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Woodcock-Johnson III, Form A

Educational Achievement Report

Formal Tests and Measurements for Students ith !isa"ilities# $-%&
S'E! (&)*++%
!r* !arlene Fester
Ma, %, &+%(
-onnie 'hillips
Educational Achievement Report
$* .olmes &
Demographic Information
/ame# $atie .olmes School# Severna 'ark .i0h School
!ate of -irth# %+12%1%33) 4rade1Educational Settin0# %&
5hronolo0ical A0e# %6,r, )mo, &&da,s I! 7# /1A
Evaluation !ate8s9# +(1&&1&+%( E:aminer# -onnie 'hillips
'rimar, ;an0ua0e# En0lish
'rimar, ;an0ua0e of Test# En0lish
!ate of Report# +(1&21&+%(
Reason for Referral
$atie as evaluated on April &2, &+%2* At the time of the evaluation, $atie as assessed in a
private settin0 ith onl, the e:aminer and her present* $atie as in the ei0hth month of her senior
,ear at Severna 'ark .i0h School* In the past she has "een an A and - student, and her mother
noted that she orks ver, hard in school* .oever, accordin0 to the academic histor, and
intervie ith $atie<s famil,, $atie has "een e:periencin0 difficult, in man, academic areas* For
e:ample, $atie has "een performin0 inconsistentl, in the areas of readin0, mathematics, and
ritten lan0ua0e* -ased on this information, $atie as referred for an educational achievement
Test Administered/Rationale
!ue to $atie<s inconsistenc, ith her 0rades, the Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement III
8WJ-A5. III9 as administered* The WJ-A5. III is an individuall, administered test of
achievement measurin0 five curricular areas- readin0, mathematics, ritten lan0ua0e, oral
lan0ua0e, and academic knoled0e* The test provides a comprehensive s,stem for measurin0
0eneral intellectual a"ilit,, specific co0nitive a"ilities, scholastic aptitude, oral lan0ua0e, and
academic achievement* The WJ-A5. III as selected to "e administered to Edard to 0ain more
information a"out his 0eneral academic performance that include the folloin0 skills# 8%9 readin0
skills that include "road readin0, "asic readin0 skills, and readin0 comprehension, 8&9 oral
lan0ua0e skills that include listenin0 comprehension and oral e:pression, 829 math skills that
include "road math, math calculation skills, and math reasonin0, 8(9 ritten lan0ua0e skills that
include "road ritten lan0ua0e, "asic ritin0 skills, and ritten e:pression, and 8)9 an academic
knoled0e cluster that assesses academic skills, academic fluenc,, academic applications, and
phoneme10rapheme knoled0e*
Examiner Criteria Statements
In the opinion of the e:aminer#
=>= The scores o"tained are valid representation of student<s current educational performance levels*
=>= The test8s9 selected is a valid tool for the stated purpose and is valid for the student*
=>= ;in0uistic, cultural, and 1or economic differences did not influence testin0*
Note: If these criteria are not met, the examiner(s) should state which ones do not apply and why.
