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Eliphas Levi - Sanctum Regnum

Eliphas Levi - Sanctum Regnum

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Published by: biogenic-gnosis-7637 on Dec 18, 2009
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The very curious manuscript volume, from which the preceding pages have been translated, concludes with a
passage which appears to retract the whole of the foregoing instruction. It is a very notable illustration of the
second mind of its author. Mr. Waite, who published an English translation of much that Levi has written, has
in his Preface called especial attention to the evidence that Levi was drawn in a most mysterious fashion in
two different directions by opposing forces. From his early training he tended to be a devout Catholic; from
his Hebrew studies he became a Kabalist and a Magician. So even in this short occult treatise we find him,
after carefully giving magical instruction through twenty−two chapters, making at its end a solemn
recantation, and pointing out that the duty of a Christian is to the Church of Christ, which is the best and
highest aim to which a man can attain.

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