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Members Presenting:
• Zeeshan Maqsood
• Jawad Ahmad
• Mudassar Ashraf
• Ali Mehmood
Management Functions

• Planning
• Organizing

“Human Resource Management”

• Leading
• Controlling
Introduction to
• The management function that deals with
recruitment, placement, training, development of
organization members.
• HRM is a process for staffing the organization
and sustaining high employee performance.
• HRM can be defined as all the practices, systems
and procedures implemented to attract, acquire,
develop and manage human resources to achieve
the goals of an organization.
• Simply it is managing the employment relationship
Importance of
“Human Resource Management”
• Staff is the most important
resource of an

• Human resource is the key

ingredient to success.

• “Human resource” creates

accomplishments and
Components of a HRM
Human Resource Career
Career Compensation
Resource Compensation &
Planning Development
Development Benefits

Recruitment/ HRM
HRM Management

Selection Training/
Selection Orientation
Orientation Development
Human Resource
Mobilink GSM in context with
Mobilink GSM in
context with HRM
• Our group will be explaining the Human resource
management of the company Mobilink GSM
company originated in 1994 which provides the best
cellular services within Pakistan.
• Mobilink has a very well defined and structured
department and its various policies of keeping each
employee productive part of the organization are
intoned with the corporate worlds requirement.
• Employees in the company are largely committed to
their organization and have shown progress in the
company. Employees are satisfied with the HR
department of Mobilink GSM Company.
HRM “Planning”

• Human resource planning is designed to

ensure the future personnel needs will be
constantly and appropriately met.
• The process by which managers ensure that
they have the right number and kinds of people
in the right places, and at the right times, who
are capable of effectively and efficiently
performing assigned tasks.
• It is accomplished through analysis of

• Internal factors : Current and expected

skill needs, vacancies and departmental
expansions and reductions.
• Environmental factors: Labor markets,
use of computers to build and maintain
information about employees
Human Resource Planning

• Human resource planning must be integrated within the

organizations strategic plans

• Senior management must emphasize the importance of human

resource planning

• Human resource planning must be based on the most accurate

information available.

• A clear plan must be developed with associated time-spans and

scope of activity.
Planning ………. (continued)
• Current Assessment:
Job analysis
Defines jobs and the behaviors to perform them .
Job description
A written statement of what a job holder does, how its done and
why it is done.
Job specification
A statement of the minimum qualifications that a person must
possess to perform a given job successfully.
• Meeting Future Human Resource Needs.
Planning Procedures Of Mobilink

At Mobilink, our belief is that "Our people are our
greatest asset”. We take great pride in acknowledging
the contribution each one of us makes.
• We focus on People Development and for that we

Staff Mobilink with world class Professionals and ensure

that the right systems are in place to encourage them to
develop to their full potential.
Create a collaborative and mutually supportive work
environment that encourages people to grow.

Build a team of professionals who deliver expertise by

participating in business decisions.

Develop Performance Management and reward

systems underlying our Business strategy.

We aim at making Mobilink a great place to work

• The development of a pool of job candidates in
accordance with a human resource plan
• It is the process of locating, identifying, and
attracting capable applicants.

• Techniques for reducing the labor supply within
an organization. e.g. firing ,layoffs, transfers,
• Job description :
A written description of a non-management job, covering
title, duties and responsibilities and including its location
on the organization chart.
• Position description:
A written description of a management position.
• Hiring specification:
It defines the education, experience and skills an
individual must have in order to perform effectively in the
position he/she is applying
Sources Of recruiting
Potential Job Candidates
• Labor market:
Easy to recruit in large labor markets.

• The type or level of the position:

The more specialized the position the more
recruitment efforts .

• The size of the organization:

The larger the organization the easier it is to recruit.
Process of Recruitment
Steps in the Recruitment process:
Internal Search
Advertisement of a job vacancy.
Web based advertising.
Preliminary contact with potential job candidates.
Initial screening to create a pool of qualified applicants.

