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It is important to grab visitors’ attention in the first
8 seconds, bored visitors will not stick to your web
page longer and your web page might function just
to be the Google search (Norton, 2012).
Website design should be functional.
 no broken codes/links

Websites must be as creative as possible.
 E.g : the Vertical Split layout of Great Brand
Spilt layout of Great Brand (Spooner, 2013)
What is the Vertical Split Layout?
A combination of two pictures resulting in a
creation of one background.

These two split layout are usually contrasted
with dark and light color schemes.

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How should text be presented on Websites?
 Clear and Straight to the point
 Break into shorter paragraph
 Presented in bullet format
Salted Herring Website
• Simple
• Colorful
• Straight Forward
• Show Important Points
The F Sharp pattern of text might attract and increase
the percentage of visitors (Chapman,2010)
The F sharp pattern (Chapman, 2010)

According to Dr. Nielsen, he states that internet users
are less to read content online, users will only read
28% of the text on a web page (Chapman, 2010).
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The Importance of Colors
• Idea creation
• Convey messages
• Invoke feelings
• Accentuate areas of interest
Which do
you prefer?
How color play
an important
role in Web
Example of Good Color Web Design
Only 3 Simple Colors
are used
Words are easy
to read
Website points
out straight-to-
the-point info
Creates a simple
yet professional
feelings for
visitors to view
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Example of Bad Color Web Design
Too many color used
in the Website
Words are
difficult to read
Website do not
communicate well
with visitor
Create a messy
feelings as
information are
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Web browsers only share 216 common color.
 Provides consistent & predictable results (Mac
OS, UNIX, and Windows platform)
 Limits to 256 colors

** Suggestion : Limit the color palette to 2-3 major
colors with shade variation.
Internet source:
Internet source:
Color of photograph or graphic elements should
not hues outside the browser-safe palette
 Web browser will automatically dither the
displayed images or navigation buttons
 Results: Making the page hard to read

Human Color
Human has a color-detecting
equipment inside their eyes
called a ‘cone’.

3 Types of Cones
 Red
 Green
 Blue

Do you think you know a lot about color?
Color determines:
 Different meaning interpretation by different
 The psychological effect on viewers
Western Greece
How different
culture view
Types of Colors:
Color combination should be chosen & arranged
wisely (primary key to Web Design)
 Color affects mood
 Create color harmony

Background Colors used on Web Design can be
subjective according to human’s:
 Personal taste
 Psychological feeling

BAD Color Psychological Effect
Bad Background Color:
Bright Blue

Color is too strong
Affecting the text
(Hardly readable)
 Readers’ eyes
become tired easily
** According to Ann Davlin, blue websites can be associated with the Operation
System crashes and people tend to avoid blue background website.

Internet source
Can this get any slower..?
Nowadays, visitors are unlikely to have the patience to wait.
As a result:
 they abandon slow loading websites

Research by Akamai (2007)
 75% of 1058 people would not return to webpages that load more than 4
 30% of the respondents formed negative impression on companies with
slow loading website

Conclusion done by Akamai (2009)
 47% expect the tolerate waiting time is just 2 seconds
 40% will leave the websites if it takes more than 3 seconds to load
 52% online shoppers will stay loyal to quick loading webpages.
Loading Page
Causes of slow loading webpage
Websites are presenting themselves as TV
Network. They squeeze in … into 15 & 19 inch

Picture Audio Information
Web Designers tend to squeeze everything
when websites can only holds 216 colors &
download at 28.8 KB/second.

**Suggestion: Optimize graphic images to
decrease the time of downloading the Web
How should Web Pages be presented?
 Has to be Simple
 Not more than 50K
 Should be Creative
Software : Adobe Photoshop

This is one of the tool that can be used to design
and resize the graphic images, enhancing the
creativity & the shorten the length for
downloading purposes.
Internet source:
The Gomez Peak Time Internet Usage Study (2010)
 75% online users left sites rather than waiting for it to load
during the peak internet traffic times.
 88% are less likely return to the site after having bad
What is affecting the loading?

More than half of this page size is due to images. Up to 804 KB per page is comprised of
images. (Three years ago, images comprised just 372 KB of a page’s total payload.)

Importance of good navigations
 Easy access of the pages within the website

Navigations has to be:
 User-friendly
 Easy to access other pages
 Having color scheme differentiation
Problems of Navigations
Not everyone will have direct access to the website
homepage as the link that they click might be links to
pages within the website. If a website provides
extensive information but navigation is poor or limited,
others could not be able to access and view these
information (, 2013).

Internet source:
What is the Universal Color Scheme?
This universal color scheme is used to help
viewers to differentiate between visited or not
visited page.
Viewers have visited the
page before.
Viewers have not
visited the page
Example of Bad Navigations Website

There is too
many links
available in one
Users will feel
confused &
Messy & tiring
for the eyes to
view for a long
period of time.
Examples of Effective
Responsive Navigation
What do
YOU think?
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