Guard (2)
1. Continue to finish last week’s tasks, if you haven’t done so.
2. Download the tutor’s (Xiaoqi’s) public key file (xiaoqi-pub.asc) from NOW.
3. Import the tutor’s public key into your keyring.
4. Check the fingerprint of the newly imported key, and verify its fingerprint with the infor-
mation in NOW.
5. After verifying the tutor’s public key, sign it.
6. Create a file (e.g. a txt, doc or pdf file) containing some human readable messages.
7. Encrypt the message file using the tutor’s public key, and send the encrypted file to the
tutor ( You should also tell the tutor in your email the type of
your file (txt, doc or pdf).
8. Send your exported public key file (yoursurname.asc) to the tutor.
9. The tutor will send your a PDF file encrypted using your public key. Decrypt the file and
read it.
10. Download a PDF document signed by the tutor (cryptography.sig) from NOW, and
verify its signature using the tutor’s public key.
11. Sign the message file you created in step 6 and verify its signature.
12. (Optional) Working in pairs, send your public keys and encrypted documents to each
other. Decrypt received documents.
13. (Optional) Working in pairs, send signed documents to each other. Verify the signatures.
14. Read chapters 3 and 4 of the GNU Privacy Handbook. If you don’t have enough time to
finish it in lab sessions, do it at your spare time.