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7 iil:z",Ol' ~oA'ze ~M

1-1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs

.!J!l:;lIt g~'b 6

Yfj,uuiled !J)J;;{e rfY{);e;pe

1 Ib_ dates, chopped and pitted

3/4 cup sugar

}-1/2 to 4 cups rice krispies walnut5,choppedfine

Simmer butter, date, and ,ugar on medium heot 3-4 minute, or until ,oft and incorporated. Add 3-112 to 4cup'ricekri,pie"Cool<ligh,ly.Sh,pein,oball"Rollinchoppedw,lnut<or <OCOnu'

Mixthe~r:<t5in9redien"together,5etaside.5tirdryingredient;t<>getherin,eparatebowl.Adddry ingredient;towetingredient;alternatelywithrniI.Chilidough,Meanwhile, make the filling


Mix applesauc:e, craisins, bfownsugar, watefand cook until thickened. Rem ovefwm heat and add butter,coconlJt and alrnond extract. Cool.


1/2 Ib,graled shilrpcl1eese (1 use supersI1arp') 1·2Ta~espoonsmincedonion

Combine all ingredi"nt5 together Shape into log (or ball) and wrap, Refrig"rat e for at I"a;tl day prior to serving

AnewerrovoriteormineismybrolherPhil'sArlichokeBruchema,Thefirsttimelatethi,llhoughtl hadarrivedinheaven.ltisthotyummyond,oeasytomaket

'1,cupshreddedgratedRomanocheese 5TabiespOOl1smayomklise

Slicebreddandse!aside,Mixremainingingredient<!Ogether.5preadartiohokemixtureaver<lioesorbread and broil until bubbly and ju<t: begins to brown, Se"", imrnediately (however tt.;;e are good cold tool)

MeltLhocol"teinamiLrnwaveableLOffeemug. Dip prelzel end in mug and "wirltcLo.ertheendoftMe pretzel. Placedippe<j ",d,on wax paper, sprinkle with holiday;prinkle"and let set until dry.