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PLAI NTlfFS Yeshiiva UnJversily


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. p,noRN.E,YS {FIRM.N_AME,· ADl;iRE.SS, /'!.I'm T~PI'lONE NU,,",6ER} B41g11!lifTlI'>k:J;"cI!tlt!gn UF'

~~9 Par~A~e

Niw ¥.;:a,'New York WUZ2

CAUS:"E OF ACTlo"r~c= fl-1EU.:S. CiVIL ~l)l..T'\,Jn JJtH:l!=R: WFlICH.'YOI,J·ME FiLaHG .hNti wRni; A IlRIEF-siATIO ... EHt Ql" CALI Si!;i·)

. (C'lot;1.t.i'OJ C'IT~·JI)J'I"i:sn~lI6'N~j:ST'J,.TIl:T"~$ui.u,E.SS.·!}iVEI'I"S,nl '. I .

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~TOO~' aTHER F~0 &. ORLo3; I:l~G~rED :st;1~ijIl~O~ ~Cf'E:l1fr¥

~1 U3C;i1;!!1 l..!QiJOR'!.,!'lWS ~F!a ,RUCK .6.IRl.jNE.~S OCPJ"'A'T~Al SAFETYllf!E.<'oLJH

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I"ER5Ie,t>IA.~.PROP1iiI.fJ'Y I P70 OTHlEIR. f~1)

1 I~W T.Rl.JTi-I!N l!;NI:;tNI1> 1 1380 pnti!.Ii'ER5D~

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. I":'lOOOCT L~JLiT'r


I 1 1'10 ~ANHJ.'.B!DR S"!·ANf':[,o.);IDlS AcIT i ,11:~ L.jl;~mm~n RE~AT'tO~


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1;1i'W~~Y' ll,l.2~ APPE",t\L ~~'~1$

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L }~3; Dl\l'lCitiill<W·{~..Q"ll [.J ~4 . 'S~iO Vin(;.:l'>i! . .' ~ 1 s;J~ ~.i.i;ni .

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I. l~ 1lANt(S 'UA~I~ I.l'~ C~~RCE

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! 'j ~.~ ·p,tLCK~e~!t!i'1Lu, fiN'lJEIHCof;;F:!.lIF"T· ~TiQN . .<i,C' ~RI0Ell

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CCl\lolt'@oIII~Si ~G'I'WJGE

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f,!l94 , Et£FiGY" Al,I>,OC.t.TiOi,I ACT 1 ~~ FJl·!<El'lor.. ¢~ . .~QR~TIO~,p,ffi


M~I,III'{I\'fIQtoI i,Jt.I~EFI eQlJiit MliE.Ssro ~lJSooe

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r<1m~RI!l..1"ro: SJjIU RAA-"".o/!' 6l>,mm.o!iCT .[ II$!Q :rM~a(W<$. ~:r.~tf.<;<


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I 1~IO J~t'.;l~STO V~~1E SOEtflENCE ·0l'1i.JS'!:::.l2'l'i5

I ]5,30 H,«ae.,r.s~f'U.5

1 ]~. D=,,"ffl ~~ttl'iL lY . 1]5<10 '~[)"'r.!US;S!9JiiQ. I J ~ C:ML RIG'!.IJS!

·t J ~ Pfi:H5Q(\1 OOt'!ll!lloti

I !~B2 I !~~ U~El5,

N,i"TUIW..IV,TloN A!"FIlK;AlidN ~~5r P!..I""e..I Q!rrAINEE: o:rHE~ l~nGRO<TION ACnoo~' .

~.Af,jp Qo~r.t:tA~iCtj FoFi;;aOSUFte ~.Ef.lT LEASE i!Ii. ~~~rsf

. T~S 1'0 U;t.II) TI;]R,['I"floo!:£T (I",i~_m' . - ALLOTHiOFI ~F'I1~ .. TY

L'14~' ~!3, IjHz~~Nr [jol4~~t«>i ...


[11M' Vl'EU"AAe: .

r '!,~<!5 ~~S:\"'lTH DI~'ll5S •. UiFLQy .... t<lJ

I !&4Il ~,~~~~

_ $AO 1J"t1E.~ -9Jl1~ I ~,440 01"H~~.0\!1L. ~~n

Chec~ {f'dfjmwiHrJ in qompI.affl;I:

[J .CflE~I'<1f .!~~S 15-"1, CLASS ACH¢N U~[IE;R F .F:t,i)::.~" 2S



~~:VeSorl{ftl '1!t,- $_~" On .. ,~.pI,.:aim


'fPiJiU I\{'1 x IN ONEBCYX oNly)

I2] l' O~,~lri!l1 D·'2i'l-,R~~b"~o!I'ro'rn '03:

Pr[!iI:~~dir1I3,. S.mlB l~o.lLIrl

o 2h.R";o",'I!>d {, ... '" .~tD1C C our! AHIl I:;d ~~ta~t. I:iInitl. ~s;i~ ~ ~'" .. e..


D ·5 T r~~;;t~rrt!~ frnm ID.6 '-lul~id'jo,rio.

~S,,~eifr Di~lr",l~ ~I!I!l~I.!on

,0 7' '''''~~'''116 OJ,'riot ~JlJdge rFQm "'e!jll~if300 J"~g"

J~~9I'n~~! -

(PLACE AN' x IN ON~Emx OM...,.,



0'3 FEDERAl OOEsinQN . 04DI'VERSll'Y

(U.S. NOT A PAfUY) ...

IF DIVERSfTY:.INDlCA 1E C1TIzEIliS'HlP BELDW, ('28 USC 1322 •. 1'441)

CmZEf.JSH1P OF PRH1CIPAL PARTIE~.(F-OR DI\('ERSITY Ci:\SE$ ONl Y) tP1aqe an IXJI!1 000 bo~fQr f'1'afrniff ami 008 timo: f(!f ~faMan.I.}

Fori' 'OEF'

CtTltStfOF THIS ::IlAU 1 J t

I'T~ O~F



iii OO~PORA;Teo- ilil! !'RIN CIP-AL F<Ur. E (IF SUS,IN,E1!S 11\1 ANO.THE~ al' .... JE·

CITIZ~H i!l_F "'t40THEF!:~TAtE !']2 I' 'I ~

iN CORI",T€ [I~r PRlili CIP,U ,PUCE; I 1;1 I I ~

OF' !I~81I\1ES:$ 1t',iT'fU(;I' S1"~TE

r 1~' r 1.51
I j ~ I 1 ~ 'V6$hiva University

WO We.sf 185th Street. New' YOrk, New York 10033 New York Count-y

AJbe-rl E.i nstain University 4352 Karahe,dy Blvd. Tampa, F.lorjdf!'.3J6(l9




CheeK one: nus A.CTiON ·SHOULD iBE. ASSIGN,cD TO.: 0 WHITE PLAINS (00 'NOT !;.flecr.. e~r OO~ illllis a fIR'SONER. PEnnON,)



N'YES (CAiTE ADJiUTTED Mo. ~ 'tr: 2001 A.Hemey Bar ~e # 19210-5-


John P. Son


New York, NY 1002.2 212.705.7000

Joshua M. Dalton. (Pro Hac Vice to be filed) Lawreaee T; 'Staniey, Jr. (Pro-Hac.P'i'ce to be filed) BINGHAM McCUTCHEN LLP

One Federal Str--eet

~stilll,.MA 02110

A"tto.rneysfor Plaintiff "yq;r;Mva' _Um~rsft.y



. -~





2. Thisis ·an. at _law and: inequity ftjrqadernm infiingemem, Ja}se

designation ,of ori&in:, unfair ·oompetitio.n~ and ,cyiJe.rsq,uattmg. WJ4,g 'ood/er the Trademark Act of 1946,15 U.s-c. § ],051 ei'!ie:q, (theft'Lanham Act") arid. the common Jaw.