Background Information
$atie as e:amined on April &&, &+%( at ?#2+pm and took three hours to complete all telve
$* .olmes 2
standard su"tests* $atie is in the fifth month of her ei0hteenth ,ear, and is in telfth 0rade at
Severna 'ark .i0h School, here she ill 0raduate from at the end of Ma,*
amilial Background Information
$atie lives ith her mother and father in Severna 'ark, M!* She has to older sisters ho do not
live at home* .er parents have "een married for over &+ ,ears and are the sole parents of all three
of their children* All three children are ver, musicall, inclined and re0ularl, practice and perform
music* $atie has ala,s "een more interested in developin0 her music skills rather than pla, sports
or other or0ani@ed activities* As her sisters have similar interests in music, she and her sisters are
ver, close friends, "ut $atie does have to close friends outside of her famil, that she has
maintained since elementar, school* $atie did not have an, developmental dela,s or difficulties in
re0ard to ph,sical, social-emotional, or other areas of development* $atie does not ear 0lasses,
nor does she have a hearin0 impairment, and she is in 0ood health* .er mother noted that she
does have a tendenc, to sleep e:tremel, late in the da, 8unlike her elder sisters9, "ut that her
eatin0 ha"its are normal, as their famil, tries to eat health, and1or or0anic foods* She does not
displa, an, other e:ceptional "ehavior* The primar, lan0ua0e 8spoken at home9 of $atie is
Educational Background Information
$atie as raised in Anne Arundel 5ount,, M! and has attended pu"lic schools in the Anne
Arundel 5ount, since kinder0arten* For preschool, she attended her famil,<s church<s da,
pro0ram* For $-), $atie attended Jones Elementar, SchoolA for 0rades ?-6, Severna 'ark Middle
SchoolA for 0rades 3-%& 8currentl, in attendance9, Severna 'ark .i0h School* $atie noted that she
enBo,s her music classes as ell as math classes, "ut that she does not enBo, her histor, classes*
She attended SAT preparator, classes, "ut has never reCuired an, remedial or related services in
school* $atie<s mother noted that she is an A and - student and a hard orker, that she enBo,s
receivin0 0ood 0rades, "ut that she has ala,s put pressure on herself to succeed academicall,*
.er mother also stated that $atie has never reCuired an, prior educational or ps,cholo0ical
evaluations, and has never reCuired an, accommodations or modifications durin0 testin0 or durin0
classroom instruction*
Behavioral !"servations
Throu0hout the entiret, of the e:amination, $atie as e:ceptionall, cooperative* .er level of
activit, as t,pical for her a0e, and she as attentive and concentrated on the tasks as is t,pical
for her a0e as ell* $atie as slo and careful in respondin0 to test Cuestions, "ut at times she
appeared tense or orried* Also, for more difficult tasks, $atie performed at a noticea"l,
increased level of effort* For e:ample, after the instructions of su"test 2, Stor, Recall, ere read
to her, $atie stated that she as nervous* When respondin0 after listenin0 to the stories, $atie
often pursed her lips and looked up to the ceilin0 durin0 her recall* .oever, for other portions of
the test, she appeared at ease and comforta"leA for e:ample, durin0 the Spellin0, Dnderstandin0
!irections, and Writin0 Samples su"tests* !urin0 those su"tests, it as noted that she freCuentl,
and intermittentl, smiled* Therefore, it is the intent of these test results to provide an accurate and
appropriate representation of $atie<s current level of achievement*
$* .olmes (
Reading Assessment Results
The Broad Reading cluster provides a comprehensive measure of readin0 achievement
includin0 "asic readin0 skills and readin0 comprehension* The Standard -atter, of the Woodcock-
Johnson includes the folloin0 su"tests# 8%9 ;etter-Word Identification, 8&9 Readin0 Fluenc,, and
829 'assa0e 5omprehension* All three su"tests ere administered to $atie*
The #etter$%ord Identification su"test measures ord identification skills* $atie as
reCuired to identif, letters and to pronounce ords correctl,* $atie<s performance on this task
as a standard score of %+2, indicatin0 avera0e performance* The Reading luenc& su"test
measures the a"ilit, to Cuickl, read simple sentences and decide if the sentences are true* $atie<s
performance for this task as a standard score of 6%, indicatin0 lo avera0e performance* The
'assage Comprehension su"test measures the a"ilit, to match the picto0raphic representation of
a ord ith an actual picture of the o"Bect* In addition, $atie as reCuired to point to a picture
represented ", a phrase* Then $atie as reCuired to read a short passa0e and identif, a missin0
ke, ord that makes sense in the content of that passa0e* $atie<s performance on this su"test as
a standard score of %+(, indicatin0 avera0e performance*
Mathematics Assessment Results
The Broad Math cluster provides a comprehensive measure of math achievement includin0
pro"lem solvin0, numeration, fluenc,, and reasonin0* For the Standard -atter,, the
