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Cedric Young
Mr. Chappell
6 October 2014
Government and Economy

Human Trafficking in Spain
According recent research, Spain is the second-highest number of human-trafficking
Europe. Which means that, 1,605 women are smuggled into the country and held hostage, being
forced to work as prostitutes against their will. Also, these numbers do not include the woman
who have not been found. Trafficking is a violation of human rights and its a crime. People who
are involved in human trafficking should be put in jail because they are criminals. Not having the
truth about the extent of human trafficking makes it hard to control. The trafficking routes
include Spain as a transit country into Europe. Traffickers mainly target young women and are
recruited from Eastern Europe and South America, and they are convinced that there are jobs
waiting for them in Spain when really, there forced to sell themselves. Traffickers force the
women into sexual acts for money, which the woman never get and there scarred for life. The
first European report on human trafficking was in 2008 and puts the number of victims between
the years of 2008 and 2010 at 23,632, with the number was growing by 18 percent over the
three-year period. Of that total victims, 15 percent were children and adolescents. If no solutions
for Human Trafficking are found for the short-term period, slowly more and more people
will start capturing woman and using them for profit. On the other hand, the issue of the
long-term effects if no solution is found, Thousands ,Tens of Thousands of woman will fall
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under this evil act of human trafficking. To try and improve the rates of woman getting
abducted we need to have the government to step up and give us what we need to stop
human trafficking and also providing support groups for the past and present victims of this
form of slavery.

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Drug Trafficking in Spain
Drug addiction is a huge and growing problem throughout Spain. Drugs are a common
sight in many towns and cities. Spain is the Drug Highway for smuggling cocaine and hashish
into Europe. The EUs European Drug Observatory says that around 120 tons of cocaine is
intercepted each year by police in Europe, and that three quarters of those seizures take place in
Spain and Portugal.(Spains drug problem). In 2011, drugs showing a greater prevalence of use
in Spain they are alcohol and tobacco. But, in reason years new drugs have been popping up.
One of the new drugs is called Cannabis. Cannabis is a substance showing the greatest
dominance of use sometime in ones life. This drug is preferred over powder cocaine. The
substances, Tobacco, Alcohol, Cannabis, Ecstasy Hallucinogens, Amphetamines, Powder
Cocaine, Base Cocaine (Crack), and Heroin are being used for the first time at 16 years of age.
The abundant supply of cocaine in Spain is illustrated by its price, which, factoring in inflation
has fallen over the last two decades. It cost 10,000 pesetas a gram in 1990, and the same amount
now costs around 60 virtually the same amount. To put that figure in context, the price of
oranges has risen tenfold over the same period. (Spains drug problem). Basally its stating that
its easier to buy cocaine then it is to buy oranges. If we dont fix the short-term more and more
younger people will have very easy access to all of these drugs. Same goes for the long-term
plain, if this drug problem is not stopped people will start dyeing at young ages due to these
dangers drugs. To fix this problem the government needs to have a closer eye on whats coming
in and going out of their own country to stop this problem.
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