3. Bythis,action~.YU QJtdUs ,A~rlE:ins~R GoUege of M~icihe)~ed:: the

·assistance of'the Court·to address what appears to be n.othing more than a shamelesshoax perpetuated at the direc.~ end irreparab]e expense of YO's. good\Vil1:~

-4. At <www ..>,.one'findspage after p~e lauding ..

. the benefits ofattenrlin8. the Albert Einstein University mediealschcol located on Q,rand Cayman Island. The: website has· sectiens about A]umni~Fina.ncial. Aid~ Student Lifi; and more. It shows .pbo;tos and quotes 1To:m current and former students". describing its history of n [p ]rovidin,g quality . education· focuS¢d anthe Sll~.ceSS; of [its] .smdents" and bOrui:ts, II I sjinee 1997} more than one thousand. :iltudents have obtained th€::lr MDdegroo' from AEU.I. It even describestbe schoel's accredUadon"bythe prestigio:us Accreditation Commission on Colleges Q1j' Medicine; Thereis 'Only one problem: None: ef'it .i:Rl.'ieat Rather, II Albert Ems-tern: 'Umver&it.yll· doesnot exist, AU tlta:t in fact. exists is a. domain name and website making wholesale misuse of YU's ENS.rEINreiatedttademarks aed ,gOOdVlUi' to perpetuate a stunning deception furthering a:h~tofQfe .unknown.but obviously unemhorized.eadillegal $Chem~. These acts represene amest.grave and ~ weat to tbe.imp'eoca~!.e nmni~apdrep'U.tation.that Y1.J has worked decades to.deVelop, and repre-S,e~lt..a textbook et:amtd e 'of what. the .. LM.lham·A¢~. and ~tare ·llud· consumer Pr0t;ection laws were writteu to prevent,


5. .PlaintiffY,eshl;va:'University is an education corporation duly organized

and existing under the laws ofthe State of N ew York, and has an- address at 500 West 185&. Street-;l.New· York e- New York 10033.

6. Upon. ioformatien and heJief~ defendant i1Albert Einstein U ai versity" is ·the

individual or ,entitY. operating. i;\' website ·.ar<v.'Ww.'albe.rteinsteinuniversuy.otg> for an an~ged n),edic·al school under. that name andelaiming to mahlta;in its principal placeefbusiness at 4152 Kennedy Blvd .• Tampa, FL. 33609 ..


7. This. is, a civil ,wet.ion for trademark. infrittgetneJ!:t. false des.igll·~ton of

origin, unfair competition and cybeffiquatfing arisingunder tlie 'Lanham Act and for unfair wmpeUtio.Q. and. trademark infringement erising under the common law.


8. This court has subject. matter "i?risaicUorl of this· arCHon f»JfSuimt to

28 ,=-,.S·.C. §:"§ ttn mid. BJ8'.and, the prln.cfples- of supplemental jlurisdiction.

9~ This ,Mtlit.naslier.snnai jurisdictiollCi'Ver Albert Eitlste1u Uruvexs.ify iile that,

it apd/O[ it~.aher oC1lg;qs an:dl:or"tt:s agents are doing.:1;imlnesS in the Stat:e. of New Yor~ arid it is oommittingtne aqtsherehu:J.tler ·al~;¢ge.d and c,aJ1$ing ha'lltl. h~ the State of New Y(lrk.

1 n Venue £(1.[ l'hi.s action ispto~ if! tlw SQuthein District o{ New ¥od,:


A.. 'y' University

J. l . YU is a world':'renown.ed :pri.vate, university in ;r~re\V Y Oi'k: Clty; .lvith six:

e;mlpJJ,.')esin NewY:o:~ka'nd onein br:ael.

12. Found,ed in 18~6.t ifQ. isthe,:unp,o, ofhl~her learning. m,.the

.,Uri.itoo. Stat>es oom1;')iriing Jewish· scnolars;h,ip with.~smdi~ :jjnllieJLberal.arts~ Sc.ienoosi med, law, businesS.· SiOciru, wb;rk~ JeWish ·smdies;,.m.d ~QciUcint and ·P'$yC1:tOI0gy~,

13. In the pastil.][J hag·etpandeitro OQmPri~; sipm¢<tw~ty.OQu.eges~

schoo'ls!"affiliat~s., centers, and msti;tuHons.~ w~th seveml aU:11iatedtlO:spita1s and.heahh care .institutiens, in,eluding but not Jfmired· to Albert Biostein CoU:e;ge of Medicine (rctEinslcin~')"·

14. Emstein.~ established tu 19i~·~js. one ofdl.e Ul1itedS:trites' premier

institutions form~ica~ '~d:u~on~ ba~ljcres~r-ch: and~Uni~[ irrv~tig:atio:n (th:e'''S¢Mces''f).

]S~. Among itspioneeqng edu~tio,naI: inittati:'1t.';f~ EinsteinWl;l5· Pmong

oftbe'majow .$d'ical ~nq"]s' to{) i:1]~eg[ate ~bedsjd(f e){,perierice: willi :le<}mi1:tg, briogJJlS·firsl;.,Year ···s;~'Qn~ into·CQut;act-with·patients an<d[ stm:lyto ~eaperiMce.einitein alse ]~d"tb,e· way. in tb~.' d.evcl~pm,ent of ~jo~dyjcs '~'om, ap€:eP~ a;cademic dJ~cipHnedb .. medlCals-ch()sJ ,~.cu1a,. and it was the Jirst"priy&fe medica1oonoo.i in Ne.'WYo!)k'Ciuy ttre..~tabtfsh an. a-cademic D~mtment: of'F~mily Mtdioine ~: 'weUas. the 'firsUo, .create a. residenc¥ ,program in. in~em.Ai ,mediiclf1· .. eJ!nphaS:i/i ,on women's he-alth.

