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Work Experience
Name Clara Claudia Pirliteanu
Award Title and Code
Certifcate in Community Health Services 5M4468
Course Title Health Sector Studies
Course Description This course has been designed to prepare participants or
careers in administration and other selected areas !ithin the
Health Services "#ecutive $HS"%& in hospitals& nursing homes&
health centres& clinics and !ith general practitioners'
Anatomy & Physiology
Nursing Theory and Practice
Care Skills
Social Studies
Human Growth & Development
Word Processing
Work Experience
Proposed Career Path
List three organisations where ou
would like to work and give reasons
!n our chosen sector" what are the
current issues e#ecting it
(ter the course ) intend to !or* at the administration
department in hospitals& clinics& nursing homes or !ith
+eneral Practitioners'
St' ,ames Hospital' ) !ould li*e to !or* at this hospital
because it-s the biggest in .ublin'
/otunda Hospital' ) !ould li*e to !or* at the administration
department in a maternity hospital'
0eumont Private Clinic'
1ac* o unding
2ot employing ne! sta3
Desired Location o$ Work
) am planning to !or* in a nursing home& hospital&clinic or
!ith +eneral Practitioners at the administration department'
Work Experience Dates Monday 4 5ebruary to 5riday 64 5ebruary 7864
Work Experience Das Minimum 68 hours