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As root, test if this script works properly by running it, first to start and
then to stop database and listener:
/etc/init.d/dbora start
/etc/init.d/dbora stop
Analyze the output and fix errors, if any.
5. As root, associate the dbora service with the appropriate run levels and set
it to auto-start using the following command:
chkconfig add dbora
Use this command to verify the results:
chkconfig list dbora
We expect to see this output:
[root@odban1 ~]# chkconfig list dbora
dbora 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off
Use this command to verify the creation of the control scripts:
find /etc/rc.d/ -name *dbora -print
Check to see that S and K scripts were created. (scripts are in /etc/rc.d/rc*.d
directories). We expect to see something like this:
[root@odban1 ~]# find /etc/rc.d/ -name *dbora -print