16.. The medical school is; affiliated with five hospital centers: MontMfore

MediCal Cenler~ Th.e AcademlcMedical Center and Univ·ersity· Hospital of"the Albert .Einste.n Cellege of~Medihlne;.Beth ISrael. Medical Center, the University Hospital and Manhattan Campusfor the Albert Binstein CoHe,ge ofMfd.icine; North Shore-Long 'Ialand Jewish Health .Sys.tem; 'the M,atlhasset and New Hyde P,tb:k;es, ofth~ Albert. EiustehtCoJlege of Medicine; Jacobi Medical ·Cent~r;;; and:the BronX-:Lebrmon. Hospital Cen.ter. It is also affiliated with llireement:all1,eal1;h. facilities and. four long-term care facilities, Through its extensive affiliation netwod:~ Einstein nms:one o1'the·l.arg~st p08t-graduatem.OOiCllJ tJ:ajning pro~ in the United StMles, offering some 150 residency pregrams to more than 2~500pbyslcians in. training.

17. Einstein is regularly re-oo~bed as. a-tcp-tier-medical school. For el_w]?le)

it is current1yrank~d nationwide by U.S. News and World Repcrt as a top SO. medical schooi in. :~scitrcliand a tQ]l' 25·:m¢i.~ school in:pri'mazy C.nR.

B. The :EINSTEIN Marks

18. YU has boon. usmg the marks ALBERT ElNSTElN .and ALBERT

EINSTEIN .cOLLEG.E OF l'fiEDlClNE in. connection .with the· Services-since fill leastDecember of 195.5.

19. 'YU owns a:<l:egistranon. inthe domain name I'~einstein.yu,edu .. !'

20. YU O'WllS several federal trademark registratinns and apP'licatIO:DS. for marks containing tll~ terms .AL,.BRRT EINSTEIN and/or EINSTEIN. These include:

• ALBERT EINSTE:IN (U.S:,. Registration No .. 12]~li2).. for use in. connection with "educational services-namely, conducting a

. ",.F .J ·h ··1 0, mencarse . 00 ~.


R,egistrationNo. 28(14138), for use. in connection with "educational services, :nam.ely~ provid.h:~:g courses oimstru(?tiouand training in the field. of medicine-and aUhe. graduate and

scif{.l1tific -and .. animal trials;" and

. ,

• EINSTEIN (& Desigri) (U.~·~ App].icat.ion.·~~'f": 71"73$(69). f{lf .~"Se :W· eonneetien with. "clothing; ij"ron~1y~mfdl(ral mb .. pants. and fops'; LaneO W:riting pads :Ond binclu5 S()ld empty [and]' clothin'~ nam;dy:. t;;;sh~. ~nv¢atShirtsand c:aps~ [andJ ~uca.tiQnaJ *,ervi~~

runnei_:x;"prm'idllig. courses ofinsbllction and·'trmmng.l[l'ihe.nature '(!fOOllfSeS) lectures· and clinical elerkships in the field. of medieiae,ienoo at the :graduate and professionaJ 'l~vels and distributing course r:na;terial in eennection -, therew;itb.; [and] m.ooical <research, n;ameJy; oo.nquoCti~g c1jnicm, scientific .and aru'maJ ttlSls.;"

. . '...' -

.(c~necdvdy~ the ALBERT EINS'~Em. AI,..BERTEINSTEIN

. ~ ..

,COLLEGE OF MEDlCIN"E and.' EINSTEIN' (&c. Desigti}mmks, 'ue

. . . ~. ~

C'. '. ~ ~ f,"1.,; . • .. ~L ·~E·'n7c""M~r'i ... r M' ,'. :-"-", ~l;

rererrec m .u:eIeJU' es rne : ..I.l'lO:>.J..C.u~ .. ar1!i..s: r-

;:n .' The' EINSTEIN Marks are 'noili-:fui1ctionaI aDd the public teoogniZ,e~s and.

understaads thatthe·EIN SmIN: Marb .distirlgWsli and Idenii£'y 'gtiGds,and srerVice~l proouced~ oold~ or spensored by ill.

2:2. FOE m:any.~. I'll has extensivdy ;;wd'co.nMoous.Ly· used ~d promoted

the EIN$TEIN ~b in ooim~9~·with. its "$ooiI~\ an4. services,

,2"3.. YU' h~ 'e%p'en¢ied~gre~'effOrt'~nd lar,ge:sOOl,softtl.()neyjn,'m~~·'it:s:,

EINS'rnINM.ark:swen-k:DJ~wn to ~e·pU.blic. YU hu,est@b[i.s\he~l a reputation (,gr exqttllbJiet;,. q1Jal~ty and. ·re.l~bjUty in. connection'fe: goCl.d~ ~d .~viges t~ provid'¢.S in 'oonj~11ction wi~

7\4. As a.resuIt o:fYU's ·e·ffortSand.,sub,8tru-:iiial·ex:p,@diluf~s:. and es'aresultof

YU'-s superior 'IepuJatioi;l: lM u:rumng ~me 'antler llat~tm's:,'m,oot pfoesngious. ,d,oc.tors, atid.1l1e(lical


_ .. _ .. --------------~~~~~~

researchers at its .Alber'l:Einstew to:lle~e QfMooiclIu;,W -enjoysvirhlaHy uuiversal '[eoo~it~on 'ants .E1N"..8TEIN Mmb ht oorm.ootion with its Services.

.. .

. -

25.. The EJN8TEm MMb :have beOOm:e weU':.kriowl"tmd are-:i.nstatly

recQ:gl:lj~able: ,to file ptibl'i<: as 'being ,asS9ciated withfhegD_ods .aQd ~erv.j~~< :p~Viil¢ 'By 0~ . affiU_ed ,,;'it1l YU..Conseque,iltly, ·YUs· EINSTEIN: :Mar~ 'art: ;famom;' ,amO:J:lg; oons_umerSf

C;\'lb!rtEi:u.stein.. nmve(rSi:ty~sU.nla;wful Adlvities

26. On'mforrnatiQn",~d belief. an il)div.ldual or entity clrumlngto be uMb:eri

:E.:mstein. Univej"sizyll -basoo~s~ewd thed0main,name, ~www+alb.e,rl'ems,teul1.mivetsitY>,or.gil in thename of;~' web. hosting oo.mpany,Oneanoone ·Private Registrstien,

21. Deimdant·lL_a;s·liilked.n website to that promouingthe

medical scllooi ·g~!Oes o-f an IIAlbettEins~em Utll.V.lefSi1y~:iit Whlth services ~akin ~th9se .provided py Ein$le:in.

2$.. The .A,lbM einstein Uni\1\efSUy we.bsit,~.gue~s 'in.~O. ·gre3it qetail. des<idbi~,

wltat stlldoots. (;00. ~p.e~. at .A]be;n; E.ins:te{n Un,h:,er~]ty medical 'SCp:ooI..Ws hom'ep3,ge cla.ims the. 'schQoI was fquEldedld. 1991l liq awariJW.over l~OOO I\IDs~ f-eatutesp·~rted quotes. front .:fornIer students CltSuch a' great education is rare to find! .ABU hasreally e.xce®ed~y -.e.xpectations .. 'Thank Y.Q:ur~ ,~ Anna Crofl~"M.D.·I'I) ,and even. has the- schoel's motltl-J. uEnoouragiDg .the. m:ooical ccrmm'lJ.Ilitr one doct:o:( ~t :a:time. !!