folloin0 tests ere administered# 8%9 5alculation, 8&9 Math Fluenc,, and 829 Applied
The Calculation su"test is a measure of computational skills and automaticit, ith "asic
math facts and provides a measure of "asic mathematical skills* This su"test reCuired $atie to
accuratel, perform mathematical computations* Also included are pro"lems reCuirin0
manipulation of fractions and more advanced calculations usin0 al0e"ra, 0eometr,, tri0onometr,,
and calculus* $atie<s performance on the 5alculation section as a standard score of %%&,
indicatin0 a hi0h avera0e performance* The (ath luenc& su"test measures the a"ilit, to solve
simple addition, su"traction, and multiplication facts Cuickl,* For this test, $atie<s performance
as a standard score of %+&, indicatin0 avera0e performance* The Applied 'ro"lems test
reCuired $atie to understand and solve practical mathematics pro"lems that are presented orall,*
'ictures or the ritten pro"lem is availa"le for the student to see* The pro"lems reCuired $atie to
listen to the pro"lem, reco0ni@e the procedures to "e folloed, and then perform relativel, simple
calculations* $atie<s performance on this su"test as a standard score of %%&, indicatin0 hi0h
avera0e performance*
ral !anguage Assessment Results
The ral !anguage cluster provides a comprehensive measure of oral e:pression and
listenin0 comprehension* For the Standard -atter,, to tests are administered# 8%9 Stor, Recall
and 8&9 Dnderstandin0 !irections*
The Stor& Recall su"test measures aspects of oral lan0ua0e includin0 lan0ua0e
$* .olmes )
development and meanin0ful memor,* !urin0 this portion of the test, $atie as reCuired to recall
increasin0l, comple: stories that are presented on an audio tape and $atie<s performance in this
area as a standard score of 3E, indicatin0 avera0e performance* The )nderstanding Directions
su"test is an oral lan0ua0e measure* The task reCuired $atie to listen to a seCuence of audio-
taped instructions and then follo the directions ", pointin0 to various o"Bects in a colored
picture* $atie<s performance on this task as a standard score of %&%, indicatin0 superior
"ritten !anguage Assessment Results
The Broad "ritten !anguage cluster provides a comprehensive measure of ritten
lan0ua0e achievement includin0 spellin0 of sin0le-ord responses, fluenc, of production,
and Cualit, of e:pression* The tests administered on the Standard -atter, included# 8%9
Spellin0, 8&9 Writin0 Fluenc,, and 829 Writin0 Samples*

The Spelling su"test is a measure of the a"ilit, to rite orall, presented ords correctl,*
Test items measure preritin0 skills and reCuired $atie to produce uppercase and loercase
letters, and to spell ords correctl,* $atie<s performance as a standard score of %&E, indicatin0
superior performance* The %riting luenc& su"test measures skill in formulatin0 and ritin0
simple sentences Cuickl,* Each sentence must include a set of three stimulus ords and descri"e
an accompan,in0 picture* $atie<s performance on this su"test as a standard score of %+2,
indicatin0 avera0e performance* The %riting Samples su"test measures skill in ritin0 responses
to a variet, of demands* $atie<s performance on this task as a standard score of %&(, indicatin0
superior performance*
Interpretation of Assessment indings
$atie<s readin0 assessment results indicate that she performs at an avera0e ran0e* .er
"road readin0 cluster e:hi"ited a standard score of 3?, hich classifies her as Favera0e< and places
her in the (%
percentile* Within the "road readin0 area, $atie scored in the avera0e ran0es for
"asic readin0 8a standard score of %+( and placement in the ?%
percentile9* After an e:amination
of the scores, the discrepanc, in the "road readin0 results and the "asic readin0 results can "e
attri"uted to $atie<s lo avera0e classified performance on the Readin0 Fluenc, su"test, despite
her avera0e performances on the ;etter-Word Identification and 'assa0e 5omprehension su"tests*
Gn ;etter-Word Identification and 'assa0e 5omprehension, $atie performed in the )E
and ?&

percentiles, ith standard scores of %+2 and %+(, respectfull,* -ut, on Readin0 Fluenc,, $atie as
ranked in the %+
percentile, ith a standard score of 6%, a0e eCuivalenc, of a %& ,ear-old, and
0rade eCuivalenc, of a si:th 0rader in the si:th month of school* So, the discrepanc, in "road
readin0 and readin0 comprehension, a difference of a standard score of 3? and %+(, respectfull,,
can most likel, "e attri"uted to $atie<s lo avera0e Readin0 Fluenc, su"test score*
Gverall, $atie performed at a hi0h avera0e level on the mathematics assessment portion of
the WJ-III* In terms of "road mathematics, $atie received a standard score of %%&, hich is
classified as hi0h avera0e and in the E6
percentile* Gn a smaller scale, $atie<s Math Reasonin0
as in the 6+
percentile 8a standard score of %%29, hich is classified as hi0h avera0e, "ut her
Math 5alculation as in the E2
percentile 8a standard score of %+39 hich is classified as
avera0e* This avera0e classification is most likel, attri"uted to her avera0e performance on the
$* .olmes ?
