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Video Capture From Various HD and SD Sources

Sensoray introduced its latest high quality, real-time, low-latency, and broadcast grade video solutions
( Tigard, OR October 8, 2014 Sensora announces an addition to t!eir e"tensi#e line o$ !ig!
%ualit, broadcast grade, lo&'latenc and real'ti(e #ideo solutions. )odel 22*+ is a #ersatile ,S- audio.#ideo
encoder su//orting (ulti/le analog and digital in/ut $or(ats. It ca/tures 01 or S1 #ideo and si(ultaneousl
sends a co(/ressed and an unco(/ressed strea( to t!e !ost. Su//orted #ideo in/uts include 12I, co(/onent
and co(/osite. 3udio is o/tionall ca/tured $ro( analog line in/ut, co(/ressed and (ulti/le"ed into trans/ort
strea(. It is &ell'suited $or unco(/ro(ising ca/ture o$ (ulti/le #ideo sources, suc! as #ideo /i/eline
ins/ection, radar and sonar /rocessing, re(ote #ideo sur#eillance and tra$$ic (onitoring.
)odel 22*+S is designed as a ,24 de#ice, &!ic! (eans it does not re%uire a de#ice's/eci$ic dri#er. It is
controlled using a #ideo 3PI, 1irectS!o& or 2ideo45inu". Sensora /ro#ides So$t&are 1e#elo/(ent 6its t!at
s/eed u/ a//lication de#elo/(ent across se#eral o/erating sste(s. 3 $ull $unctional de(o a//lication
illustrates t!e ca/abilities and ser#es as a good starting /oint $or custo( de#elo/(ent.
Strea( 7or(at
T!e de#ice i(/le(ents e$$icient 0.2*4 #ideo co(/ression. T!e resulting data is out/ut as an )P89 trans/ort
strea( ()P89'TS), or in )P4 or 32I $ile $or(ats. 3udio co(/ression is /er$or(ed using 334'54. 0ig!
/recision !ard&are ti(esta(/s used $or (ulti/le"ing aid in :ee/ing audio and #ideo data in snc. );P89
co(/ression is su//orted $or sna/s!ots and 32I strea(s.
7or (ore in$or(ation go to !tt/<..&&&*+
3-O,T Sensora
Sensora designs and (anu$actures O8) electronics $or #ideo i(aging, data ac%uisition and (ac!ine control.
O$$ering dri#ers $or =indo&s or 5inu", and li#e tec!nical su//ort, Sensora is co((itted to !el/ing ensure eas
and ra/id de#elo/(ent. 7or (ore in$or(ation, or to s/ea: to an engineer regarding a custo( design, #isit
!tt/<..&&&, or e(ail su//ort>
7or t!e original #ersion on IndustrialPR #isit< !tt/<..&&&.industrial/$ied./!/?listing@1401+
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