29. Tbe'bome·page·UnkgtO several Qther areas ofthe'website; in¢lu4iUg II nAlumru,i (di~iCUSSinl&t- th~ Alb.ertEin,f't:e:~n Univ~ty Sdlooi of 1'¥te-tJj.¢~fie Alumni )\s:s,oci~ion:1~);

• I1Finari~ia:1 AidO'j (F1".rhe·eofiltnitnl~n.t, tim,e- and: m~ey YO.ll invest at AI.~rt », mris·~n Un:iJiC,"'f.Sity durirrg..the :nfixt.rew y~rs Win sure.1y pay o"ffl")~

• i~ Student Lifell (describing: Jii¢<Q~'the ~~llan . .Islands. ana hqw II Albert Elnste111 o~ .smdents" a quality ,of Ii:OO· that' £e.w ~nJver:s,itje'sjn an), part orthe 'world 'Qan match. ,t and


• i! ApplyfRequ~MQre. Infonnatiffil ~ (provi,di~g.:OO orume, .1O;nDtQ<fiU (lut:illfytHl' would. Hk.¢ to CClnsidef appUc.1tiorrJ;o ABU (;if. you. M;Ve .' questions" mId· providing a mM.lfug·'~i;Mrjess jn TmiJ,pa~. Florida (or

!I Albert Einst:eJ,o' UniVerSity. it}.

30~ The websiteru.$,Q claims that U Alb.erlmfistein Untve:rsityt basbeen'

aoc.tedited by 'the prestigiQlUs: AO(,-redit~ti.on tOo'm.mtss~o:n Q~ CoUeges ofMiedicine tC~ ACCMII) •.

31. Upon inf<mnatiol1 ;i;md belief~' 'non~ of the abovtfi-listed claims from the

w~bsit~ me ,true .. 'The~ is lloruum:rii:3SSodiati:on.beca-.ooe t~ere are noalum:pi. Thet<:: Isno s.rudoot lire; beeaese thei:e are:]:lo·:stwimts. In :faot~·. there d.oes.llJob~lip])ea[ to be ~y mOO,i<;all ,sc.booi Whatooever. or evenal'\nit~ canipus.'of: a medical scllool~ on Grand CaYmMl'opem:t~ng under the name 11 Albert .Emstein Unl:vetsity.."

32. Up'on 1I1'fonnation,and beliefr"the, omy,medic-al g,choolop,eratingon Gtand

Ga;ym,an, 1s -, &L Matthews University,

33" In41ca;tiy;e ofd.efend~antls ftmldulent scn.W\e,.a OOm,pariSQDAZif St.

'Mauhew'g UniversitY$. website (aYa;i1abh1:' .at. <WW.W .sttnattbews .. ecl.u»reveal~ th~t Al~ert BjnStC]ll.uWy~ity ]:tj's cbpied se\'efilts~ti(llJ.S· o:fSt MattheW~8 website 'Verbal,lm. By, waycif exrum,pte only;;

PooViditlg 'qDruftyeduooUou focUsed 0:11 U1e B'Q~~s$of.our wellas patieriJ:oo:nt~ed care is Hie l'Qundatioln.,o:f Albert 'Eh:I~~hl"The Mediea~ g,Ghool~ founded is'J, 19:91 ~~as the.Q.myhospita1~inte~ated

educaliOn: ~a'.l1d roOO,"eh program.In the C~bbea:~t Our s:tud¢llt~ 3,Chieve exceplional scholastte afidpoofessional. suecess, with recent U.S. 1jc~jng e;amiiHfti.on(la!!s -rates O:lI .pan ty with IL:SL schools and :fur above the :a:V'erage;'of 'OthN non- U ,.s,. schools,

Providing quality eclu,catioo fuoos.ed 'on ~he ~uOceS~ :~itour ~tud.~nts as wclI 38 p~ti!en,tcenterm careis the fi::nmdation .o,f Sl

. ~«ttJ.'l.evls:-pl]iyersity. The _Me4jcal S:cllool"

fo,unded in 1 ~¥97~ ·has· the -only hospital- .

integrated. edueaticnend research program ,in ,the Caribbean, Our- students achieVe ~ te:x.cepti{ schotas~c.:Jind.professiof];ru. success, wifhr't:~t U.S. _licenstng

t!';b:.~iruitioo ~s rates on, p\a:n,ty.with G.'S. Ji:chedis;and far above :the ;3}Vefil;$e o-~f other nonU .s, sc:hooJ$~

Providing q_:uaJ'ity e-duClIuoil foCused, on the success of our students. is the, foundation of St. , ·Matthews University.. Our faculty and staff are

'as committed 00' your dr~~ms as, you. are, .

Providing.quality education fu~used on 'the success of our students is the found.ation- of AI~eltJUn,S:tein University. Our faculty. and staff are m;'oonnnitted to yoUr dreams as.·yuu. me.

Since 1997 ~ more than ODe thousand students have' obtaine4 their MD and DVM degrees fr-om SMU., Our graduates haveeamed resid.enciesandlor: pennanent .licensure i:n, mere thlmAO stares in the D.,S and numerous other countries, OUf stedents achieve exceptional scbOilastic success, with. U.S. Ucens:i1lg eianllnaiion'pass rates comperable '0 U~S, sclJools and. far above the a:verage of other nQ.D-

U.S. s~ools. .

S;ince 1997; :than·one thousand studen,ts: have obtained. their ,l\;Ip degree" from AEtr~'Our gr~uates have earned residencies and/or pentla.nent ~~icensure lumorC. than 4(l s,tates in. the' U;S and numerous (lthef countries. Our students: achieve exceptional. sch.olastic

. success, with U.S. Iicensing examination pass rates," to u. S~ schools 8!ld far ahorve the. average of other non:..U.8. . .s~]s.

St, Matt:hevls Universi~y Schoolof Med~ci.De was'esfablisb~d in 1997 by Board. Certified U. S. pb.ysiclan:s .. Our geal was, to:~tab1iS:h a medical sChool based Qfl solid principles-and in~grity fbat would .p.rovid,e. a medieal education of the highest quality~

Albert Einstein, 'University Schno:l of Medicine, was e8ra~]isbed in 1997 bjt Board Certifi.ed

U. S, ph~iclans", Our geal was to estabHsh a medical school based 01'1. solid principleS and integrity that ·wo.utd provide a medica] eU;u,c'ation of'the highest quality.

