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History musicology does not employ fieldwork.

Enthomusicology should be a little more

historically based.
The musically practices of everyday did not happen in historical musicology. Europe
likes sameness and scorns otherness. To validate ones culture it must destroy anther.

Historical victims music will not be heard in European music.
P 140 first paragraph is super esoteric and stupid

He talks about how him being non Jewish and American affects the history.

The unwanted past may affect the wanted past.

Treating the past as Otherness and making it more exotic.

By gorifing the past self one glorifies the present condition of it.

If stuff survives from the past it means it had meaning up to the present or multiple

Viewing the past archeologically. Digging up information.

Recognizing the space where music was made helps identify helps discover.

This article is about the hermeneutical bridge between the past and present and how it
gets reinterpreted.

Ethnomusicology comes from below where musicology comes from above. The purpose
of talking about Seeger was to highlight is rejection of middle class music.
Ethnomusicology is polarized by itself.

Western music needs a social cultural approach to music.
Ethnomusicologist stay away from western traditions including folk music.

Trying to figure out how to incorporate ethnomusicology practices to art music.

This chapter is about the polarization of western musicology vs ethnomusicology and
how there is resistance between the two.