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- Self City -

An aid for socially impaired children

in order to enrich their behavioural repertoire

Dialogical Self People with a autistic spectrum disorder

(psychology) 24/7 Coaching are appointed a coach who they can call
with their mobile phone 24 hours a day.
of Autists
(good practice)

Position Poverty

Socially emotionally impaired children develop
an internal self with only a few dialogical positions

These children posess a poor behavioural repertoire.
They exhibit inadequate, inflexible, clumsy social behaviour.
m o v e s in to th e external self
The coach g coached
p e r s o n b e in
of the
These coaches give their clients all
sorts of advice in complex social situations
at school, work or in their private life.

Computer Game
(serious gaming) Externalism
(philosophy & neurology)

During the computer game play the

player receives advice from the
virtual coach on his or her mobile
phone. The phone is used
in the transfer phase in which the
player learns to exhibit his enriched
behavioural repertoire in real life.

In a computer game the situation between

coach and client is duplicated. The player is
confronted with social situations. The player’s
behaviour is monitored and the coach
(represented by a creature which appeals to the player)
gives supplementary advice.
The scenarios for Self City are
developed in close cooperation
with children of the target group

Some of the assumptions

and principles of the game
were tested in an experiment Leo Sluiter
in 2nd Life.
Though the test was not far
Ronald Hünneman
reaching enough to yield outright
the results were very promising.