The University is based in:'fue "Gayman Imands. Our location, provides II safe :island environment, a. eommhment to' quality health care fur its "citiU!:ls", high speed Internet, and residence 'housing for-our ·students. We,'ar:e encouraged by the Cayinan gcvernment and the hl;:ispital facilftieS "on. tmr island: and oontll1uc to receive their full' support today"

'The Uniyersityi5":'b;a~e4 in.'tl;ie Ca)mat1 Is.lands. "Qur location provides a safe island eevironment, a commitrnefit to··quaHty· h~a1th' care for its' citizens. higb speed Internet, and residmw".housing fOor,Qur students. "W'e ,are eneouraged 'by the Cayn,l~n govemmentand the ho,spltal f~ci1iti,es (In the island and oontinu¢ to receive their full. support. today.

St. Matthew!s received. accreditation by the Accre,di t ali on Commission, on Colleges of Medicine" (ACCM) in rWl'~'t 2002" The 'stand~ that wereusedto'accredii St. .Marthew~$ University are endorsed: by the United States Department ofEduca:tiori and aresimilar to the st~ o:fU.S., Medical Schools,

AlbertEi:llsb~ill received aceroo'llation by the Acer,editatipn, Commission on CoUeges 0 f Medicine (ACCM)' :in June; 200:2. The; standards that were used to' ,!I;cc-(;edit Albert EinStein -Uwvetiity are: endorsed 'by the" United. StatesDepartmentofBducation and are.simUar to l:he's:t~d'aro$ of U.S., M~ca:) S¢hqofs,·

heard.of "A.lbert Einstein University,"

~. . . '

J5~ Ids oot surprising, then, that"a,[oo advised that theyhave never

heard of 1'i Albert' Einstein University, Fr, and oertrun:l;y have not accredited any sllch, mstitution.


36. On November 16~ 2009:,· RaYIrnlnclFi~geraldt Chai1'Dl.a(l.ofACCM. sent a

letter 'to Aibert Einstein University at the contact address listed an the· website (4352 Kennedy Blvd.~ Tampa, FL. 336(9) demandingtl:mi AI'ber:i:; Einstein Universityremove any referetliCe to aocreditation by ACCM..i.nduding anyreference Oil Alben' Binstein University's website and from all lit~hJ]Ie~ bl'Oicbures~p[o8:pcctuseSJ' ,md the like.

S1. Upaninformatl.cin.- and belief, the letter sent by. FedEx. wasreturned as

undeliverable because the address does not"exist Sincellien, ACCMsent tbeletter to the ~lmW address pro:vid'edby the domain name registrar ,ProX'y2.021701@1 and l-pnvate..registnltk:in .. enm, Uponmformanon and belief, Albert Eiti:sb:~:in- University has not tesponded to AOCMs letter. 'Further, desp,te ACCM's demands to remove the references, Albert Universitys Vfebsit~ still retlects Albert Enrstcin Universitts Claim that it received accreditatiou from. AC"(jM.

3,$. AUrea Einstein University and the (apparently :ficti'tlous) goods and

services matteted~ S9ld. distributed., and' offered, tor sale by 'Ute defen4ant under the neme HAlbert Einstein Vnwersity~ " ·using·the domain. name <www;alb~emun.i,V'> and in eoanecticn willi. Qih,e.r coafbsinglysimilarimitafioas of'the EINSTEIN Marks, are-in no way 'associated with'or ICQ~ectJedtOYU~ nor liceased, au.thorized~ sponsored, endorsed, or arpprovttl by YU 'in 3._ny.way.

39. YO . used. the 'EINSTEIN Marks Ii.liX.tensivelY and. cQf:l.tin.uousl:y for many.

years before Albert Einstein Uni versitybegan marketing, selling, distributing and offering for 'sale geodsand services in eonneceionwith coniuslD,glY'similar'il1ribrtio!fls offue EINSTElN

'40" ~Albert EiJ.i$tei!n UriiverSiry's" use of ~llfusijlgly $:imiIar hllita;H~n~ cf the

EINSTEIN Ma..rk~d~ likely te.deceive, COJ;l.Mf; and misleadprospective p1,!r~.e'r8.;and' p\u:cbase# in·~9 believin.g that th~ goods,an~ services m.Mketoo~ sold; disttibuted;.and offered fur sale by ''''Albert Einstein University'are-prodneed by,, or in some manner tl.s.sociat~ with yu~ which they are not The Ukellhocd. ofcdnfusiO'l1~ :m~stake,: and 'deception engendered by this wholesale andorazea misappropriarion of the EiNsTEiN Marks has oo:U~tro

itreparabl:e harm. to the. ~odwHi symb.olized by th~ EIN STErN Marks cap_d ·th.~nepl;l~tlo:n for quality and exoeUmce .that they' embed:y, . and huini" ls&ng:Oing .

.:U . Purchasers). prospective J?ur:cimse:rsruidothern"'Yle'Wing" tb,e Albert Einstein

ulii verstty w,ebsitetg oonfu"S~y similar imitations (If the-B1NSTEIN Marks 1D oo~tiD:P with i\l:llert Einstein' Unive_rsi~'S"' good.$.and·.serrices ar.e 'likely to ·.mistakenl y attribute the go:ods and ~ervi.cpsto ill. T.he,ge. aLiivities'. are ~erefore .likely. teeause ~tmfu8~on. befere, duringt 'Mel a'frer the lim-c· of purolu13e 'o,w use .(oratt(1i1ptoo 'p:utchase o,r ·WJ~)o.( Albert, Einstein Uwvcrshy:s, g~s ·,i!Jnd services .. Thi'S. isp.~rticil1ady dam.aging wi,tn'respect Ito those per~cni.s.wl10·ma:y per~eive ~. defect or .hick Q:f.quaUty ·h.Albe~ £i:nst~in Unfyenity'ls re,ntanQ,ft,.·"Flrodt;lcis" or s~TVitesJ'sucb as the :fact that school d<Jes; not spp~·to .3.(;tmJJ;y eESL . .By,g weh a Iikelihocd of ronru&i~;; ,Intstak~ ami. deception!, .AIbetl Ej'nstein .u.rniversi~l has .1nfHct'fld 'in:~arable "bmn.. to YUs ill the .. EINSTEIN Marks, and the reputa:th:1:1l for .quality· and excelleace tWr.t,they.· eJnbody~ andther lmf:ln is o~:oin.g;.

. .

4:l:,,AJbertEi.nst:eifl- Uni v~ity'-is. us;i~g ·,ooRfusjn~.ysimilru- .in~ita,tiong..ofthe

E~~TErn Mafb in C!J1IDectip;ll With goods .. -:md· setvI'~s tJ:1;atare:djn~ct1y l1!lattld, 'In YU.'g goods .and s~ces or yri~n -YO's ll:~ml o( ex.pari$iQn.

