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Culminating Assignment

Over the duration of this course I have presented many topics. In many instances there is current
research to contradict some examples provided (ie. being born with a set number of muscle fibres that
cannot be altered through training). Your task is to select a topic, write up a formal thesis statement
and find research to defend or refute your thesis. When researching your topic you must be certain that
your research is current and comes from reliable sources. Proper essay format is a must.

Stage 1 - Essay Type: Comparative Essay

Stage 2 – Select Topic. Topics will be selected by _________________________ on a first come, first
served basis. (5 marks)

Stage 3 – Find and provide a hard copy of a minimum of five (8) resources. You must submit four
(4) resources in support your thesis and four (4) resources must argue against your thesis. All
resources must be referenced and used in your essay. All research must be properly referenced
in the bibliography and throughout the body of the essay (ie. Footnotes, endnotes).

Four (4) supporting and (4) conflicting resources due ___________________________

(10 marks)

Stage 4 – Complete a formal essay outline. A master outline will be provided in class.
Due ________________________ (10 marks)

Stage 5 – In class completion of essay (rough copy). This will be completed on two consecutive days
in class on ___________________ and ____________________. Be sure to bring all research
and resources to this class as this will be all that you can use on these dates. A poorly
researched research paper is not acceptable! Copying an essay completed at home is not
acceptable! (20 marks)

Stage 6 – A final polished copy of the essay to be submitted by _______________________. Must

be typed, 12 font, Times New Roman, proper endnotes and bibliography. A title page must be
provided. All rough work must be submitted at this time (essay outline, rough copy, hard copy
of eight (8) resources)

* Refer to attached rubric for assessment details

* Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in course failure according to the code of behavior