Math Fluenc, su"test 8a standard score of %+& and a rankin0 in the )(
percentile9, hereas she
performed at a hi0h avera0e classification in the 5alculation and Applied 'ro"lems su"tests 8"oth
of hich she received a standard score of %%& and rankin0s in the E6
percentile9* Therefore, this
avera0e performance on Math Fluenc, 8)(
percentile9 most likel, loered her Math 5alculation
score 8E2
percentile9, and, hen com"ined ith the Math Reasonin0 score 86+
resulted in a loered her -road Mathematics score 8E6
$atie<s Gral ;an0ua0e Assessment results depicted a maBor discrepanc,* Althou0h she
performed overall at a hi0h avera0e classification ith a standard score of %%? and a rankin0 in
the 6)
percentile, not all of $atie<s su"tests reflected this* .oever, "ecause $atie as classified
as superior in the Dnderstandin0 !irections su"test 8a standard score of %&% and a rankin0 in the
percentile9, I "elieve that the discrepanc, as therefore not as present in her overall oral
lan0ua0e score* This discrepanc, in scores occurred in her Stor, Recall and Stor, Recall-!ela,ed
su"tests* In Stor, Recall, $atie as placed in the (&
percentile ith a standard score of 3E and
classification as avera0e* .oever, in Stor, Recall-!ela,ed, $atie as classified as performin0 at
lo avera0e, ith a standard score of 6( and a rankin0 in the %(
percentile 8a 0rade eCuivalenc,
of a second 0rader in the si:th month of school, and an a0e eCuivalent of a seven ,ear-old in his
eleventh month9* This e:treme score as the loest of all of her su"test scores, and, a0ain, I
"elieve that the reason $atie<s "road oral lan0ua0e scores did not reflect this e:tremit, is due to
her superior performance on the Dnderstandin0 !irections su"test and avera0e performance on
the initial Stor, Recall su"test*
$atie<s "est assessment results ere in Written ;an0ua0e* .er -road Written ;an0ua0e
scores ere classified as superior, in hich she received a standard score of %&) and a rankin0 in
the 3)
percentile* .oever, this score could have "een hi0her, if not for the minor discrepanc, in
her -asic Writin0 Skills and Written E:pression Scores* For -asic Writin0, $atie as in the 3E

percentile ith a standard score of %&3 and classified as superior* -ut, in Written E:pression,
$atie as onl, classified as hi0h avera0e, ith a standard score of %%E and a rankin0 in the 6E

percentile* This hi0h avera0e classification is attri"uted to her Writin0 Fluenc, su"test, on hich
she onl, performed in the )6
percentile 8a standard score of %+29 hich classified her as avera0e*
.oever, on the Writin0 Samples and Spellin0 su"tests, she as classified as superior, ith
standard scores of %&( 83)
percentile9 and %&E 83E
percentile9, respectfull,* Therefore, althou0h
she performed at an avera0e level on the Writin0 Fluenc, su"test, her other superiorl, classified
su"tests assisted in her hi0h avera0e and superior classifications in Written E:pression and -asic
Writin0 Skills, respectfull,*
$atie .olmes is an %6 ,ear old student at Severna 'ark .i0h School ho is havin0
difficult, in her En0lish and math classes, and therefore the Woodcock-Johnson III has "een
administered as part of an evaluation for the presence of a disa"ilit,* This assessment is one
component of that evaluation* When compared to her peers at her 0rade level, $atie<s
performance is in the superior ran0e in the areas of understandin0 directions, spellin0, and ritin0
samples* .er performance is in the a"ove avera0e ran0e in the areas of calculation and applied