43, On Itl:frirm;ation' and.heH~:f; Albert Btl1stf11;1 ~Univ~tYkllQwhlgly.wiUMfy

and intOOtio~lly adO'pred and l]~ed, CQ[tfilsi.ngty similar imUatmns of the EINST.E[N· Marks; ill trade OR the: gil1~dwiU s;ymbolized by the .E.1NSTEINMaiks afld',tJ:te :r;eputatio.ufor qaa11~yand excellence that ilier embody,;

44;. Upon in'IDml.ation &:Id. belief, Aibert .. Einsmin. U tti~.ty d;eUb.erateJy

eJnploys themarks ALBERT"EINS.TEINUNIVERSITY and ALBERT EI_NSTEIN '~d registered fhe 'Ma]'em ;y;.o~gor :C0 misle3_d and confuse consUmers Jhat

. .

A1.bW: Einstein; Uni vemily's gtlQds and services ,are. pwvided~. spo.nsored~ ·.:!.ffiUa;t~ with" licensed

'or approved, byyU.AlbertEinstein U niv~ty thu~ \ilif.air1y'·benefits' from. the ,goodwiU ~d .exceUent1'q)lJ.tation of ~e EINSTEIN Marks ~3jbnBhed by Y'UfurolJghoqt the United· State$, ood i:o.le£natiij,Jially ~t great .e:ff'OrtMd ·¢xl'~nse ..


45. Albert, Ei:n~n 'Uw·· . , ·t··,'1. ',"'" .:

. .., ..... t ' ',. venny ilJa8 not now. a:nd.has~evet'beeJlj a'u'tho.rized, by

YlJ'to use the marks ALBERT EINSTE-Iji.,.. UNIVERSITY or: ALBE~T E:INSTEIN~, the ,domain"

name iV.alberteinsteinuniver't·. " J! ,'. . . '. ," , '.. '. '.. .

. '., '.' .. , 8:1 y.Ol'g. t or an>" c;:olarahle(nnt:atlO,ru;: oCthe EINSTB.IN Marks in

connectioh with .any.giQOds or sei--Vices~nO'r'has yo oonsen:ted to 4IDY Buell use.

46,. Through Albert EUist-ein UniversItyTs- use of colorable' imitations of.the

EINSTEIN Marks, inchlding the,tn,ams ALBERT EiNSTEQIf UN,lVERStrY aad ALBERT

'-RINSTEf,N and ,tlle.domru.o name fT~bertei03tcii1Univ~l"$iitY.Qrg".; IDs goodwill ~s sUffered irreparable harm I wmcfl,. harm wHl continue as .long.M Albert, Einstein University's uses: continue.

·47. Given the nearly :iqell.tiool-natl1i'e oftbe ;itUeg~~BERT .EINSTEiN·

UNlVERSl1Y medical scioootservices to the.Serviees and related goods provided· under YU's EINS'fE1N· Maiks. the·above-describOOoondtict Is a clear attemptto ~-ade. off (tithe. extensive .gQod~n YU .has d,evetoped in. itS famous EINSTEIN ~ru:ks",

4$. Qn or abOut: ~COO1ber 1 ~ 200:9'~ 'Ct?Wlsel for YU sent a lettee to Alben

Einstein Univer.sit}1 ,at both Jhe known mail addres.~ antlctnaU address, puUing Albert lijU$tci:h University on notice of i~ Violanonofa :variety of federal, stati; and common law :in .connection witb its use ofth~ rn:aiks.AlBERT EINS"lEIN UNIVERSITY . and. ALB:ERT ElNSTE1N:and '-d:em,Mdin,g; .inter alia. that AJbertEioste:in University immedlal-ely cease and deSist from psing th.e marks ALB.ERT EINSTEIN UNIVERSITY emd ALBERT ElN"STEIN, d.isMle tm:. website

Ua1berteinsleinuniversity.o~f1 and. ~n.y o.ther damain names .confusingly siinilar'to the EINSTEIN Marks to ,yv. The,Dec~em,bet Lletter-demanded a responseby Dec,ember .11; 2009.

49. Albt~rt: Eiru:tein' University failed to' .provide any substanttve response 1Q

YU's letter and has oo~npJ.eooly ignored YUs demands :in that letter. Albert ·Einstein Universi~y . continues touse (he lrutrks ALBERT ElNS:TEINIJNlVF,RS1TY'-and ALBERt ElNSTEINami tllf: "alberteinsteinunivmity.,orgr! damain, name. Such use 1ni8 Cfnlood irreparable aarmto YU, and that harm 'is en-going,


(Feders!l Trademark IDfrin~ment or the .EINSTEIN 'Marks ~ Lanha.m. ACE: § 32) SO.W realleges and. incarporates paragraphs 1 ,through 49,

51., YU O'~IlS· mUltiple· valid, and lenfor~l~ Federal Trsdemark .RegistratIons,

for the 'EiNSTEIN Marks C'{IIveri~ 11 variety ofgoods artq services".

~'2. Alb~rt Einstein UnivefsityslJse, ofthe~ ALBEltT-EINSTE.IN·

·UNIVERS[TY' and. A.~E;RT EINSTEIN arid. the domain name "" in oonnection. 'with. its goods, and services is· likely ti.)i cause 'conmsioh; deCeption and. mistake' by ~ng, the false Md' ·mislea.diug llilp:~ion that. Albert Einstein Universlty's. goods and services are produced ;or distributed by "YU ~ er are assoeiated or connected with ytj~ or have. the sponsorship, endorsement, or.appecval ofYu';, and as, such constitutes In~m__ngement of the EINSTEIN' Marks. in violation of Sectioo32 o'rthe Lanham. Act!, 15U;S,C •. § 1] 14.

53. Unless enjoinerl",.A.1bert Umve;rsit;y:w:iU ,continue tQ: cau~Le.a

l'ike~i'hooo, uf·ooufusion.and. d~ep:tion_of'm.emoors of the' public a:nd,:addi~ionany, inJury to, yuts .goodwill and ~putation. as embedied 'in the EINSTEIN Marks; forwhich YO' has. no adequate remedy-at law.

$4'. Albert' Ei1l$teiil Univeiliityts acti'ons demonstrate .an inten,tional, willful,

and.maljcimis intent to trade (:In the goodwill associated witb 'ytJ's federally registered EINSTEIN' Marks. to YUs. great and irreparable injury.

. .

.55... Albert Einstein University has caueed and is Likely to continue. causing

substantial injury to the public and to YU t and YU is' entitled to- mjl,mctivetelief and. to recover Alben. Einstein unt versit~)l,spmfits; .aetual damages, enhanced profits .and damages, costs, an£l reasonable attorneys' fees under 15 U.S~C.§lll ~4, 1116 and: 1117.


(ll' edera:1 Unflth' ,Com.petlti.QD· and False :Desi:platioD ar OrlgiD. as to tbe .EINSTEIN M,a.rru ,-

Lanham Ad § 43(a» .

56. YU realIeges and Incorporates by reference paragraphs lthrough 55.


:57. Th£OQgiI extenstveuse afthe ·EINSTEIN Marks for several years. YU has

d~velopcd ·ext~nsivegood.wiU rights rnsaid, marks, which good will is .protected by,int~,. Q'lia~ Section 4J{a}oft'.be Lanham Act'. 15 u.S.C. §.l125(a).

