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Foreign Employee or Internship Reception,

Training and Work Arrangement Flow

1. Major Requirement: Mechanical designing, Electrical automation,
Economics, Management etc.
2. Working form: Internship/Employee
3. Accommodation
(1) One set of apartment near the company;
(2) Furniture: sofa, bed, reading lamp, desk and chair, refrigerator, shower,
washing machine, TV, gas, simple tableware, broad band.
(3) Pay by themselves: the bill of water, electricity, gas, property management,
telephone and broad band.
4. Training

Training Item Training Content Training Form

Introduce windpower The status of windpower Teaching

industry and company
Introduce the culture of the
Organization Structure, Dep.
establish and HR status
The time of work etc.

Introduce Regulation The regulation of company Self-study

Introduce All department Main Function Visiting

Wind electrical base Chose different course base Teaching

knowledge on the personal major

Introduce his/her Knowledge, technology and Communication

department HR resources

5. Work
(1) Working plan and job description offered by the manager of Dep.
(2) Work task timetable;
(3) The resource of job offered by the manager of Dep.
6. Salary
(1) Internship: internship salary
(2) Employee: base on the contract
7. Other
(1) The map of Urumqi and introduce some traveling place;
(2) Introduce expends level, weather and nation custom;
(3) Introduce the nearest of accommodation: supermarket, hospital, post
office, bank, cinema and playground.