Methods of Recruitment process:

External Recruitment
Internal Recruitment
Recruitment Policies of Mobilink
• Source :
Current Mobilink Employees
Internal and external
Data Bank
Employment Agencies and
Mobilink GSM Guidelines
• External Recruitment:
• No candidate under age of eighteen can apply for the job
• Candidates can’t apply for the job if their blood relations work in
• Heads are responsible for hiring procedures
• Human resources jointly with the department heads decide the
salary range
• Minimum qualification must be a bachelor degree.
• Candidate are required to successfully complete any job related
selection test given to them.
Mobilink GSM Guidelines

• Internal Recruitment:

• Internal candidates has to be a confirm employees of

Mobilink of who have completed a one year of service in
their existing designation.
• Selected candidates are required to join the new
job/position after getting clearance from supervisor and
will be on probation for a period of three months.
General Conditions for Recruitment in

• Recruitment is done through human resources

• An Applicant’s knowledge ,skill and aptitude should
relate to the position, Education, Experience, Intelligence
test, Interviews, References, Medical test.
• Initially applicants may submit a hand written/typed
application along with a legal bio-data and 2 passport
sized photograph to HR department
• They are required to fill the standard application from the
Company Application.
• The process of assessing candidates and
appointing a post holder to ensure that the most
appropriate candidates are hired.

• The scheme used for optimally staffing the

Validity and Reliability

Validity Reliability
The proven The ability of a
relationship that selection device to
exists between a measure the same
selection device and thing consistently
some relevant job
Selection Criteria
1.Completed Job Applications:
This step indicates the employee desire position
and this application provides information useful for
2. Interviews:
It is most common method in which selection
committee evaluates a candidate’s abilities by
following methods:
Selection Criteria (continued)

Types Of Interviews:
• Testing:
To measure the job and learning skills of the
• Initial Screening:
A type of interview in which questions are asked
about experience of the candidate and his salary
• Panel and Serial interviews.
To evaluate a candidate for the job.
Steps In Selection
• These
In Depth Selection Interviews:
interviews are conducted by the manager to whom the
applicant will report.
The objective of this step is to find out more about applicant as
an individual.

3. Background Checks:
• Selection committee confirm the truthfulness of application
Résumé or of the application form.
• The previous supervisor of the applicant is called to confirm
this information and to get his career highlights.
Steps In Selection

4.Physical Examination:
It is conducted to ensure the physical fitness of
Steps In Selection
5.Job Offer:
Position / title
Authority, duties and responsibilities
Starting date, normal work hours
Starting salary
Benefit package
Other - probationary period, travel, etc.
Selection Criteria of Mobilink

• Information regarding the qualifications and job

description is provided by the company to identify
suitable candidates.
• Candidates are supposed to complete the Pre-
Employment forms and then the HRM department
conducts the interviews and tests which are
discussed in previous slides.
• There is a restriction by the company that the
Divisional/Department Head and HRM department
must agree before the final selection of the
Selection Criteria of Mobilink GSM
Following information's are required by Mobilink from the
• In case of Non-Payment employees Mobilink signs a contract of 1
year which can be extended to another year.
• After selection the candidate is required to complete a 3 month
long probationary period.
• HRM department prepares and delivers the Employment Letters
to the employee and obtain signature of him on a copy.
• Candidates rejected or kept on file are sent regret letters.
Selection Criteria of Mobilink GSM
• Hiring Committee
Mobilink’s Hiring Committee constitutes following
members for hiring on all the levels:
Respective Department Head
Head Of Human Resources
Selection Criteria of Mobilink GSM

• Appointment Letters:

Mobilink’s appointment letters for successful

candidates spells out the terms and conditions of
the employment and benefits applicable to the
At the time of confirmation the concerned
department is send the feedback for confirmation.

• Introduction of a new employee to his/her job and

the organization.
• A program designed to help employees fit smoothly
into an organization; also called socialization.
• Orientation or socialization is designed to provide
new employees with the information needed to
function comfortably and effectively in the
Orientation (continued)
• It conveys three types of information:
1. General information about daily work
2. Review of organization’s history
,purpose operations, and products or
services and contribution of
employee’s job to the organization’s
3. Presentation of organization’s
policies, work rules and employee
Types of Orientation

• Two types of orientation:

1. Work unit orientation:
Familiarizes employee with goals of work unit,
contribution to the unit’s goals, introduction to co-
2. Organization orientation:
Informs employee about the organization’s objectives,
history ,philosophy procedures and rules, human
resource policies and benefits. Tour of organization’s
work facilities.
Orientation of new employees
in Mobilink GSM

• Objective is to inform all new employees with the

basic structure and rules of Mobilink.
• Human resource Department is responsible for
• Orientation CD regarding PMCL, Organizational
• With the first week of the employment employee
go through Department orientation .
Orientation of new employees
in Mobilink GSM (continued)
• Within 30 days of employment all new
employees attend a formal orientation program
which includes
1. Nature of business
2. History-philosophy and structure of company
3. Structure chain command within the company
4. Company benefit plans
5. Layout and facilities offered by the company .
Training Programs

• A process designed to maintain or

improve current job performance.