58. Albert Einstein University's use' o;foonfusingly simi~ar"imi:mthJ\rul'oftbe

EINSTEIN M3:rks~su~·c@s the :marb ALBERT ElNS T.E IN UN.lVERSITY and Al..BERT EINST'Ern'and the domain name 'rralberte~nsteiD!u:niv¢mjty"org~l, haseaused all,d/or is likely. to cause confi;&sion, deeeption~ and mistake by creating the false and mislead'ing ·impr(:ss.ion that Albert ,BitlStein UtMvet'3ity\~ goods .and senices· are produced 01' distributed by YU~ or are connected with YD. or have the sponsorship. endorsement. or appro'val ,ofY{).

5,9. A1bert.:£,instei.n University has made falserepresentations, false

descriptions; and false designations of ,origin goodsand·senrices in violation of15 u.s ,C. ·§.112:5(a); .W1d Alben EinsteinUriivemhts activities have caused and, unless enjoined by this· .eourt, win oo.n.tmue to' cause a likelihood of'ccnfusion and deceptinn ofmembers,afthe.pu:bHc, .and, ad,djtkm.aUy~ injury to Y.lPs. goodwill ~a.reput;ati.on as embodiedin the·EINSTE.lNMarks~' for wb:icll YU.h~ no q.deq~te remedy at law.

!SO: Albert Emstein. UniverSity':!) actions demonstrate an intentionWt willful,

andmaUci,ous iuiept totrade on ,t~ goodwill ,aI~;s:oc.'ra:ted.·with th~ .EINSTEIN Marks to the Md. irreparable. inJury toYlL

61. Albert EiDslein University's coaduethas cml-"d, and is .likely to eentinue

causin&, 'Substantial inJUIY to the public and to YIJ, and YtJ'is entitled to ifijunctlveT,elief~~"to recover Albert Einstein Univer:sitY .. g p. ron. Is" actl.lW damages, enhanced p'tofits and damages,

. . . ' .

costs, and reasonable atto.mqs! fees pursuae; to 15 U.s.C. §§ I I 14i I I 16.;m-d 1117.


(Violation. of.A.nticybenqgatting·C~ll'Umel:' PrcJ~ectlon Aef§,Lanbom Ad § 43(d»

62. YU ~Ueges ·and.incorpOrates .by reference p~agraphs 1 through ~1, +


6,3. With a bad faith intent to profit therefrom, Albert Binstein Univers.ityJms .

registered and used' th~ 'domain: nanw. "slberteinsteimimversity .. org" which is confusingly similar to \'Us djst:inl~t m:td famous EINSTEIN Mru'~s.

64. ~Ibert Eil1~tein UniveT8~ty has'~OOwD-its had faith -intention to from

yur~ name .and goodwiH thrp' its registration ofa domain name fhat, 00 infonnatien and belief, it knew 'was strikingl y aimilar to the ,EINSTEIN Marks.

65. Suel'!. eondnet is in violation of the Anticybersqmutl:ng ConSumer

'.rotecti(ln.Ac~. Section 43 (d) .ofthe: LaDham. Act, 1.5 U,S .. c. § 1125(d)~:an:d such violat.ions.are ongoihg.

66, Through such. conduct, Albert Einste'inUl1iversl:ty has caused .and

continues to cause i1'f~parable harm to YU~ ~ts EINSTEIN' Marks, and. its,··glZl.odwi,(l and reputati~n~ an.d bas damaged YU.


(COi.mmOD. .La:w Unfair CompetltloD .and Trademark Infringement)

61. YU·.re,al1ege.f and incorporates ·oy.reference paragraphs 1 66.

·GB. . For many years, YU has made e-x.clu ... si veuse of the BIN'STEIN' Marks on iii

wide variety of goo.cIs and services.

69. Albert Binstein Uwversitys; use of confusingly similar imitations ofthe

EINSTETN M.arks,$uch.a:s the marks ALBERT EINSTEINUNIVER$.ITY and.ALBERT EiNSTEIN' and the domain name "", hascaased .l,lndis U~ly to cause 'oo:nfnsiQ:~, decep~i,~n~ and. creating th~.£a]iSe· and. misle:admg impressi~n thal Albert Eim,tein University's goods 'and services ar.e. manufacturedor dis·tribut.ed by vu, orare associated-or ctinn~cted with YU, 91" have the sponsor~hip. endorsement, or' approval (If YU. TIle ErNSTEIN Maries are uni,qlie.; distinctive, and have acquired secondary meaning.

7o.~ Albert einstein UDiveisity~ by virtue of alleged above, has

WillfuUy, kriowingly> ma1jciously.a»d i:nte.fltiomd.]yen:&ag~ in acts 0funfair c:o,mpet[t~onufider the.common law of the State of New York.


71. Albert Einsteia Un,iver.sitYs~·,conduct·has causetL and.ifnol: enjoined) wiU

continue. to cause irrepar-able damage to YU in amarmef 'that 'cannot be. calculated or ,co:mpensat¢d :~n money d~. YU has 0.0 ,ad.eq.uateremedy at law.

1'2~ As a result of Albert Einstein Undvmity's 'acts, YU has be~ damaged in

an. amount not as }ret deeermined or asoertainabl,e At aminimum, hewever, yu 'is entitled to injunctiverf!lie~ to an. accou.ndng of Albert Umv·~~~tys Pr.otitSi to damages, and to costs, In. light. Qfihe deliberate.andmalicioYs use (If confusingly similar imitations of the EINSTEIN Marks, .Il!:ld '~e need t~}" deter Atbe:tt ·Eiu$tein University ftom similar cOnduct' in' the future, YU addi.ti()D4l1y is: entitled to punitive damages.

WHERE,FORE, YLT pray~ forju:dgmerit against Albe,ct Einstein UniversitY as-follows:

A. Alben·Einstein University, ·byits·a.doptionand usage of the marks ALBERT

EIN.S1'EIN UNIVERSITY WId ALBERT EINSTEIN and the dcmaiuname ua1berteinsteli:nmive·rsity;;org"~ has-infringed YU's tradem.arkdghts w.lhe·EINSTEIN Marks"ln violatloJi of 15 U.s.C. § 1114.

B... Albet1>Binstein University, bY'i'~ adoption.and usage oftbe·m~ks ALBERT

. . ' .

EINSTElN'UNI'i:ERSITY ~d.ALaERT EINSTEIN and tbe domain name Ualbertein$te.~nunivetSl:ty;org·~~. has' inftin.ged YU':; common taw -ri,gbts to the' EINSTEIN Malks and has eommitted ecmmon. law .trild,e.m~k. infringement.

