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1: Always finish essays: I will set out time to write my essays. I will get rid of distractions
while writing essays
2: Learn in my classes
3: Get at least A- in all classes
4: Write our goals in a planner
5: Check planners nightly
What I Learned 8/24/14
1: The difference between floppy discs and CDs
2: Why floppy discs are floppy
3: The location of most of the ports on a computer
4: The difference between AC DC currents alternating current and direct current
5: Why you need a power supply
6: The CPU is the central processing unit
7: The mother board takes up most of the inside of a computer
8: The 9pin is also known as the serial
9: Input cords are cords that take information into the computer (A game system, mouse,
and keyboard)
10: Output cords are a cord that takes information for inside the computer and brings it
outside the computer
Input + Output Devices 9/2/14
1: Mouse
2: Keyboard
3: Microphone
4: Floppy disk
1: Speakers
2: Printer
3: Projector
4 Monitor
Input and Output
The input hubs are devices take information from itself and take the info into the computer.
While the output hubs take information from inside the computer and bring it outside of
the computer to an external source of some kind. The input hubs are often items that
connect to something used to interact with the computer, like mousse or Keyboards.
Though for many computers the output hub just leads to the computer monitors
Ram and Rom 9/7/14
Ram is storage of some kind... Randomly accessed memory is Ram while rom is randomly
opened memory. (Not sure about rom) Rams are goats with horns that buck other goats.
Ram is volatile and short-term memory while Rom is not volatile and is long-term memory.
Goals 2.0
1: Get an A- or better in my classes. I could do this by studying when tests are likely near,
turning my home work in on time and using my planner
2: Meet new people!
3: Learn! Pay attention to class and try to have an ongoing conversation with the teacher
1:Its the central processing unit
2; It leads the processing for the computers
3: Its name starts with a C
4: Its name ends with a T
5: Arithmetic logic unit
10/7/14 Journal Info
1: They are given to collages
2: It shows your best work
3: It is required by AMES Academy
4: It requires work from every class from every year
5: It is a lengthy project
6: Hopefully shows improvement
7: Requires something written about each class
8: We should write ours as a website