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Lesson 4
A Dissolving Situation
Dissolves: the physical change of a solid liquefying when added to a

Mixture: a combination of two or more types of matter where each
type of matter keeps its original properties and may be separated

Physical Properties: characteristics that can be observed, measured,
or changed without the substance becoming a different type of matter

Solutions: the specific type of mixture where substances are
dissolved in a liquid and cannot be easily separated
What is a mixture?
A mixture is a combination of two or more substances
that can be easily separated by physical means.
What are some examples of mixtures that you can think
What is a solution?
A solution is a special type of mixture, In a solution, one
substance dissolves in another substance. The dissolved
particles are so small they cannot be seen even with the
help of a microscope. Solutions are difficult to separate
because the process often requires more time and effort.
Can you name some solutions?
Sweet Water
Sweet Water
What are some physical properties of water? Candy?
What happened to the candy when you stirred the water?
Is it a mixture or a solution?
Sweet Water Investigation
Is the sweet water and example of a mixture or a
How do you know?
How could you separate the candy from the water?
How do you think the candy would look if you let the
water evaporate?
Are all mixtures solutions?
Are all solutions mixtures?
What have you learned about mixtures and solutions that
you didnt know before?
Mixtures Equation Card Sort