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 Menu is a selling aid for any food &
beverage service establishment.
 It has all the description about the dishes.
 There are two types of menu: Table
a la carte

 Has a fixed number of courses.
 Limited choice within each course.
 Selling price is fixed.
 Food is usually available at a set


 Choice is generally more extensive.
 Each dish is priced separately.
 Longer waiting time.

 Hors-d’ oeuvres
 Potage
 Oeufs
 Farineux
 Poisson
 Entrée
 Sorbet
 Releve
 Roti

 Legumes
 Salade
 Buffet froid
 Entremets'
 Savoureaux
 Fromage
 Desserts
 Beverage

 The term is accepted as a meaning
of variety pickled or well seasoned
food stuff.
 Spicy or tangy to stimulate the
 Can include variety of salads, sea
food etc.
 Example:- Salads: Potato Salad

Ham & Chipolata

Russian Salad

 Caviar:- Accomp:- Blinis, Hot melba
toast, Butter, Lemon wedge, chopped
shallots, chopped egg yolk & white)
 Canapés
 Mousses & Pates:- Accomp:- Lemon
wedge with fish mousses, lemon is
also offered for meat pates also, or
other breads, red wine& white wine
jelly .
 Smoked salmon:- Cayenne pepper,
peppermill, brown bread & butter.

 Two soups are generally provided on the
menu one being the clear soup(consommé)
and the other a thick soup (crème, veloute,
 Although it must be noted that the clear soup
is always placed first on the menu.
 Examples:- Tortue Claire :- clear turtle soup
(English, accomp: cheese straw, lemon seg. &
brown bread & butter)

 Consommé julienne : - clear soup
garnished with strips of root vegetables
 Consommé Celestine : - clear soup

garnished with strips of savoury pancakes.

 Bisque d homard :- thick lobster-

flavoured soup
 Crème de tomates : - cream of tomato
 Soup a l oignon : - clear onion soup

 Minestrone:- Italy
 French Onion Soup:- French
 Petite Marmite:- France
 Gazpacho:- Spain
 Cherry:- German
 Scotch Broth
 Hungarian Goulash
 Mulligtawny
 Borscht – Poland – Duck & Beetroot soup
 Zuppa Pavese – French Onion with Raw whole egg.
 Hotch potch Flamande-

 Egg dishes have a large varieties.
 Examples of egg dishes are:-  
 Omelette espagnole:– Flat omelette
with onions, peppers and tomatoes.
 Omelette aux tomates:- tomato
 Omelette aux champignons:-
mushroom omelette
 Oeuf brouille au lard:- scrambled egg
with bacon.

 Oeuf poche Florentine :- poached egg
on a bed of spinach coated with cheese
sauce & gratinated
 Scrambled Egg
 omelettes

 Include all pastas such as spaghetti,
macaroni, nouilles, ravioli.
 It includes some rice dishes also.
 Accompaniments for most of the
dishes include grated parmesan
 Sometimes parmesan is now shaved
from the piece rather than being

 Spaghetti napolitine – spaghetti in a
tomato- and garlic- flavoured sauce.

  Ravioli :- noodle type pasta filled with a

variety of stuffing, such as chicken, beef,
and spinach

  Cannelloni :- rolls of ravioli paste filled

with stuffing as for ravioli.  

 Gnocchi romaine – semolina based.

  Spaghetti bolognaise – spaghetti blended

with minced lean beef with rich brown sauce.

 Buerre Riz

 Gnocchi Piedmontaise

 Includes fish dishes, both hot or cold as such.
 Poached:- Salmon, Trout, Turbot (each with its
appropriate garnish and accompanying sauce).
 Fried:- Whitebait, sole(sometimes)
 Hot Shellfish:- Lobster, crayfish, Dublin bay prawns
 Fish is soft-fibred and tender meat which is easily
digested and helps to prepare the appetite for the
heavier courses to come.

 Hot fish with sauce:- No accompaniment
 Hot, without sauce:- With Hollandaise
 Fried (bread crumbed) (a l’Anglaise) :-

With tartare sauce, or other mayonnaise

based sauce.
 Fried or Grilled(not bread crumbed):-

With hollandaise, or tartare.

 Deep fried dipped in better (a l’Orley):-

Tomato sauce is offered with lemon.

 Entry of first meat dish.
 Generally small, well garnished
dishes comes from the kitchen ready
to serve.
 Accompanied by very rich gravy or
 When releve follow entrée then
potatoes and vegetables are not
served with the latter; if, however a
releve does not follow the entrée they
would be served with the dish.

 Poulet sauté chasseur:- Sauté chicken in
a rich brown sauce flavoured with tomatoes
and mushroom.
 Supreme de volaille sur cloche – Breast

and wing of chicken cooked under a cover

in oven.
 Kebab Orientale:- Savoury items cooked

on a skewer.

 Steak Diane:- Minute steak shallow fried
and flavoured with onions and mushrooms
finished with red wine or cream.

 Chateaubriand:- Double fillet steak grilled.

 Traditionally sorbets (now called
granites) were served to give a pause
within a meal, allowing the palate to be

 The sorbet is a water ice plus Italian

Meringue flavoured with champagne or
a liqueur. It should be piped in to a
champagne glass which should then be
served on an under plate with a

 At this stage of the meal cigarettes were
passed, traditionally these were Russian
 Sometimes Cuban cigars along with the first

speech sometimes, is given now.

