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Each of us has our own personal space bubble–and, if we’re with friends or family, a social space bubble within

which we feel our personal space is contained.
Ceiling decks help “frame” these larger bubbles to give real presence to a space. And with lower decks, they
offer a very good way of “squeezing down” a space bubble over eating areas for example, or at an entrance,
which can then be “released” into a larger space–the contrast between the two making the large space feel larger
and the lower space cozier.
This is simply a three-dimensional use of the technique of “containment” and then “release” used for centuries
by the designers of Japanese landscapes and courtyard gardens. The same technique built in and updated.
A ceiling deck, or a lowered ceiling, can be in any style and suit houses of any era. Here are some examples
of lowered ceilings, ceiling decks, ceiling dividers and “picture rails” (used to suggest a lowered ceiling) using
different styles, and from different eras, all of them successful. See if you can see all the designer as hoping to
achieve with it.
A 2011 study showed that people tend to be at their happiest when the temperature of their
environment is 57.02 degrees fahrenheit.