pro"lems* $atie<s performance is in the avera0e ran0e in the areas of letter-ord identification,
passa0e comprehension, math fluenc,, stor, recall, and ritin0 fluenc,* .er performance is "elo
avera0e in the areas of readin0 fluenc, and stor, recall-dela,ed* This assessment indicates $atie<s
$* .olmes E
academic achievement* Gverall, the W-JIII hi0hli0hted $atie<s stren0ths in mathematics and
especiall, in math calculation* Also, it displa,ed her stren0ths in oral lan0ua0e, "asic ritin0 skills,
and ritten e:pression*
These assessment results ill "e presented to the Eli0i"ilit, 5ommittee to assist in
determinin0 if $atie reCuires special education services* Additionall,, these results should "e used
ith all other availa"le information hen makin0 a decision re0ardin0 $atie<s eli0i"ilit, for special
education services*
Recommendations and/or 'roposed I*E*'* Annual +oals
%* $atie ill read a 0iven on-0rade-level passa0e in ?+ seconds ith 3+H accurac,* 8WJ-III
/D Readin0 Fluenc, Su"test9
&* Immediatel, after a short, on-0rade-level passa0e of te:t has "een read to her, $atie ill
correctl, recall the main ideas ( out of ) times* 8WJ-III /D Stor, Recall Su"test9
2* Si:t, minutes after a short, on-0rade-level passa0e of te:t has "een read to her, $atie ill
correctl, recall the main ideas of the te:t 2 out of ) times* 8WJ-III /D Stor, Recall-
!ela,ed Su"test9
(* 4iven a set of %++ math pro"lems usin0 the addition, su"traction, multiplication, and
division operations, $atie ill anser them in 2 minutes ith 3)H accurac,* 8WJ-III /D
Math Fluenc, Su"test9
)* $atie ill increase her ritin0 skills of three para0raph essa,s to an on-0rade proficienc,
level in the area of ideas and content as measured ", a Mar,land state assessment scorin0
0uide* 8WJ-III /D Writin0 Fluenc, Su"test9*
==Bonnie E. Phillips========= +(1&21&+%(
-onnie 'hillips #ate
Toson Dniversit,
S)((AR, ! SC!RES
%!!DC!C-$.!/0S!0 III1 !R( A TESTS ! AC/IE2E(E0T
/ame of Student# $atie .olmes !ate Administered# +(1&&1&+%(
'R 5lassification
BR!AD READI0+ C#)STER %?-% %+*? 3? (% Avera0e
-ASI5 REA!I/4 S$I;;S &( %2*+ %+( ?% Avera0e
;etter-Word Identification
;etter-Word Identification
&2 %2*+ %+2 )E Avera0e
'assa0e 5omprehension &3 %)*2 %+( ?& Avera0e
$* .olmes 6
Readin0 Fluenc, %&-+ ?*? 6% %+ ;o Avera0e
BR!AD (AT/E(ATICS C#)STER I2+ I%6*+ %%& E6 .i0h Avera0e
MAT.EMATI5S 5A;5D;ATIG/ 5;DSTER I&( %)*& %+3 E2 Avera0e
MAT.EMATI5S REASG/I/4 5;DSTER I2+ I%6 %%2 6+ .i0h Avera0e
5alculation I&2 I%6*+ %%& E6 .i0h Avera0e
Math Fluenc, &% %2*+ %+& )( Avera0e
Applied 'ro"lems I2+ I%6*+ %%& E6 .i0h Avera0e
!RA# #A0+)A+E I&% I%E*? %%? 6) .i0h Avera0e
Stor, Recall %2-%+ 6*( 3E (& Avera0e
Stor, Recall J !ela,ed E-%% &*? 6( %( ;o Avera0e
Dnderstandin0 !irections I&% I%6*+ %&% 3& Superior
BR!AD %RITTE0 #A0+)A+E I&6 I%6*+ %&) 3) Superior
-ASI5 WRITI/4 S$I;;S I2+ I%6*+ %&3 3E Superior
WRITTE/ E>'RESSIG/ 5;DSTER I&( I%E*6 %%E 6E .i0h Avera0e
Spellin0 I2+ I%6*+ %&E 3E Superior
Writin0 Fluenc, I&% %2*+ %+2 )6 Avera0e
Writin0 Samples I2+ I%6*+ %&( 3) Superior
%2% and a"ove falls in the 2er& Superior ran0e
%&% to %2+ falls in the Superior ran0e
%%% to %&+ falls in the /igh Average ran0e
3+ to %%+ falls in the Average ran0e
6+ to 63 falls in the #o5 Average ran0e
E+ to E3 falls in the #o5 ran0e
KE+ falls in the 2er& #o5 ran0e
Administerin0 the Woodcock-Johnson III Test of Achievement definitel, enhanced m,
understandin0 of the 5ouncil for E:ceptional 5hildren<s 85E59 Standard 6* This standard outlines