• Most training is directed at upgrading and

improving an employee’s abilities or
Developmental Programs
• A process designed to develop skills
necessary for future work activities.
Difference between Training and
Developmental Programs

• Training is for the current improvement in the job

while developmental program is for improving the
skill which will be used in the future.
• Both managers and non-managers receive help
from training and developmental program but
mostly non-managers are concerned with training
while the managers are concerned with
developmental programs.
Why Training and
Developmental Program?
• To improve three types of

1) Technical skills
2) Interpersonal skills
3) Problem solving skills
Types Of Skills
• Technical Skills:

“The skills of improving basic skills like

the ability to read , write and doing math
computations as well as job specific
Types Of Skills (continued)
• Interpersonal skills:

“This type of training includes learning

how to be better listener, how to
communicate ideas more clearly and how
to reduce conflicts”.
Types Of Skills (continued)

• Problem solving skills:

“These skills include participating in

activities to sharpen logic , reasoning and
skills at defining problems, being creative
in developing alternatives, analyzing
alternatives and selecting solutions”.
Training Methods
1) Most training takes place on the job
because this approach is simple and

2) Some skill training is too complex to

learn on the job. in such cases it should
take place outside the work setting.
Training In Mobilink GSM

• The purpose of training is to upgrade the

capabilities and efficiency of all those employees
and prepare them for more responsible positions
in future.
• Provide employees with greater opportunity to
grow and succeed with in the company.
• To strengthen management and professional
teams at all organizational levels.
Training In Mobilink GSM
• The employees are trained technically and
periodically either locally or abroad according pre-
planned programs.
• Training in Mobilink GSM upgrades capabilities of
employees, provides guidance and individual
counseling .
• Construct training programs and provide
employees a variety of Job skills, Technical,
Clerical and Supervisory and Managerial courses.
Training and Development in
Mobilink GSM
• The human resource department conducts a meeting
with department heads at the end of the training
• The purpose of this meting is to focus on the individual
discipline and performance during the training program.
• Then on the basis of their performance they give them
advance jobs.
• They fill every position vacancy with the best qualified
person obtained.
• They prefer their own employees and go outside only
when fully qualified person is not obtainable.
Employees Performance
Employee Performance

• Performance management is a process

used within organization to establish and
evaluate an individual’s job performance
to achieve goals and objectives.
Performance Management

Performance Appraisal
A process of systematically evaluating
performance and providing feedback upon
which performance adjustments can be made.
Performance appraisal should be based on
job analysis, job description, and job
Types of Performance Appraisal

• Informal Performance Appraisal:

“The process of continually feeding back to
subordinates information regarding their work
• Formal Performance Appraisal:
“A formalized appraisal process for rating work
performance, identifying deserving raises or
promotions, and identifying those in need of
further training”.
360 Degree

Performance Graphic
Appraisal Rating
Methods Scale

Behavioral Critical
Anchored Incidents
Rating Scales
Written essay

A technique in which an evaluator

writes out employee
performance and potential.

Advantages of this is simple to use.

Disadvantages of this is more a
measure of evaluators writing ability
than of employee actual
Graphical rating scale

A performance appraisal technique

in which an employee is rated on a
set of performance factors.
Advantages of this provide
quantitative data , less time consuming
than other methods.
Disadvantage of this do not provide
depth of job behavior assessed.
Critical incidents
A technique in which the evaluator focuses
on the critical behaviors that separate
effective from ineffective job performance.

Advantage rich examples behaviorally based.

Disadvantage time consuming lack of
Behaviorally anchored
rating scales (BARS)
A performance appraisal technique that
appraises an employee on example of
actual job behavior.

Advantage focus on specific and measurable job

Disadvantage time consuming difficult to
Multiperson comparisons
Performance appraisal techniques that
compare one individuals performance with
that of one or more other individuals.
• Group ranking
• Individual ranking
Advantage compares with one another.
Disadvantage unwieldy with large no of
360 degree feedback
A performance appraisal method that
utilizes feedback from supervisors
employees and coworkers.
Advantage of this is thorough.
Disadvantage time consuming.
Performance Management

 To be meaningful, an appraisal system must be:

– Reliable — provide consistent results across time.

