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'«* =s=sgc- Where necessary, the form work shall be so ' • ' i

..iiorftc :r.a[ ihe soffit form, properly supported, -can be retained i

ait justice :or such period as may; be required -by the condition • I'
>«iaie anaruring concrete or ihe-Specificanon. If 'a. component is - I
'••out '3-rrressed whilst sail resting on the soffit form, provision- '" '" , : ' ' -I
lilt.. 3c 10 allow for elastic deformation and any Variation- "" :' •
:i»i iBeaicac ciscnbution. As far as practicable, formwork joints
lilt!" assic~3£ v-oi ' "

JLsuJng -
and treatment of any lining (piywopd, metal, plastic, m
nc forms shall be appropriate to th'e concrete finish

••ding Reinforcement, Fixing Devices . ., are needed in form to accommodate projecting nr
or fixing devices, care shall be taken to prevent
"ETOJ: when concreting or damage when removing forms.

•''"'"• *•„'"? • £: *-"t


::--—*c Surfaces
'nonce concrete surfaces shall have one of the following classes -

ail SUES :- Unless otherwise specified, all exposed concrete
.aafac^ shall be of Class F2, all unexposed surfaces shall be of
"F". and Class F3 finish shall be used only where shown
i sie Drawings.
C lass Fl''"'-''
;: ^ - ? O E f i i i .•>nrm
£ i
This finish shall be obtained by the use of .0,2 properly assigned forms of
closely joined sawn timber or other approved material. Small blemishes
caused by entrapped srr or water may be expected but the surface shall be free from
voids and honeycombing.
Class F2 ^ • • '.""'* "
This finish shall be obtained by the use of properly designed forms of closely
jointed wrought boards, approved plywood or other approved material Only very
minor surface blemishes shall occur, with no staining or
, ; Lsrrrisrn v»v^oai: -sr,;oio no.n-rio- giuLu-^.-
Class F3 . -n!qn63C i is/is z * Lisnz boB zno

- - • ' This finish shall be obtained by the use of properly ' ">f- designed steel forms or
plastic coated plywood or -wrought boards or other approved material. The surface : shall
be improved by carefully removing all fins and
-lui other projections, thoroughly washing down and then

- "•" filling the most noticeable. surface blemishes with a cement and fine aggregate
paste to match the colour of the original concrete. Form release agent shall be