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S scripts are for the boot up time and K are for the shut down.

Now do an actual reboot and check if S and K scripts did work properly. The instance
s marked with Y in /etc/oratab should now startup/shutdown automatically at system
All relevant logs are here (run as oracle):
ls -l $ORACLE_HOME/*.log
Check alert log as well, at the server shutdown time the log must show Shutting d
own instance (immediate) and ALTER DATABASE CLOSE NORMAL commands.
Thats all to it. Good luck.
Quick note: we are not dealing with Oracle RAC here, it is a networking exercise
proof of concept.
In this particular project our goal will be to establish reliable network commun
ication between two or more Linux virtual machines (guests). Why is this importa
nt? Network is usually configured in the very beginning and keeps affecting many
components of the project later on. Mistakes in network configuration are diffi
cult to detect and fix, since changes have to be propagated throughout all commu
nication layers. So lets do it once and do it right to save time and effort later
As usual, when taking on a seemingly enormous undertaking we start with smaller
tasks, breaking down the big ask into manageable pieces.