– Valid — actually measure people on relevant job content.

 Measurement errors can threaten the reliability or

validity of performance appraisals.
Performance Management in
Mobilink GSM

• PMCL provide a formal review program to

evaluate work performance and to promote
communication and discussion of job performance
w.r.t. past performance at Mobilink
Performance Management in
Mobilink GSM (continued)
• Mobilink asses the employee on:
Communication skills.
Team work and Co-operation.
Problem solving & decision making.
Initiative and drive.
Customer focus.
Performance Management in
Mobilink GSM (continued)
• Performance appraisal is done on an annual basis (from
January 1st to December 31st)
• To give a chance to subordinates to evaluate their seniors a
360 degree evaluation is conducted at the tome of the
performance evaluation.
• The immediate supervisor prepares an annual report in
December of each year of each employee
• Increments are also given at the end of the year ,increments
are percentage of salaries.
• Promotions is given on good performance after completing two
years in the current grade.
• Bonuses are given but the employee must have to complete
6 months in the company service.
Career Development

• A sequence of positions held by a person during

his or her lifetime.
• It is also defined as “advancement”.
Career Development

Programs typically designed by organizations

• To advance their work activities within specific
• Provide information ,assessment and training to
help employees to realize their career goals.
• Attract and retain highly talented people.
Career Development
• Wide spread organizational changes have
lead to uncertainty and chaos concerning
the concept of traditional organizational
Significant Conclusion
about Career Development?
• The individual – not the organization is responsible
for his/her own career!
• Organizational members have to look out for
themselves and become more self reliant.
• Boundary less career is being established in which
individual rather than organization define
1. Career Progression.
2. Organizational loyalty.
3. Important skills.
4. Market place value.
Career Decisions
• Career choice.
• Initiate Job search.
• How to survive and excel in your career.
• Opportunities for personnel development.
• Benefits.
• Recognition for good performance.
• Job location.
• Money.
• Working as a team.
Successful Management for
Career Development
• Develop a network.
• Continue upgrading your skills.
• Stay mobile.
• Support your boss.
• Don’t stay too long in your first job.
• Stay visible.
• Gain control of organization resources.
• Learn the power structure.
• Present the right image.
• Do Good work.
Career Development In
Mobilink GSM____

• Mobilink GSM supports the development

of its employee’s skills and abilities with an
aim to achieve their potential.
Procedures for Career
Development In Mobilink GSM
• All vacancies for Positions of grade level
“Assistant Manager” and above are announced
internally or displayed on notice board.
• One year experience of work in Mobilink company
• Selected person ensure to meet all requirements
and will join the new job after getting clearance
from department head for probation period.
Procedures for Career
Development In Mobilink GSM
• Submission of application to HR department
• Candidates are evaluated and assessed through
• Performance appraisal System provides basis for
decisions regarding confirmation, promotion and
annual increment of Mobilink.
• Results of performance appraisal is increments,
salary adjustments and promotions showing the
last three years inclination of company after
obtaining approval from the president
Current Issues Of
Human Resource
Current Issues Of HRM
• Workforce Diversity:
A workforce that’s more heterogeneous
in term of gender, ethnicity, age and other
characteristics that reflect differences.
•Orientation & Training
Current Issues Of HRM
• Work-Life Balance:
Balance between family life and
work life. Employees can not leave their

• Family Friendly Benefits

•Dual Career Couples
Current Issues Of HRM
• Environmental Pressures:
External stakeholder interests, such as
Union interests, situational factors (local labor
market), can influence HRM.

Organizations react to these pressures

Current Issues Of HRM
• Four C’s Model
For Evaluating
 Competence
 Commitment
 Congruence
 Cost effectiveness
Current Issues Of HRM in

• Following are some issues of HRM in Mobilink

 The timing although is 9 am to 5 pm, but it is
adhered to as the normal employee leaves his office
not before 6 am.
 The hierarchy chart shows 3 HR managers/
coordinators for Islamabad, here as only 1 fore
Lahore. This can be unjustified keeping in view that
a large number of employee work in Lahore.
 Moblink has a formal environment which can be
changed to more relax and friendly environment.
 Importance of HRM
 HRM process
 Job descriptions
 Recruitment
 Selection
 Training
 Performance appraisal method
 Career development
 Current issues
Zeeshan Maqsood
Lahore, Pakistan.
Cell: 0300-4111570