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Now to the vast move of apparitions in the beclouded fear

Like intoxicated bass and trebel that I am high with.

But do not translate for it is in redelineating...
= Auditory elf
Like higher self that severs assemblages
Like long guitar notes that are stateful! out into the flora! where one wishes to walk to lsd! esp"
#urther everyday my vocabulary atomic! powerful! concrete! intellectual"nourishment.
= $ower #alls %eavy
o am I sight without view&
Am I education what I have&
Am I ''( over stones interstate trench&
Am I nautical miles! ball the felon&
Am I deaf all the material possessions&
$hat I cannot compass&
)r am I variable sentiment! sound! songs in the wind&
= tress *ar +ntouchable ,irective
And how anxiety uncovers its agency into the flat infinite of solar day to inner days! to hot! to want! to
Is an enigmas solicitation keeping milks and teams.
$o natural events in external metastasis! in the singled out! your mind"regime the taste inside of your
developments. = Leader #orm
And when the liaising spectrogram of cognitive state sits up on modality in lights! auditoriums act!
rhymes successful! transparent! gems medicate! changing ties
*hat do you do&
It is experience that they single"to"man their way with the best of cardinals! naive to a construct in the
$hat are they proven untrue to us who die and drown and need to drink.
Add a-b-c the image a circle never to forget synonymous chaos is" breaking down to program design
for alchemy of spoons gagging red. $oo toppling in tower strong thief! this story! complicated an
advertisement not needed at all man. = .omprehend