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Georg Menges

Walter Michaeli
Paul Mohren
How to Make
Injection Molds
Third Edition
Hanser Publishers, Munich
Hanser Gardner Publications, Inc., Cincinnati
Translated and revised edition of
"Anleitung zum Bau von SpritzgieBwerkzeugen", 5th Edition, 1999
by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Menges, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Walter Michaeli and Ing. Paul Mohren,
Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung in Industrie und Handwerk
an der Rhein.-Westf. Technischen Hochschule Aachen
(Institute for Plastics Processing, Technical University of Aachen)
Translated by Rolf J. Kahl and Raymond Brown
Distributed in the USA and in Canada by
Hanser Gardner Publications, Inc.
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Menges, Georg, 1923-
[Anleitung zum Bau von Spritzgiesswerkzeugen. English]
How to make injection molds. - 3rd ed. / Georg Menges, Walter Michaeli, Paul Mohren;
[translated by Rolf J. Kahl and Raymond Brown].
p. cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN: 1-56990-282-8
1. Injection molding of plastics. I. Michaeli, Walter. II. Mohren, Paul. III. Title.
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Menges, Georg:
How to make injection molds / Georg Menges ; Walter Michaeli; Paul Mohren. [Transl. by Rolf J. Kahl
and Raymond Brown]. - 3. ed.. - Munich : Hanser; Cincinnati : Hanser Gardner, 2000
Einheitssacht.: Anleitung fur den Bau von SpritzgieBwerkzeugen <engl.>
ISBN: 3-446-21256-6
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P r e f a c e t o t h e 3
r d
E d i t i o n
Injection molds are high-precision tools whose smooth-operation on a day-to-day basis
is vital to the economic success of many plastics processors. Consequently, errors in
design and construction of molds can have grave consequences.
That is where this book comes in. Building on the earlier editions, it draws extensi-
vely both on the literature and on the development work carried out at the Institute for
Plastics Processing in the Technical University of Aachen with the aid of substantial pri-
vate and public research funding.
We are especially grateful to those who participated in this edition and to those who
laid the foundations for it in earlier editions, namely Dr. H. Bangert, Dr. P. Barth, Dr. W.
Hoven-Nievelstein, Dr. O. Kretschmar, Dr. M. Paar, Dr. G. Potsch, Dr. Th. W. Schmidt.,
Dr. Ch. Schneider, Prof. E. Schiirmann and Prof. S. Stitz.
We are indebted to the co-workers and students in the institute who contributed to the
success of this book through their unstinting work and their personal commitment. As
they are too numerous to mention, we trust that Ms. G. Nelissen, Ms. I. Zekorn and Mr.
W. Okon will accept our thanks on their behalf. Finally, we extend our appreciation to
Carl Hanser Verlag, and especially to Dr. W. Glenz and Mr. O. Immel, for taking the
manuscript and turning it into such a distinctive and attractive book.
G. Menges
W. Michaeli
P. Mohren
T h e f o l l o wi n g c o n t r i b u t o r s h e l p e d
t o r e v i s e a n d u p d a t e t hi s n e w e d i t i o n :
Chapter 1 Prof. Dr. F. Klocke
A. Karden
Chapter 2 Prof. Dr. A. Biihrig Polaczek
Prof. Dr. F. Klocke
A. Karden
Dr. M. Langen
Prof. Dr. E. Schmachtenberg
Dr. M. Polifke
Chapter 3 Prof. Dr. H. Schluter
Dr. V. Romberg-Forkert
Chapter 4 P. Niggemeier
Chapter 5 Dr. F. Ehrig
Chapter 6 J. Berthold
Dr. C. Brockmann
C. P. Cuttat
Dr. F. Ehrig
C. Hopmann
C. Ronnewinkel
Chapter 7 Dr. A. Rogalla
Chapter 8 Dr. F. Ehrig
A. Spennemann
Dr. J. Zachert
Chapter 9 P. Niggemeier
Chapter 11 Dr. F. Ehrig
Chapter 12 Dr. M. Stommel
Chapter 13 Dr. N. Kudlik
Chapter 14 Dr. P. FiIz
H. Genoske
Dr. A. Biswas
Dr. K. Schlesinger
Chapter 15 Dr. A. Feldhaus
Chapter 16 Dr. H. Recker
Dr. O. Schnerr-Haselbarth
Chapter 18 R Gorbach
Chapter 20 Dr. A. Rogalla
C. Brockmann
E. Henze