 Examples:- Sorbet au Champagne 

Sorbet au Citron
Sorbet a l’orange
Sorbet au Cassis

 Refers mainly to roasts.

 Normally larger than entrees and take the form

of butcher’s joints which have to be carved.

 These joints are normally roasted. A sauce or a

roast gravy with potatoes and green vegetables
are always served with this course.

 Saddle of mutton, baron of beef, boned sirloin,
braised ham.
 Contrefilet de boeuf roti a l anglaise:-
boned and roasted sirloin of beef.
 Carre d agneau roti:- roast best end of lamb
 Cuissot de porc roti puree de pommes:-
roast leg of pork with apple sauce.
 Gigot d agneau roti sauce menthe:- roast
leg of lamb with mint sauce

 Roast always contain roast game or poultry
(chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant, quail).

 Each dish is accompanied by its own

particular sauce and gravy, with a green
salad served separately on a crescent shaped

 Indian tradition allows mint sauce &lime

wedges as an accompaniment for roast

 Oie roti, puree de pommes: Roast goose
with apple sauce.
 Faison roti: Roast pheasant served with

bread crumbs.
 Poulet roti: Roast gravy & parsley &

 Venaison: Roast venison
 Agneau roti: Roast lamb with mint sauce

or redcurrant jelly.

 At this stage the balance of the
courses is gradually returning from
heavy to light.

 Now we have a vegetable dish served

only with its accompanying sauce.

 Such as artichokes, asparagus & corn

on the cob, with hollandaise sauce( an
egg and butter based sauce) or beurre
fondue( melted butter) offered

 In classic functions these legumes may be
served on their own as a separate
vegetable course.
 Examples:-
 Puree de pommes (de Terre):- Creamed

 Pommes sautés:- Potatoes boiled in skins

peeled sliced and shallow fried.

 Pommes Frites:- Deep fried potatoes.

 Pommes au four:- Baked jacket potato

 Champignons grilles:- Grilled mushrooms

 Choufleur mornay:- Cauliflower with a

cheese sauce.

 Haricots verts au beurre:- French beans

tossed in butter.  

 Salads can be of two types.
1. Single Salad
2. Compound Salad

 Salad francaise:- lettuce, tomato, egg, &
vinaigrette dressings.
 Salad vert:- Lettuce, watercress, cucumber

and green pepper.

 Beet Root Salad:- Single Salad
 Tomato Mozzarella

 All cold meat cuts, & cold met
items come under this course.
 Froid means cold so all the items

which come under this course are

cold cuts.
 Includes a variety of cold meats,

fish, cheese & egg items

together with a variety of salads
& dressing.

 Poulet Roti:- Roast chicken
 Caneton Roti:- Roast Duck
 Mayonnaise ‘d’ hommard: - lobster

 Galantine de volaille: - Cold chicken

coated with a chicken flavoured sauce and

decorated, then coated in aspic.

 Includes mostly sweets, puddings,
mousses & gateaux.

 It may be served cold or hot.

 Most sweets are generally served

on sweet plates or are pre-plated.

 Souffles, crepes(pancakes), coupes(ice
cream dishes).

 Baba au rhum:- yeast leavened light

sponge soked in rum.

 Crepe suzette:- pancakes in a rich fresh

orange juice and flamed with brandy.

 Ananas Flambé au kirsch:- Pineapple
flamed with cherry flavoured liquor.

 Peche Melba:- Vanilla Ice cream topped

with a peach coated with a raspberry jam
sauce and decorated with cream.

 Bombes:- various Ice cream sweets

 Always served hot.

 These are savoury items.

 Includes savoury soufflés, quiches &


 These may be in form of hot canapés

such as Welsh Rarebit or other items on

 Welsh rarebit:- Cheese sauce Flavoured
with ale on toast gratinated.

 Canapé Diane:- Chicken livers rolled in

bacon and grilled, placed on a warm toast.

 Champignons sur croute:- mushrooms on


 Includes a range of cheeses &
various accompaniments.
 E.g.:-

1. salt, pepper & mustard,

2. butter,

3. celery stick,
4. radish,

5. castor sugar for cream cheeses,

6. assorted biscuits.

 We have five types of cheeses:-

1. Fresh
2. Soft
3. Semi-hard
4. Hard
5. Blue

 Fresh cheese:- Cottage
Mozzarella (Italian, cow’s)
Ricotta (Italian, Whey of
cow’s milk)
 Soft cheese:- Bel Paese (creamy
Brie (French)
Camembert (French)
Feta (Greek made from
both goat & sheep milk)

 Semi-hard cheese:- Cheddar (British)
Cheshire (crumby,
white or red, slightly salty)
Derby (English)
Edam (yellow or red
wax coated rind)
 Hard Cheese:- Parmesan (Italian)

Kefalotyri (Greek)

 Blue Cheese:- Blue Cheshire
Gorgonzola (Softish,
sharp flavored Italian)
Roquefort (classic,
sheep’s milk, matures in caves
Stilton (English, cow’s

 All forms of Fresh Fruits and nuts may be
served accompanied by castor sugar and
 It may be stewed fruits, fresh or nuts.

 It may be hot or cold.
 May be alcoholic or non

 Varieties of beverages are

served under this course.

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