C.. Albert Eins.tein.· University. byn::ason of its a<lfuaJ knowledge of YlrS'·p.riO-f use

an4. a:PP:f>Opriat;ion. of the ElNSTEIN Marks, and. by suhsequmtly adQ.pliuS and. oorwtinuing louse the marks ALBERT EINSTErn UNIVERSITY and ALBERT EfNSTEtN and. the domain name 'ralb.eneinstei.nUfij~lers"ity.cfgi1 bas mte:n~ioml]Jy ,~t:nd·wi11ftdly committed unfalr competition urub;x

1.5 U.S.C. § 1125(a.).

D. Albert Eimitetu Un(versit.y~ byreason-of'its actual knowledge ofYUspriorwe

and. appropriation of the EINSTEIN Marks. violat~d YU's tIademark rl,ghts .kn,oiWfu.$:!.y and willfully.

E.. Albert Einstein.University, byr.egi,s.t~g. a demaia n.ame know~i tobe associated


. i1l!~t"lij profit :fr~ the I\tMberteinst~,nuni"'domain name, and .113,\'3 .~n[t~ed 'cybewimcy in '~io]ati"On ,(1'1' IS V.RC .. § L m2S(d)~

lNJ:uNcrl\'E RELIEF'

E. Albert Enlistei;n UDivers.lcy;, 'il?$ Q,ffi~~. agent.~~ '&erv~lts" emploY=:tAjttCmle~

'parents, subsidiaries~ affi~iates and related companies ami ;aU persons acting fur, wi:ili,. by~

: .". .

~ugh' Of' u:mader tbern, and eac.h of them, 'be temporarily enjoined::Wum, and preliminat:l1y a_nd lBer"fiatter petm~entl y e.nJojned.Jmd restrained from:

1. nsin~·in any marmer·the m;vb ALBERT ,"EINSTEIN UN~V~RSIT¥ iO];

ALB1;ItT EINS-TErn.the (J.rin1'ain name fj aIMrteinstein.u~n( ~ or any. Cl,ther trade. :nan~e,." tr~~ark~ tr.ade·dress.~(jr si~rV:i(;einark l,s oonfusin"g1y' ~intilM tp YU's RfN'STEIN'Maiks~ in' "oonnootipn with thesale, -otJecirog (o-rsaJ~:~ d~strlbri;tion~ mw:kelin& advertising o.r 'promotion df

'goods erservises;

ii, using .3fi~trndemar:k,-.trad.e. dress; set·Vice mark, name, "logo~deS.rgn or

source d!esl$fl'ation of;any kind. OllI.codncmm.oot1on wlfh'AlbeJ.i E:inst,e:in·Uru.vetsJtY's sa;Ie~; ,offering. fGf' dismbutiolJi.~ ~:ke.ti:n,g~ ,acl.viert:i:sing or prom.otion of .goods or services .that is a copy;. reprtld:u.ctioo, oolorable i~tation, orsimulation6f~. err confusingly .similar to the, EIN_$TEIN Maiks:~,

m; ll$i:ng 'any t'r_ad.~Mk~ trm:l"e dress,;maf:k~ name, logO"~.desigJ:l or

. s:o~de&i,gnati.6n of any· kind o~ ()1.(ill ootmootl(l_B with A:fhert EinSJein. U n..i~ity's .sme~ .. o'ff:erill,gJ~r sale,. dismh:uti"Onima:rketln.§~ advertising or promotion of.,gotlds Of services :fh~ is' li:ke~y ·to:: cau$e. oonfuSi(1n, .. m~sr;ake:} deceptien, IQr pribfic; rrlisn:n,d.el;1lt.andin,g. that sucb. goOd.S'Of seiW~"l.' are·prQd.uced by YU~ QI~: s~nSo:red ,:9.r, a,utho:rized.'by ll). (Jr' ~:in M~rway ¢oM.0cte;d errsl . ated to'YU; ~

IV.. !enga.ging in·miy.uitner acttvity oonstimting'an inm:ng~.ent of iStP g.

trooem.aik rights or.ofuerWlseun:faidy.oo:mpetlfi.$ with YU,in anyway;

O~ Albert E.i:rJStein and. Oneandone Private llegistration he ordered to


immediately transfer to VV' ,th~ domain name 1'Ia]~~insteinunivers.ity.or&" and any either domain names, confus1ng~ysimilarto ·my·pf the EINSTEIN Marb~ and be further 'p!r:eliminilry and permanently enjoined from the registl,ation or use: of Wly dQm$n name¢Dnsisting of a eQl~[ahle imitation (If any of the EINSl'.EIN ~.

H Albert· Einstein University sh~] file with, the, Court aad serve. upon. YO's counsel

'within thirty (3"0) days after entry' ,of Judgment a report in writing'und,er oath setting forth in detail the manner and. form in Albert :Einst~in UnIversity ~ompHed ~ith the fL"'quir~l1;lents OfthCi _junction and O~;er ..


I" Albert Einstein. Urn VCfflf1yhe required to 'aooount fur.and ]1i3r over to yu ,~]

profits realised by ~lbertEcjnstcirJ[ UUlvemtfby reagan of its unlawful acts alleged' berel(l~ in. an amount to be -proven antial.

I, 'YO.·be awarded an damages caused 'by-the acts fo1l'l1ingtne bashJ, of this,


K. Based on Albert Einstein Umversityls, ~lowing andirttentiQnru us:e·of~onfu.slng1y·

similar imitations. of th . e EJNSTElN Marn~ the damages award' be trebled Mdthe award ef Albert Ein-stein, U:nh/ersi.tY..s. profits be enhanced as provided for by 15 U. S·.C. § 111 i(a)~

L. Albert Einstein'Uwversity be re.quired to. pay to YU an of its costs,;rlJrsem.en.ts~ andreasonable atto.meySr.fees that yu. has aad will incur :in :this .action pursuant to IS; U.S.,C. § l1l7(aJ.

M. Based 011 AJbert Einstein University's willful m1ld de.Jibe:rateinftill.gement o'fth.e'

ElNSTEIN Marbt and to detersuth rondtlct in the ftdlJI'~~ ,YU be awarded puni livre damages, OTlIER .RELIEF

N. FQf such other and further relief;as t~e COurt may' deem apPropriate to preventihe

imnhgement d.isparagement, or dilution of the EINS)"EIN Marks~ andto'p1W_ent further ~d/or addmonal acts {If unfair competiiionby Albeq E.i:nstcin Qniversit~ ..

o. For prejUd~ent-intet-est


P,. F.or ,ltom.~ys~ fees .and. costs.

Q.,. .For such Dtb« relief as theoollf1 doom.s proper ..


Datep:: N¢w· :Y"'?fk~ New YOlK ~cemhiCi: 17 •. 2009:

By. liLt 4.-£

.!fol' - .. ' .. S,cur


. NewYork~ NY' 10022 212.705,700'{) john,W,n.@bingham, . .oom.

Joshua M . Dalten. ( Hac vroooo, be 'filed) La:wterlOO ;T. 'Stafi):eY~ Jr. (Pro Hac Vieero be ~filed) On,eF ederal Street

Boston' M:A 0.2;'110:

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. At!.;or,~,eYi~·fr;lt plaintiff Yes,hi~a Un.footsilJ1