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Angelica Galia <>

Nye Frank
Dawn Breedlove <> To: Kim did you report the incident of Mike Rushton stating Nye died of a heart attack when in fact the report shows it is a homicide. Nye did not have a heart attack. I believe you have a legal duty to report this incident. I am requesting that you report that and the fact that Mr. Rushton had stated they had concidered the affidavates at the meeting they had and in fact when requested that he show the letters they were not in the file. For three months we were told Ty had been drug tested when in fact he was not. We have requested that the probation violation be reported to the judge and proper athorities. I beleive it is your duty to do this in our behal
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Sun, Jan 13, 2008 at 10:39 PM 10/1/2008

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