assessment for special educators in terms of the multiple times of assessment information, le0al
policies and ethical principles of measurement and assessment, decision-makin0, technolo0,, and
supports and adaptations of assessment* Dltimatel, ", 0ivin0 the WJ-III, I no am much more
comforta"le in conductin0 formal assessments, hich is a lar0e part of this standard* Also,
"ecause of the amount of time spent in class as ell as outside of class interpretin0 the results of
m, e:amination, I "etter understand ho this test and other formal tests ma, "e used ",
educators and in a school or other education settin0s* I no have much more concrete knoled0e
on ho to make decisions for students "ased on formal assessment results, as I as a"le to create
IE' annual 0oals "ased on mine* I also feel as thou0h I "etter understand ho to ethicall, and
correctl, measure results and conduct assessments as needed for the referral and eli0i"ilit, of
students ith e:ceptional needs*
$* .olmes 3
Alon0 ith helpin0 me to "etter understand the 5E5<s Standard 6 a"out assessment, ",
0eneratin0 the Educational Achievement Report 8EAR9, I as a"le to "etter understand the
ps,cho-educational process* As outlined ", the Fum"rella< of ps,cho-educational processes, there
are ) components# co0nitive functionin0, educational assessment, intervie, "ehavior assessment,
and other screenin0s 8such as sensor, screenin0 like visual or hearin09* -, ritin0 the EAR, I feel
as thou0h I am much more comforta"le ith the intervie and educational assessment processes*
-, interviein0 "oth m, su"Bect as ell as her parents, I as a"le to professionall, conduct
m,self hile askin0 a"out familial and educational "ack0rounds, a ver, important part of the
ps,cho-educational process* Also, I no "etter understand hat a multi su"Bect formal
educational assessment looks like, includin0 ho to administer it, ho to score it, and ho to
interpret the results* This interpretation is useful in the other portions of the ps,cho-educational
process, "ecause it ould "e important for me as a special educator to "e a"le to rela, those
interpretations to a school ps,cholo0ist, ho ould "e assessin0 co0nitive functionin0 and
"ehavior in order to 0et a true, full picture of the student*
In the future, I think that I ould do a couple of thin0s differentl, to improve the overall
e:perience of administerin0, scorin0, and interpretin0 the WJ-III* For one, I think that I ould
"reak up the administration of the assessment, as it took me a"out 2 hours to completel,
administer all %& su"tests, and ", the end of that, "oth the su"Bect and I ere ver, tired* Another
thin0 I ould do differentl, is to ait until the su"Bect has left to score all portions of the
assessment that do not reCuire immediate scorin0* I think that ", scorin0 after ever, su"test, I
added to the amount of time that it took to administer the assessment, hereas if I had aitin0 to
score such su"tests as Writin0 Samples, Writin0 Fluenc,, Math Fluenc,, and Readin0 Fluenc,, I
ma, have "een a"le to shave time off of m, overall administration time 8as those su"tests reCuire
scorin0 "ased on num"er correct1incorrect after the completion of the su"test9* Finall,, I think that
in terms of interpretation, I ould tr, to find a "etter a, to or0ani@e m, 5ompuScore data* It
took me couple of tries to find a la,out of scores that I could trul, understand, and ,et still I
anted to chan0e the arran0ement so that I could efficientl, interpret it*