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Unit 18 adverbs

whats your favorite physical activity?
How often do you practice it?
Commentator= someone who describes an
Stamina= physical or mental strength
Also-ran = someone who has failed in a
Endorsement = promotion of a product
Ponder = think carefully
Off course = in the wrong direction
Synchronized swimming
Comprehension questions
What were the original
Olympic games related to?
What is the emphasis of the
most recent Olympic games?
What are two excesses of
modern sports?
Discussion questions
Why are players salaries so
Why is violence tolerated?
Why are sports so important to
What do sports give to the
Not everybody is interested in
Grammar notes
Remember: a clause is a group of words
containing a least a subject and a verb:
The game was over.

Adverb clauses begin with subordinating
conjunctions: when the game was over.

Adverb clauses indicate how, when, where,
why, or under what conditions something
happened; or they introduced a contrast.
Grammar notes
what is the adverb clause in these sentences?
Is the adverb clause totally independent or it
needs something else?

We left the arena when the game was over.

Linda dropped the race because she was injured.

The maratn will begin as soon as the clock
strikes 11 am.
Adverb clauses of time
When will you practice sports?
Ill _______ sports ____ I ____ more free

Did you read the introduction before you
came to class?
No, I didnt ____ the _______ before I
to class.
Where do people play sports?
What sport is popular everywhere you
What words are similar to because?

Why is volleyball not as popular as soccer?
Volleyball is not as popular _____ it is
considered a ______ sport. (since)

Why do players receive such big salaries?
__ sponsors pay big money to clubs,
such ____ salaries. (as)

Under what conditions will you improve
in sports?
You will improve if
Do you think you wont pass unless you
practice more?
Yeah , I wont ____ _______ I practice
How could peruvian soccer get better?
Only if ______________, could peruvian
____ get better.

Remember these words? What do
they express? Although, though,
even though
What is unfair about the national volleyball

_______ the national volleyball team is
more _____
Than yhe soccer one, it ____ receive much
______ support from the _______ and