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GATE 2015:

Tips and Tricks

Work hard, starting from
For those planning to give GATE exam
in the year 2015, don't think there is
plenty of time left
To s!ore good marks and get admission
in a rep"ted instit"te for yo"r post
grad"ation degree, yo" need to start
#orking hard $o#%
Lets get to the Tips!

&t"dy the sylla'"s pattern in depth and

make a separate list of all topi!s yo"
need to st"dy

(reate a #eekly st"dy s!hed"le to keep

tra!k of yo"r progress

As yo" st"dy prepare a list of important

form"lae and points to refer 'a!k to

)ra!ti!e *"estions everyday so yo" do

not get o"t of to"!h of the topi!

+n!orporate a #ider mix of topi!s to

Practice is a must!

&t"dy from 'ooks designed for GATE


After !ompleting a !hapter pra!ti!e at

least 20,25 *"estions related to it

)ra!ti!e yo"r !al!"lation and

approximation skills

Aim to in!rease speed #ith a!!"ra!y

$ote the time it takes yo" to !omplete a

set of 10 *"estions and pra!ti!e so yo"
!an !omplete them "nder 10 min"tes
Know the pattern!

After yo" !omplete the sylla'"s move on

to solving sample papers-previo"s year

(orre!t the sample year-previo"s year

papers after !ompleting them and note
do#n yo"r #eak areas

.evise any topi! yo" feel is yo"r #eak


Go thro"gh yo"r *"i!k revision sheet of

form"lae and important points everyday
Improve your skills!

)ra!ti!e any appli!ations for a given


Give 20 mins per day to speed "p yo"r

!al!"lations skills

+f yo" have do"'ts in any *"estion skip it

as negative marking is appli!a'le

)repare for the General Aptit"de se!tion

from any GATE 'ook as its highly s!oring
Pay attention to details!

)ay attention to small details, a single

mispla!ed sign !an !hange the ans#er

Al#ays take the time to read the

*"estion properly so yo" don't lose o"t
key points d"e to 'eing in a h"rry
Apart from the !omp"lsory s"'/e!t, yo"r
optional s"'/e!t !an 'e the key to high
)ra!ti!e #ill remain the key to s"!!ess and
traditional #ay ed"!ating people for
GATE #ill take ne# dire!tion
0on't leave things on next year &tart
preparing today so that yo" !an get into a
rep"ted instit"te for yo"r post
1ard #ork and dedi!ation #ill al#ays end
in s"!!ess%
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