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As we all know, French revolution is one of the most famous

revolutions in the world. Just like American Revolution, they both

made big changes to the country and society. French revolution starts
in 1789 and ended in 1799. The enlightenment and human rights
challenge the traditional government. More and more French people
want liberty, egalite and fraternite, especially the French peasant,
framers and citizens. The third estate disagrees with the old regime,
those people refuse to pay the taxes and cause so many problems on
the economic.
The old regime is very similar to the absolute monarchy. The king
ruled the whole kingdom and has three estates. The first estate
includes priest, they dont need to pay tax. The second estate includes
king and nobles, those people ruled the whole France and they also
dont need to pay any taxes. The second estate people also can collect
taxes from the third estate. Those two estates only include 5 percent
of the whole French population. So there are more than 90 percent
people in third estate, and they only allow to work and pay a lot of
taxes to the government. Thats why the people from third estate
were going to against the French government.
The main reason causes of the revolution was the spring of 1788
the French drought. 1788 France has not yet recovered from the
occurrence of drought in three years. So before French revolution, the
winter is coming and the crop failure lead to high bread prices. During
the time of Louis XV, Louis XV of France due to excessive and failed to
win the war, especially the Seven Years War which led to the national
economic treasury. So France needs to pay war debts to the other
country and soldiers who killed in the war. Also the king and nobles
luxury living greatly increase the financial burden on the citizens and
the people from third estate. According to these reason, the
discontent people launched the French revolution.
Louis XVI has a good rule of benevolence but his character is weak
after replacing the prime minister and several ministers, let cabinet
infighting led France into the outbreak of the financial crisis and the
French Revolution. Louis XVI was forced to organize constitutionalists
crowned bourgeoisie held the real power. 1792 France was forced to
declare war on Austria. Finally, Louis XVI was killed and a new France
with a new role of society was established.
French revolution has shaken the European feudal system and
absolute monarchy, giving them a heavy blow. Give a good example
to the revolution of the other countries after it. The French revolution
has a global significant.