A Look into the Future Midwest
Nick Lippert

Arch. 371, Gleye September 18, 2009
18th St. N

N Site: 1”=50’
12th Ave N

Project Descriptions - A regional institute for the continuation of the plains’ community success - Can a building become a part of the culture, or does it just hold the culture? - For the benefit of People therefore, by the People

A Center for Excellence

- Initiative by ND Gov. Hoeven - Represent region poetically - Develop goals for region - Become a part of the NDSU culture

Ground Floor 3/32”=1’

Outdoor Gathering Auditorium

- Regional forms used in a new way - Low embodied energy (within 300 mile radius)


Classroom Gathering Great Hall



North Section


Second Floor 3/32”=1’

- Recycled Telephone Poles - Glue-Lam Beams - Hebron Brick - Recycled Quonset Ribs (Old Engineering Quonset?) - Concrete - Recycled Lumber

Outdoor Seating

Balcony Breakroom Library Conference



Open to Below Classroom

Community Development

Storage Open Offices

West Elevation

South Elevation


Third Floor 3/32”=1’

- Wind Turbines (Electricity) - Geothermal (Temperature) - Passive Solar (Air Exchange)

Mechanical Green Roof

West Section

Turbine Movement

North Elevation

Foundation Detail Telephone Poles within Concrete

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